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  1. The really nice thing about the people at Muniick is that if you've bought an item from them before (been there, done that), you'll get a nice message telling you that and they return your linden.
  2. Be sure to check out the SL Home Decor Weekend Sales. Many nice items, at sales prices. Circa, Petit Chat, LouChara, LM Creations, and others!
  3. Thank you for these posts, Frigga! It's hard to keep up with these sales, so this is great. I'm finding some good additions to my homes, but is anyone else a little tired of seeing "shabby", or "repurposed", or "worn" textures on things? I'd love to see more elegant, or at least new things. Just my two cents, of course.
  4. I like the way you think, Nika. Let's hope our mole friends are listening. But, by the way, I tried setting to midnight on the parcel -- no glowing roof. Darn, it looks so good when it works.
  5. I'm not asking for dark all the time, Luna. I just wish there was some way to switch on all the magical beauty when I'm in world. We're so used to changing our environment in this world. With things like sleep and work, I only end up with probably two hours of that magic - the 4:30 pm and 8:30 pm. Since I'm Central USA time, that works out to 6:30 pm and 10:30 pm. And those times can be a problem, too. I know, I know -- deal with it.
  6. As much as I enjoy the new Fantasy regions, I keep missing the magic of the night when using the shared environment settings. With this complication called "real life", I just can't be on enough to enjoy that magic. Are there any plans to disconnect that from the shared environment settings, so that we can experience that apart from the few hours that work now? Again, I love the look of the region, but would love it more if we didn't have to log in a certain times.....
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