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  1. I posted before about my small pond. Well, I think I got a bit carried away & ended up with this. Every ranch needs a stream, right?
  2. Mine takes up about a quarter of my backyard, so not too big but I just couldn't live without some form of water. Your pool is beautiful Cinnamon. I would be happy if my neighbour put one of those in.
  3. My corrugated iron Creek Stone with a screened in porch. I'm going for an Australian theme.
  4. I was in Overall today & there were no houses. It was still empty. Now I’m just confused.
  5. No huge pools but seen quite a number of palm trees. It’s like Florida meets the prairies on some plots.
  6. During todays Lab Gab it was said that there will be some texture changes on Mainland land & replacement of trees so there is a little glimmer of hope.
  7. Don’t forget the fantasy region. It is made up of a lot (a thousand?) islands, covered in waterways & some of the bridges already resemble Venetian ones. It’s a perfect template for a Venetian theme. I’d also love to see a Venetian community area built like Piazza San Marco. The moles could even flood it sometimes for authenticity!
  8. The homes at the back seem to have pillared balconies., Venetian would be my guess.
  9. I saw some beautiful builds with floating islands & I certainly wouldn’t have a problem living near them. Same with balloons, floating lanterns etc. I’ve built on land myself with clouds, lightening etc. My issue is the ‘junk’. Half built creations that are never worked on, floating debris, low hanging skyboxes. I agree that a new sort of mainland may be the only answer as beauty is in the eye of the beholder & my eyesore is someone else’s much loved creation. I saw an amazing Statue of Liberty in my travels. Would I want to live next to it? Probably not but I can appreciate the skill & work that someone put in & I don’t want to lose that uniqueness that randomly appears as I fly around. It would be nice if we could reach some middle ground without anyone feeling they are being attacked (not a reference to the quoted poster).
  10. I spent a few hours cruising around Mainland to look at land & see if I could find anything I’d like to change. The 2 biggest issues I have are sky junk & privacy walls. If everything in the sky was forced up out of ground view more places would seem more attractive. The worst example I saw was a property on a sea cliff. There was a narrow beach strip at the bottom of the cliff that someone else owned & they’d put a skybox level with the cliff top, completely blocking the view. I saw many examples of similar builds. Privacy screens have been discussed a lot on the forums already but many I see are just petty. I saw a piece of land that was back one parcel from the Blake Sea. It was on a hill so would have had a beautiful view except the neighbors on 3 sides had put up huge screens. Why? Is just seems petty. So, my two suggestions would be enforcing a height limit for the sky & making derender on the SL viewer available. Giving everyone the ability to derender would really help people to feel more confident in buying land & help with increasing sales.
  11. Thanks for posting this Chic. This was beautiful & gave me so many ideas. Collect all the notecards if you go because there are some designers I'd never come across & I'm looking forward to hours of checking out their stores. There were some free gifts out as well. Worth taking a look at!
  12. Is that a tentacle in your pocket or are you just happy to see us?
  13. The two things I love the most: 1. The landscaping. It’s beautiful wherever you go & I find it really relaxing because… 2. The Covenant. Those views & landscapes are protected. If you get the area you love, no one is going to build a huge, view blocking eyesore & if they try you can get it removed.
  14. Thank you so much for posting this Chic. It's perfect for my Hobbit Home.
  15. I love a fantasy theme. I own castles, ruins, hobbit homes & plenty of matching furniture so that isn’t the issue for me. The homes felt like the chalets with a bit of curvy stuff thrown in. They feel too big, not at all ‘magical’ & just don’t seem to fit the environment created around them. This is one time when I feel smaller homes would be better. The amount of land around them for landscaping is too small. I put out a few fantasy trees & it felt crowded. Even with the largest trad home I’m still left with heaps of land to play with. I know they are never going to make everyone happy but the current homes just feel so unimaginative compared to the Mole landscaping. I know fantasy is niche but a bit more imagination in house design may have enticed more people to try it.
  16. This very cute mirror, seat & table from Chez Moi are at Tres Chic. The mirror & seat are 5li, the table with all the bits is 3li. Different prices depending on PG or Adult. $360 for the PG version with 14 pouffe colours & the cutest animations.
  17. I have too many parcels so need to offload a few. They've all been priced competitively, all in great locations. Grab a bargain. 1024m2 water parcel in the Gulf of Moles. Two sides protected. Cheapest plot you'll find in the area. Perfect for sailing. $15000 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bobbintail/242/163/22 2048m2 snow parcel on Linden road. Linden river & rail line right across the road. Lovely area. $15000 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ohno/23/116/100 4096m2 deep water parcel. Protected lake & river. The lake view can never be built out. Visit the amazing Abyss Observatory. Perfect for sailing. $25000 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Oyster/240/198/90 4288m2 roadside/waterside parcel. Beautiful outlook over the bay. Sunrise & sunsets plus the bonus of a boat rezz zone out the front. $18000 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Huckleberry/205/220/63
  18. Gorgeous plot with a river on one side, a lake on the other. Quiet area with a gorgeous view. $45,000. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Oyster/214/202/83
  19. Your slurls are incorrect. If you fixed them you might have more luck selling.
  20. I have a ruined castle on a bend in a river. & have made it very atmospheric with rain, fog & a lightning storm so sounds are very important to the feel of the land. I have rain, thunder, wind & lapping waves on the damp land & birds at the top where there is a dry forest area. I love working in the middle of a raging storm. There is no radio as it would detract from the feel I’m trying to create.
  21. Thank you Marianne for posting this. I’ve been looking for a wrecked boat for my mangrove area & this is perfect! The LOD’s are amazing & as it’s on the corner of my river plot it’s a great warning for passing boats. Nice to have something different than the ubiquitous buoys.
  22. In Ctrl+alt+t find the emitter boxes then derender them, not the actual lightning bolts. If he’s changing the names & you aren’t certain they are emitters, temporarily derender them first. If the weather stops you know you’ve found the right box & make it permanent.
  23. The parcel is exactly one parcel away from the protected water Rez zone. You can walk there along the road in about 20 seconds, hardly many parcels away. You can see the Rez zone in her pic. I’ve sailed to the Blake from this exact spot without having to drag my boat at any time & it certainly didn’t take hours. There is one tight 90 degree turn but the rest is easy travel. Even the Lindens have said the Rez zone at Chiffre was put in to enable sailing to the Blake. She hasn’t mislead anyone. It is a roadside plot with sailable water & a Rez zone right next to it. Good luck getting a waterside in that area for that price.
  24. It doesn’t touch the water but is roadside & at the end of the road you can see a dock off the beach. You see this in the top picture. This is a new Rez zone & gives access to both the Blake Sea & Bellisseria. To get to the Blake you just sail up the coast.
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