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  1. I had the gatcha bug for a while - Most of the time I budgeted my spending but once in a while I would find myself standing at the machines like a casino zombie - blankly pulling the lever. Like a gambler, I remembered the wins, and not the losses. I rationalized my habit by saying I would donate the items that I didn't want to one of my groups to be re-sold, but when I looked at what I was going to donate I realized most of it was a bunch of junk. For the better items, perhaps creators can sell them as "limited editions" or "collectibles"?
  2. Do we have an assumption that successful virtual realities need to have super realistic avatar rendering to be popular? I have some expensive avatars in Second Life, but in Minecraft I am happy with the Steve-skin. In Minecraft dressing is easy, but in SL it can take hours to match outfits with bodies, and the forums are full of newbies asking questions like "Why doesn't my new head fit my new body?" Second Life has a lot to offer, but I believe we lose a lot of newcomers by making it so hard to put together a decent look. I won't even get into building....
  3. This is the landing point for a wonderful museum in the Blake Sea. After touring the museum and picking up notecard information about subjects such as Yggdrasil and the Nine Worlds, you can go out back and view a longboat on the water. Next door is a smaller museum showcasing art styles. Where am I?
  4. This cabin is in Sheldon, 19/215/48. It was a joy to explore Bellisseria again - there are so many lovely places there. I can't wait to see what surprises the Moles will have for us in the new Fantasy regions!
  5. I found the Open Seas Project Box - good information, and a beautiful parcel! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Fudo/20/149/22
  6. Another thought - if you have the patience, visit the parcel at different times of day and on different days of the week. (Advice based on experience - once pitched a tent without noticing the Midnight Express Train's track was a few feet away.....)
  7. This one may be hard to find - it is a store in Jeogeot - off the Northern Spur Road but visible from it. Not far from the Old World, and in a region I cannot pronounce. Just down the road is a giant airship shaped like a cat. This is an interesting area. Business has been around for some time, specializes in everything to do with water. I was fascinated by the 'habi-domes' displaying different creatures. Here I am looking at some cute beavers. Where am I?
  8. Pavonia Community Hall - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Pavonia/179/226/120
  9. Tilly, is that you in the front? I confess this location has me baffled. Any hint would be welcomed.
  10. Statue of Slider Jerusalem, Hard-hitting Hippo Journalist of the Future, by Altruima Linden. This is in an obscure InfoHub in Sansara not far from the Sea of Fables. Where am I? Note: This "WTH is?" thread inspired my "Where in Second Life is this place?" exhibit for SL18B. I have moved some of the exhibit to the Moleworks floor of my Tourist Information Center, if anyone wants to see how many places they can identify. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mocha/19/192/2988
  11. Great outfit! This is the Scenic Ambat Infohub by Osprey Therian. I wasn't able to get a photo of my avatar doing a handstand because someone else was standing there.
  12. I'm on Route 9, between a cake shop, a graveyard, and a port to a fabulous art gallery. Where am I? (This avatar needs to be unbounced,,,,)
  13. This is Nexus Prime and the Doomed Ship In the Gibson Region (of course)
  14. Apparently this used to be part of the Teen Grid, but was moved here in May 2008. Where am I?
  15. Grumphmunch! Why haven't I ever been here before? Thank you!
  16. I'm sorry - I couldn't find it and now I have sand in my shoes from all the searching.
  17. For my visit to "Welcome Back" Island a board suggested using the Destination Guide to find the next stop. The first offer was some place called "The Dive Shop" - not sure what to make of that - the good part was that the instructions were in multiple languages. Anyone know if they are still also sending new residents to the Gateway locations?
  18. Just visited "Welcome Back" Island. It is very pretty, but doesn't answer my old questions and even gives me some new questions. Perhaps it is not yet finished,. New Question: Why are there avatars on rotating platforms looking like a slave auction? Old Questions (from RipVanWinkle Resident) What is this mesh stuff? What is bento, rigging, blender, etc....? What is that strange mass of land between two continents that wasn't there before? What is a Bellisserian? Perhaps this would be a good place to put up that excellent "Wheel of Time" currently at SL18B that shows changes through the years, only concentrating on information that might be useful to residents who have been gone for a while. A great start, though, I'm sure that there are many new changes in the works and I'm always glad to know that Linden Lab has been listening to residents.
  19. Daniel Voyager has done an excellent article on the New User Experience Welcome Islands and - yes - a "Welcome Back" Island for us oldbies. There is a new user guide available on the Second Life Viewer as well. One thing bothers me, to quote Daniel Voyager "This weekend it appears Linden Lab are bringing in new residents through the new Welcome Island in Second Life when using the default Second Life viewer." - is this experience and the guidebook going to be open to those who are using other viewing systems? Anyone know? Welcome Island: The New User Experience Goes Live – Daniel Voyager (wordpress.com)
  20. This is a threefer - an historic flatboat for the boat enthusiasts, a monorail for the train enthusiasts, and a passport stamp location for those Bellissereans who are collecting them. While I was there I saw both a yavapod boat and a yellow boat go by. Where am I?
  21. Nice shot! I was used to seeing this from the air, so it took me a while to find - Sirens Isle in the Blake Sea!
  22. The ultimate luxury - to be able to terraform the heck out of something and choosing not to do so.
  23. Actually, there are Four separate "First Generation" Linden Home continents. There is one way South that I didn't know about until recently. They are pretty much clones of each other with some minor differences. I also have speculated that with the appropriate technology the Lindens could surgically remove a house from one region and insert it in the same location on another region, and possibly the residents wouldn't notice.* Just for info, the equivalent "Meadowbrook Infohub" for each Continent is at: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Meadowbrook/67/171/41 (The one with Cape Ekim) http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Meadowcreek/68/164/55 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ravenbrook/74/184/41 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bucksnort/68/170/41 I agree with Prokofy that the Continent with Cape Ekim should be preserved. *Yeah, their landmarks would break, but perhaps the Lindens could just tell them they are renaming the Region?
  24. And some horses can be avatars, which can be quite unsettling until you get used to it.
  25. I apologize if we've done this one already - this is at the end of a labyrinth in the Sea of Fables. Where was I?
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