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  1. The reason I'm asking is because I used to live in Mocha and one of my neighbors apparently used terraforming to create the walls of a large structure (he raised a large block, then hollowed out most of the interior). Later, when I had the chance to buy the parcel, I found that in what seemed to be the same spot, when I had lowered the land to a certain point I ended up with a square hole that wouldn't go away until I had raised the terrain a bit. Perhaps he was making use of a 'feature' that was already there? Now I have a small parcel in Chartreuse and I would like to make some holes and towers to show others what you can (and can't) do with terraforming, but I don't want to wreck the terrain. Any thoughts?
  2. Actually, there are games in Second Life. You can find some Linden-supported games through Portal Park, and there are hunts and quests galore. There are some pay-to-play games - MadPeas is one example, although I wouldn't pay for more than the cheapest package until they've fixed some of the glitches*. Perhaps the best 'game' is cosplay - trying on different avatars and different personas. Myself, I like to explore - the creativity and talent of most Second Life residents never ceases to amaze me. Have fun! *MadPeas games are well-done, but not for the faint-of-heart or the impatient. I quit playing the games after a glitch prevented me from completing all the prize levels and even the help desk couldn't help me. .
  3. BloodyKitty230 wrote: I'm a newbie at the whole land buying or whatever you'd like to call it so besides some information I was thinking about having a home for myself since I have a bit of cash flow now with a RL & SL job. I was wondering what you guys would recommend to me? I don't want anything to big, maybe just a small home one or two stories (or small land that could fit a house like that), that isn't too expensive. Not sure if that made sense, so if you want more clarity I'll try my best to further explain. My advice would be to look online for articles about "buying and renting land in Second Life" as this is a popular question. You might want to attend Lindal Kidd's class on "buying and renting land in Second Life" which is usually at 5pm on Fridays at Caledon Oxbridge. Myself, I have made every mistake in the book: - not knowing the difference between rent and tier - not understanding what different terms like "protected", "you can sail to Blake Sea from here", "oceanfront", "sunset view" etc....really mean - not knowing how to determine if a plot is actually land, or just a raft or big sculpty placed over water - not knowing how to check for nearby land owners - not sitting on the plot long enough for all the neighborhood builds to materialize - not remembering to check the area for breeding farms or popular nightclubs or other activities that might affect your bandwidth or even your ability to enter the sim - in fact, my biggest mistake has always been not having the patience to wait and study the property thoroughly. Good luck!
  4. Vania Chaplin wrote: (First, I have to admit that I didn't read all topic) As a sailor in SL, we commonly face these issues: ban lines or orbs that instantly send you home. Our approach as a community has been for years to contact the parcel owner, explaining our issue (our not theirs) and ask them to give a minimum time to get out of their parcel when inadvertdly we enter one. Most respond well, changing their devices, others don't. Well, we have to live with this. So, for a communal cruise, we make charts as this one, with ban/orbs marked in red (cyan for rez places in case of returning from a crash). Even with this, sailing in a narrow channel as in NW in the map, it is easy to enter the red forbidden areas, but is the best we can do.  It would be nice if the regular Linden Map included the security orb information. Banlines I can see, and usually avoid, but I never see the security orbs until they are right over me.
  5. Teagan Tobias wrote: There was a time I would use the MP to find things and then go in world to buy them. But I have been dropped off in to many peoples houses where the store no longer exists. Also, on the MP I can enter maximum amount I am able to spend and get only items that I can afford. There is no reason for me to look at clothing that cost 300L when all I have to spend is 50L. I enter on the left side a low amount of 2 (keep out some of the demos) and a high amount of what I have to spend, could be 50L, could be 25L. That way all I see is the items I can actually purchase and not things that are over priced and out of my monetary range. I agree with Teagan that it is annoying to find that the "See this item Inworld" or "Inworld Store" links are leading to a piece of abandoned property, or worse, lead to someone's private space. I hope that Marketplace merchants fix their listings (I will have to do that myself). Good suggestion to set price limits in the Marketplace browser. I will try it.
  6. Security orbs come in all flavors: Sometimes they give you adequate warning, sometimes they don't. I ran into one yesterday (someone who bought land that had once been an inworld store that had moved to Marketplace) that just said "You are not welcome here." but didn't kick me off right away. That was cool, because I tend to freeze when I get a warning, or head the wrong way in panic. What I would like, instead of an outright ban, would be some kind of app that would allow me to block access to my tiny parcel to anyone who sets up a security orb with less than a ten-second warning. I realize that is a pretty pathetic revenge, since I suspect the folks who own the security orbs would never want to visit me, still, it would make me feel better.
  7. All things being equal, I prefer to shop inworld, but I tend to buy on the Marketplace if I have the option. Buying on the Marketplace gives you the chance to review a product you've bought there, and to see other people's reviews. I like to go inworld when I can, because I like to support the merchants who are still here, although I understand that time and economics can make many merchants become "Marketplace only". Going inworld to shop also lets you get a better look at products. Often I've found an inworld merchant who had a wider selection of merchandise inworld than in their Marketplace store, and I've found the reverse to be true as well: Merchants with a wide selection on the Marketplace but very little in the store. Another reason for shopping inworld is the problem that merchants don't always use the same terms to describe things. Yesterday I went looking for a coffee maker, and on the Marketplace I got different results when I searched "coffee maker", "coffee dispenser", "espresso machine", and "coffeepot" - but I when I was inworld later on I found that I should have also searched for the term "coffee brewer". (I guess I shouldn't expect the Marketplace to be any better organized than my Inventory...)
  8. wherorangi wrote: yes. Hopefully thats been referred to the other LL team and they will fix I actually got an email from Michael Linden that they are working on the sim buffers. Wow! That restores a lot of my faith in the Lindens. I'm not going to press my luck by asking for anything else for a while, since I am just a tiny fish trying to swim with a school of much bigger fish, but it was very nice to be heard. Thanks again, everyone who helped, and Thank You, Lindens.
  9. Thanks for the clarification. To me "tier"="rent" but it is probably better to differentiate between "rent" paid to a private landowner who is paying "tier" to the Lindens, and "tier" being the payment you make for having the use of Linden land, paid directly to the Lindens. Hope I got it right this time.
  10. Welcome to Second Life. I would like to add that besides the weekly stipend, Premium members get either free rent in a house in a Linden subdivision, or free rent on a 512 piece of land. You may also get periodic 'premium' gifts, and the chance to use some sandboxes and testing areas that are exclusive to premium members. As far as 'dumb questions' goes, I've been asking stupid questions in these forums for years. Only recently have I remembered to check the Wiki/Wikias and forum archives first. From the forums I've learned about secret places in Second Life that aren't on the Destination Guide, the best way to deal with griefers, where to find the Suggestion box....and so much more. I pay my premium membership by the year, and I count it as 'entertainment' expense on my budget. Pardon me if someone has already said this in a previous forum post.
  11. I enjoyed the article - it was so true. Probably why I have too much inventory.
  12. Thinking back, I believe the two 512 parcels used to be a 1024 with a nice lighthouse on it. It does have the advantage of actually being on navigatable water - you can sail from there along the coast and over the ANWR Channel to Purple. Another of my pet peeves is that so much of what should be a place where you could launch a boat actually isn't, either because it borders on the Great Nothing or because what looks like water is actually someone else's property. I learned the hard way. I'm wondering if The New Avatar Experience actually includes any information on finding property, managing griefers, etc...? I think I'll put together a notecard "What the Lindens Didn't Tell You" for my Tourist Information booth....
  13.  One of my pet peeves is looking at a real estate listing advertising "waterfront property" and finding that the property is a good distance away from any land above the water line. And then I curse the Lindens for selling all those water parcels in the first place... This "for sale" property in Calleta is a case in point - two 512 plots surrounded by water. (I derendered the 'raft' on one parcel to make it clear). I know I'm probably being silly here - my own "waterfront" property actually extends a bit into the water, but at least it is mostly on land and I lowered my house as much as I could so's not to annoy the folks behind me too much.. Just ranting...
  14. Hi Onix: I think the first poster answered the question pretty well, but I wanted to add that you might want to look through the old forum archives for posts on the subject "I want to be a model." The topic seems to come up frequently. You might also want to read the Second Life fashion blogs that are out there - just google "Second Life Fashion" . This will give you some current knowledge of fashion. Good luck!
  15. They fixed it! It is not an elaborate fix, but perhaps the next explorer who tries going down the inside of the Great Wall won't come up at a dead end.  Qie Niangao wrote: It appears that jira is closed now. I clicked "Watch" but that has no effect. As Dee comments, they did respond by making an opening, at least, so the lower deck roadway isn't quite as concealed, but yeah, that's a very strange arrangement down there and apparently has been since at least 2012. One thing that might be interesting if it corresponds to any reality: that 7072 sq.m. section of protected land at the end of the Great Wall where it meets Robin Loop? It shows as "claimed" March 8th of this year. Such dates are notoriously unreliable, but usually it means that something changed on that date. Also, I'm certainly nobody to complain about encroaching on Linden land with content of community benefit (the VRC does so many places [EDIT: including just one sim north in Epirrhoe]), but this is... oh, never mind. I'm probably just flashing-back to the days when funky faux-Egyptian junk was thick on the SL ground. The earlier photo I posted was from when the land was being sold in 2012. I don't know how many times the land has changed hands since then. As for the railroads, I think they are a great asset to the Mainland, and one of the things that makes Second Life stand out from other virtual worlds. I'm adding a post about "Riding the Rails in Second Life" to my blog, and I'm having great fun doing the research. Thank you again to everyone who helped, and let me know if there is something you would like me to help with, within my limitations, of course.
  16. Thank you all! Here is an old photo I found when the land was being sold in 2012. 
  17. I think that the roads that link parts of the Mainland are one of Second Life's greatest assets. Recently I submitted a JIRA and I would love for someone else to go to the JIRA and comment that they think this is a good idea. Thanks! Assignee: Dee Linden Complete Route 6, High Mountain Road, Route through end of Great Wall in Horisme to the Robin Loop -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Key: BUG-20072 URL: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-20072 Project: 1. BUG Project Issue Type: New Feature Request Security Level: Public Environment: Feature Reporter: Rufferta Assignee: Dee Linden h1. How would you like the feature to work? When Route 6 was originally constructed, there was apparently an entrance/exit through the interior of the Great Wall through the South end of the Wall at Horisme. Apparently the land near the entrance passed to private hands and now if you want to get inside the Great Wall through the South end the only entrance is through a commercial structure. I don't want you to dislodge the business - they have done a great job of matching their build to the Wall, but there is currently a patch of Protected Land to the South, and a recently abandoned parcel to the East and it seems like it would be an easy matter to make another exit/entrance on that side and extend the road so that Route 6 would connect with the Robin Loop. Oh, and someone should fix the 'soft spots' on top and inside the Great Wall. I am only an approximate builder, but I would be glad to do the job for you if you give me mole powers for a while. :) I did try to do some de-rendering, and the Wall seems to be made of big chunks that should be simple to remove. The original ramp was just a pile of rough logs, and I could do that, too... h1. Why is this feature important to you? How would it benefit the community? Anyone who might try to navigate Route 6 from the North end will find themselves at a dead end, only a few feet from Robin Loop, but with no way to get further except through someone's business. I've read at least one blog post where an excited newb became discouraged after trying to navigate the Great Wall and constantly falling through soft spots on the top and inside. I think the Great Wall could be an interesting tourist destination, but I wouldn't recommend it now.
  18. I just bought some textures from TRU Textures - if you go to their Marketplace page you can get free samples to try out. Added later: Somewhat sideways to the topic: I wanted to mention that two houses I bought recently, one from Porky Gorky, and one from Barnesworth Anubis, both came with copies of the textures used in the structures. This was a great help when I was trying to blend the houses into their environment, and probably helped reduce lag a little. I would recommend this practice to other home sellers. I make a lot of my own textures for specialised purposes, but I do go to the texture markets when I'm in a hurry or when I think I lack the skills to make exactly what I want. I have a huge collection of free textures I've picked up over the years, but I don't have textures for every situation.
  19. We ain't dead yet. I prefer the online Second Life Destination guide to the inworld Destination Guide because it offers more options; however, I've found hundreds of other places inworld that offer their own destination guides. Here are two: Expedition Central above Chilbo (arrive flying in case of prim drift). The Cultural Community Hub at Inspiration Island. You might also try googling "(insert name of your interest here) in Second Life" and seeing what comes up. Welcome back!
  20. Chin Rey wrote: Is that the guy who describes himself in his profile as "An architectural lunatic in Secondlife who is called [name omitted}, with his pure soul on this field"? Reply: Yes. Chin Rey wrote: But to be fair, there is a very good chance the reason for the similarity is simply that both are based on the same stock photo so we have to be very careful not to judge anybody without more info. Reply: You are quite right - I did plug the jpgs into Google Image Search with no result, but that doesn't prove anything. Also, there is always the possibility that he innocently bought the 'old man' statue from someone else, since his specialty seems to be designing buildings, and refurbishing full-perm mesh furniture. Thank you, as always, for being the voice of reason. I will go back to re-arranging deck chairs and submitting JIRAs.
  21. I've seen the items called "Mesh People" or "3D Models" or "Mesh Avatars." The person who copied at least one of them called them "Prop Avatars". They can be scripted to give a response and can serve as NPCs (non-player characters) in games, and some can be animated. I've used similar static sculptures as props for photos because they hold still very nicely, and I've seen a lot of them used to help give life to inworld shops. The ones at the Birthday Celebration were being used as part of several displays, but I don't fault the exhibitors for using them. As far as I know, the person who copied them did not have an exhibit at the Birthday Celebrtion. The original creator is listed as Dileoo Kirax or Ub Yifu. He used to run Mesh Gallery in virtual Paris but it is empty now. Some of the original models are still on the Marketplace at The Clone Factory. The person who made the copy of the "old man" is selling a set of 24 "prop avatars" for $999 inworld, and I do not know how many of them besides the "old man" are copies of other peoples' work. The only reason I am mentioning this is because the person who copied the "old man" sculpture has a large inworld store full of furniture, buildings, and other things and I feel bad that they are still here and apparently thriving while the person he stole from has left Second Life. I felt that something needed to be said. 
  22. I was impressed by some of the "prop avatars" at SL13B, so I went to the inworld store of the person who was labelled as their creator. One of the models in the store was identical to a high-prim art piece that has been around SL for a long time, but the creator has moved most of his business to another virtual world. I contacted the original creator thinking that perhaps he had come back and changed his name, or that he had given permission for his sculpture to be copied in mesh, but he said 'no', that someone had just copied his work, and that was one of the reasons he had left Second Life. I suppose you could argue that taking a high-prim sculpture and recreating it in lower-prim mesh involves a certain amount of work, and after all, the person who copied the model did add some details to the suit and painted the tie a different color, but to me it just isn't right. Since I'm not the creator there is nothing I can do about it, except to make a note never to buy anything, ever, from the person who copied the work.
  23. Just for information, rather than close a Premium account you can ask for the account to be changed to a regular account.
  24. I AR'd one today - Pretty hopeless I guess, but the ad completely covered a sim so that, on the map, you couldn't see the SLRR Railroad lines. The property owner apparently only owns about 56,000 of the region 65,536 - the rest was "Protected Land" and my reasoning was that those big floating ads shouldn't be allowed to obscure the roadways, railways, and waterways that are supposedly free for all to use. If I could have AR'd for "Ugly build" I would have done that, too.
  25. Aethelwine wrote: The last time I hit a banline at slow speed my boat bounced right up the side and across the top of it. I wish it did that everytime! Maybe a clever scripter could make a vehicle detect banlines and do that reliably? People using fast eject orbs and banlines at ground level around waterways and roads are devaluing their own property and those of their neighbours on the same route. Linden Lab should think about changing the covenant for parcels in locations like that, but until they do the owners are entitled to do so, even if they hurt themselves and their neighbours. Yes, when I look at "Land for Sale" I often find ban lines on near-by parcel borders. What I'm wondering, though, is if anyone has thought to educate our new residents about ban lines and security orbs? I remember how, when I was first here, I used to have my feelings hurt when I was bounced off a banline or met a security orb with the message "You have five seconds to leave or you will be ejected...." I think some of the new advertising Linden Labs is doing is excellent, and the New Resident Experience is pretty polished, but is there anywhere that anyone tells newbies "You will find that some residents erect banlines and set up security orbs to restrict access to their property. You can set your controls so that you can see the banlines, but if you accidentally teleport to the wrong location and get sent home, please don't take it personally. Oh, and don't accept packages from strangers."?
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