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  1. I had been reading about Second Life history and I found a reference to "Bay of Space Pigs". Supposedly it was so named because space pigs had crashed near there. Finally found the island - It is actually called Harry's Island and it is in Mohr, not Bay of Space Pigs. If you want to visit, it is at Harry's Island, Mohrr (173, 208, 25) -
  2. I have an item on the Marketplace "How to Find Free Textures in Second Life - Version 4", and a short article at http://wartybliggensthetoad.blogspot.com which covers the same ground. If you could send me a link when you have your site completed I would appreciate it. Probably a notecard is best. Rufferta Resident
  3. Gavin Hird wrote: A Mac that does not have integrated (Intel) graphics will perform better with SL than one with, but all of the current models will be able to run SL from the Air, minis, iMacs to the Pro models. Thank you - I'm not sure what that means, but I will print it out and show it to the tech when I have saved up enough to buy a new computer.
  4. Polenth Yue wrote: A tourist place would be useful. I like the idea of giving more context to destinations. Maybe having a map of each continent, showing where the recommended destinations actually are. I didn't really understand that SL had a world map with continents when I was new, as getting to places was all by teleporting. Yadni used to have wonderful maps on his junkyard walls (sigh) showing the development of Second Life. I'm sorry he left Second Life; however, there is an excellent map museum at: New Kadath (36, 32, 21) and a lot of other good resources.
  5. CheriColette wrote: That sounds useful Ruff...have you approched the land owner/get permission for your TI center? I have two small parcels near travelled routes (land and sea) where I've decided to put little parks, but I'll put in low-key Information kiosks as well and see if anyone uses them.
  6. While the Welcome centers like NCI offer a lot of support and information, and the Destination Guide lists many interesting places and experiences, I couldn't find anyplace that offered what I was thinking about -- a place that could offer a general overview of the Mainland, and lists of out of the way places where noobs could visit without being bounced by a security orb. I feel that there are a lot of "tourist spots" that aren't being advertised because it would not be a good business model - much easier to keep things running if avatars are not dispersed. For example, it was quite a while
  7. It's no fun trying to do something like the Fantasy Faire Quest when you every time you move you have to wait until the next bit of scenary rezzes. I'm no techy. I did some adjustment to the SL viewer and the calibration on my monitor that helped a little, but I figure the problem is probably that my iMac is a few years old and thus obsolete and I need a new one. I was hoping that someone here that is not always 'seeing grey' could tell me what system, graphics card, viewer, etc...they are using. Not wanting to get into the "You ought to get a PC" argument - I'm too old to change re
  8. You know that The Arbor Project has put up some nice public parks. I'm wondering if any group has ever tried to put up "Tourist Information" centers on the Mainland?
  9. jordan Cannoli wrote: As of recently, I've been following the few and far between information released about Sansar, and it sounds promising. Ebbe seems like he has a clear vision of the platform he wants to create, and I feel like he's dedicated to the platform. I've been playing Second Life since early 2005, and there is something I really miss about the platform. Between 2005-2006, the playerbase was really involved in the mainland, the sandboxes were social hubs, and people regularly traveled across the mainland sims in vehicles. It felt more like a community of creators than the S
  10. ChinRey wrote: I think your post got truncated at some point, irihapeti. Here's a corrected version: ChinRey wrote: I think your post got truncated at some point, irihapeti. Here's a corrected version: irihapeti probably meant to write: am not really getting your point FMeh to make something oldschool from scratch in SL then - use a 3rd party tool to create the textures - use a 3rd party tool to create sounds - use a 3rd party tool to create animations for avatars that will interact with the model - use the SL Code Editor to create effect scripts - use the SL Builde
  11. I've been getting warnings about 'phishing' scams on Second Life, so when I got an email that said it was from Second Life and that I needed to go in and update my credit information I thought it was a scam. Then I saw that the Second Life Blog said the same thing... One thing that made me think it was a scam was the comment "small amounts will show up on your credit charges, then disappear..." bit... I'm sorry, but that doesn't make sense to me. Can someone please explain?
  12. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Second_Life_Road_Network_Directory has listings of different routes so that you can get some idea of the roads. Last month I used a freebie bicycle to take a short trip on Route 14 in Nautilus. I started at Sandy Trunks Beach, passed Seven Chickens Bridge and Dead Mole's Curve, and ended at End of the Line Inn. I didn't encounter any particular problems. If you go, be sure to read the highway markers along the way.
  13. I believe the SL community is extremely diverse and residents may or may not interact outside with others. Here are some communities I thought about. Casual drop-in's. They heard about Second Life, dropped in for a minute or an hour, then left. Now they are a community of SL-expats who are SL experts. Anthropologists doing ethnographical research (hope I spelled that right.) People who are using Second Life to do something that they can't do as well in real life because of physical limitations or financial limitations or other restrictions. (That's people like me.) Artists who create what
  14. At Bertrada you will find the first clue for the White Islands Quest. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bertrada/127/141/21 I have put more information on my blog at http://wartybliggensthetoad.blogspot.com/2015/08/the-north-sansara-sea-forts-and-white.html - the entry of August 9th.
  15. BobbyGeorge wrote: As it should be, IMO. Google 'Mark Knapp second life' for an extreme consequence of too much immersion. -------------------------------------------- Yes; that was tragic, but I can understand how people can be addicted to video games. The worse your real life, the more enticing Second Life, World of Warcraft, etc...can be. It can become a vicious cycle because you find yourself playing so long that you neglect things that could improve your 'real' life. I realize that I myself sometimes turn to virtual realities when I'm not ready to deal with real reality. I have t
  16. Rhonda Huntress wrote: We have gone past VR goggles. Have you seen the hype about hHoloLens yet? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aThCr0PsyuA I hadn't seen the youtube video, but I was aware that they did a Minecraft similuation at E3. The future should be interesting.
  17. I just finished reading Joel Stein's article "Inside the Box" in the August 2015 issue of TIME magazine. I was disappointed that it wasn't about virtual worlds, it was about virtual reality headsets, but it got me to thinking about how "real" I want my virtual reality to be. I already have virtual worlds in my head - for example I have two versions of Middle Earth (one from the book, the other from the movies), and many other imaginationary worlds. True, they rely on my imagination to fill in the empty spots, but do I really need to be immersed with all my senses? One part
  18. I do agree with you on one point - having a virtual 'sense of place' is important. Having a 'home' is important, even in virtual reality, and it would be great if it were free.
  19. In spite of the manufactured myths, Second Life is not a string of new territories discovered by Magellan Linden, it is a virtual world platform run by a business. I think we are all lucky that we don't have to pay an admission fee. Perhaps I will be censured, but you know there are other virtual worlds out there, springing up like mushrooms. See http://www.hypergridbusiness.com/statistics/active-grids/ for a partial list. I've visited a few, and some of them will give you free land and a house. The catch is, of course, that they are not Second Life. Many of them have features that are bette
  20. For what it's worth, there used to be a copy of the Ruth avi in the "Old Library Content" at Stillman. I remember wearing it a few times when I wanted to be righteously low-lag. Tried it on this morning, though, and it wouldn't rezz out of zombie mode.
  21. I posted the details on my blog, http://wartybliggensthetoad.blogspot.com, entry of July 27th, 2015. Basically just use the "rezz a cube, push it through the wall, and teleport to it" trick, but I thought I would post the information here for anyone who is new or who (like myself) has forgotten. (Added - yes, I know there are other ways. I just like my way.) http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mos%20Ainsley/160/152/48 (you should arrive in flying mode, just in case.)
  22. I don't have an opinion about The Next Generation Platform, I have a worry that I won't be able to keep up. I have a hard time now keeping up with Second Life, and I crash more often than any non-pigheadedly-stubborn person would tolerate. I guess it is naive of me, but I don't see why Second Life can't be gradually updated so that it can continue to be accessed - like one of those wonderfully-restored antique vehicles I see on the freeways on Sundays. Second Life is currently the oldest and the largest of the virtual worlds - it has a history, and the Mainland has features that help giv
  23. I don't know the answer to your question, but that doesn't keep me from posting. I think the first thing to consider is What do you want to look like? Do you want a classic or a mesh avatar? How much are you willing to spend? For me, I read some of the fashion blogs, and if I see something I like I will visit the store. If I go on a hunt that includes clothing store, I will try a few demos. Don't overlook the freebies - some of them can look quite nice. There are also a few outfits in your Library that can be customized by changing the pattern or the color or the fit. Have fun!
  24. Sounds interesting. I think this is a service that is badly needed. I have gained what little knowledge I have from reading the forums and other internet resources and going to several newcomer orientation areas. Mostly I've learned from making mistakes. It would have been nice to have had a mentor. I am very curious as to how you are planning on taking this group around - I attended a class on "How to Buy Real Estate in Second Life" once, and the instructor was getting the students from place to place by having us accept teleports. We lost a few students along the way, as I recall. Another
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