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  1. OW going in Ringing Palms in about 5 minutes. West facing, nice sailing water going past. Pics are to show how close surrounding houses are (sorry my decor was still up when taken). http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ringing Palms/36/185/24
  2. Regions SSPE1739 - 1747 have now been created linking the log region to the stilts.
  3. He was ok & I’ve heard worse - a lot worse. Sometimes when I can’t sleep I will get on SL & decorate for awhile. The first time it roared at me in the middle of the night I almost had an accident so in the interest of the soft furnishings I had to make him silent. 😁
  4. My vote is for Coral Bay. I had the corner trad above the park for awhile & loved your swamp theme (although I had to mute your crocodile cause he was scary). It’s unique & a fantastic spot.
  5. I've just picked up a lakeside log at Quickdraw. No other homes seem to be taken & there are some beautiful big lake plots here. May be worth chancing a throw on a log home if that's your taste. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Quickdraw/101/197/52
  6. Letting this OW stilt in Twisted Palms go. On main channel with easy sailing to open water. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Twisted Palms/34/91/24
  7. Maybe it’s a sad face because your deco is beautiful & they feel sad they haven’t got a house like yours. I’d like an Envious button sometimes as there are so many amazing decorators that post here.
  8. I’ve had this as well. My first stilt home I thought it was how they’d built the windows & couldn’t understand why. Then I discovered if I tp out & back again it was fixed. Hopefully someone has a better idea than ping ponging around the grid.
  9. Thanks everyone for the updates. I’m surprised by the speed they’re going & am watching with interest. I thought my void view might last a few months but if they keep building like this I’ll be getting neighbors very soon.
  10. Scarlet Creative has some homes that might suit. They’ve recently released an open, double A framed house with lots of glass to take in views.
  11. I’ve had this happen a few times. Seems like the house gets taken but the system is taking a few minutes to update. It’s annoying when you are chasing a home someone has just released.
  12. I got it once & a neighbour was playing horrible music through their voice mic. It’s one of my pet peeves so it was abandoned very quickly.
  13. I’m in Ringing Palms & the OW homes are all taken but the OL haven’t been. Either the OL haven’t been released or they just aren’t appearing on the land page. For those looking for a good OL with a view check out Single Strand. It’s not released yet but they have some epic homes looking out on the void. There are also 2 boat Rez zones & a beach bar on the island.
  14. I wanted a stilt home as I love water, palms, beach etc. I’ll admit I was a little disappointed when I first saw them as most areas seem so cramped so I made some criteria for myself. No spot where I’m looking straight into someone else’s house/deck. West facing as I love sunset over water. Side neighbors are ok as long as there is space to landscape them out. I wouldn’t knock something back if it faced a void as I did that once before & nothing was built there for over 6 months. I got lucky & got Ringing Palms. The front faces west but I’ve worked a deck onto it to take in the vast em
  15. There must be something in the air lately. So many unhappy people & it seems no matter what LL does it’s wrong for someone. We already know what the other houses are like so why do we need the same number of tries as types of houses? I’m trying to understand why the mass release has upset people but I’m struggling. Isn’t part of the thrill of GOH not knowing what you will end up with? I’ve enjoyed seeing all the different settings & places. Yeah, there have been plenty of duds & quite a few repeat catches but it’s still fun. I’m not having a go at anyone, I just don’t understand. T
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