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  1. October 2017 - exploring SL, I come across a sim called Lutra. A fascinating place - it appears to be an entire town. There are apartments for rent, at a very cheap 25L a week. All pretty sparse - just a bed and a modest prim allowance, and unfortunately no toilet or kitchen. One unlucky resident gets to rent a room with a brick wall view. Two of the rooms ARE rented by actual residents, though, at time of writing, I have not seen them. Lutra also features skyboxes, which are a little more expensive. I investigated all 10 of these: again, just a bed and not much décor, though all, at time of writing, unrented. I walked around the streets. There is a deli store but you can't buy anything. I also saw a CD/DVD shop which looked a bit grubby and possibly only catering to 'special tastes', though it was closed. There was also a pub with a bot barman and a drunk bot slouched in the corner - nice décor, but a little unfriendly. I then found a sleazy adult club but it was deserted - two vacant, dirty and unmade beds occupied the top floor. Lutra also has a bowling alley and some clothes shops. However, all of October - and I have rezzed there every single day of the month - I have not seen ONE other resident. Not even the two renters. Also, none of the pubs/bar areas seem to be parcelled off separately, so, despite having the capability to host events, they seem to be standing idle, unused and unappreciated. What happened to Lutra? Does anybody know? It seems like some sort of curse befell this sim and everyone deserted it.
  2. Sept 1 2017 I was investigating the seabed around 01:30am when I came across this rather strangely proportioned bot. It did not make any reply when IM'd. Its profile was a child's nursery rhyme. About an hour after I took this snap, the bot disappeared - either withdrawn? Or moved on? <MODERATOR: IMAGE WITH NUDITY REMOVED> September 8th The smaller, red humanoid shape was another bot that I came across at about 4.00am on the seabed. Its profile was that of a fake teenager, claiming to love parties. Just as I was about to take the snap, this tall woman came bounding over and pushed me. She was not a bot - however, she was quite verbally abusive and unpleasant. More reports later.
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