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  1. Rode the rails to the Ranch region through the new tunnel. So exciting I had a Footloose moment!
  2. I agree that the demo region can’t give you the feel of the area. I have river on two sides, a park on one & a neighbour on the other. They have nicely planted along the side so it’s very private. Bonus points for me not having to use LI on lots of trees. Inside is very much like most LH so you can decorate how you like. At first look I disregarded them but after having a good look around, I just love it. Thanks must go to the people running the recent train trips around the area. They showed me an area I hadn’t really considered before.
  3. A lot of people want water, lots of water. This is the view from my backyard in the Chalet region. Sure, chalet's are not everyones cup of tea but look at it!. It just goes on & on, I can sail forever plus I see others sailing past. Unbelievably, there are empty homes along the river. If you want water, like messing about on boats then take a look. You might actually come to like a chalet after all
  4. My home on Mere. I love fantasy & every change is a variation on a theme. Went from Hobbit to Elven this time.
  5. Waiting on my new PC so the pics aren't the greatest but my treehouse land is coming along.
  6. It's still a work in progress but I decided to cover up the tree trunk with what else but waterfalls & a pond. Wherever I go, ponds & waterfalls
  7. I don't know if there are currently ranch homes available but I'll be giving this one up around 12:30SLT. It's in a great location, very private. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lumpkin/146/160/32
  8. This! This right here should have got this thread closed! 😋
  9. 2007, when wings were my thing. If you ever feel like your current SL body is bad, remember it could be worse!
  10. Alba Island Estates is one to check out as well. It’s seasonal, has mountains & waterways & been around for a long time.
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