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  1. I was still around when this went. Literally seconds after I abandoned it was gone. I've never seen a home go through maintenance so quickly. Congrats Carlotta.
  2. Waterfront Victorian releasing now. Backs straight on to sailing water, very private, on an island with a smaller public island on the right side of the parcel. Sad to let it go but has to be done. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Grote Dijk/67/205/23
  3. Just a heads up I’ll be releasing a waterfront Victorian in about an hour (so save your clicks if you are looking for one). I’ll post the location once I’m able to log on & abandon it.
  4. I picked up this abandon in Schoolhouse. The windows even face the right way, straight down the river to the sunset. This one has made me like log cabins more than any other spot.
  5. It’s a great location so I would derender if you can live with that. Houseboats seem to be the worst for this kind of stuff. People’s tastes can definitely be strange but I tend to derender more than AR. Log home covered with flashy disco lights - derendered. Log home surrounded by huge sculpty window frames as fence panels - derendered. Dock moved out so it covers over half the river channel - I’m ARing you. Some people are just not considerate.
  6. There are some nicely located Vics, clifftop & beachside, close to release above Effing Parade that will be worth keeping an eye on if anyone is after a waterside Vic.
  7. I went through a kayak through Cartwright & Schoolhouse tonight & it was lovely. Nearly all the houses faced the river & it’s been wonderfully landscaped. So many people want this so it would be amazing if rotation was introduced. There is a lot of catch & release at the moment, not because there is anything wrong with the area, the houses just face the wrong way.
  8. Ah, thank you. Glasses on now & I can see again :).
  9. There is also what looks like a furry in the pic (sorry, don’t have my glasses so can’t make out details) so maybe a more fantasy/alternative vibe for the next homes.
  10. Definitely. I’ve abandoned many because the house is just aligned all wrong to the landscaping. The worst I saw was a riverside plot, nice rock wall at the back but the front of the house faced the wall, literally a just over a porch width between the house & the wall. 90 degree turning got you staring at the neighbours wall. It could have been so pretty.
  11. It’s one of my pet peeves too. I’m a bit paranoid that the new owner will appear before I’ve left. I’m an abandon & run type of girl.
  12. Mine started with being told to click on a wall every time I logged in. Then my body disappeared, my alphas kept turning on but my hud was showing them off, BOM stopped working as it said I had no layers to apply to. I gave up, logged off & am hoping today will be a better one.
  13. I’ve been playing the game of homes like many of you, looking for that ‘perfect’ home & getting disappointed when I could never snag one. I wanted water, not across the road but right on water & neighbours not too close. Me & everyone else it seems. Tonight though I got a house that is nowhere near water but something made me stop & take a closer look before hitting that abandon button. There is a house at the back, side on to me that is easily hidden by trees, on one side another house with a large gap between us, also easily hidden. Across the road there is one house, also side on so we are not staring into each other’s front window & the best bit, one whole side of hill & trees. I threw out a few plants to see how it could look & I’m keeping it. It’s so private. To everyone still looking, hang in there. You’ll find what you are looking for.
  14. I feel the same. I’d like something a bit more ‘woodsy’ but a lot of the plots don’t even give scope to add more trees. Water is great but I understand not everyone can get it so less residential would be good. Just abandoned a nice spot in Doggone. Water across the road that links with the big lake.
  15. So my alt couldn’t find a camper in a good spot plus I kept getting the same ones so I’m back to a log cabin in Doggone. Looks over the river so I’m happy with it. Nothing out the back yet so will be interesting to see what happens there. Thanks everyone for keeping us updated.
  16. My alt (you very naughty people have encouraged me to premium my alt for more GOH fun) abandoned this one. It’s a gorgeous spot but I just don’t connect with the log homes. I ended up with a houseboat but who knows for how long. I’m glad you are keeping it.
  17. Sorry for the late reply but thanks so much for the heads up on this one Chloe. I managed to snag it & it’s a beautiful spot.
  18. From reading the forums so many people want water. How about a region based on rivers & canals. This could follow many different themes, from French canal homes, Venetian type areas, canal boat moorings, small island & inlets for shacks or camping. There are so many ideas & themes based around water & it may help with the current Game Of Homes situation with so many people abandoning until they get a water view.
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