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  1. keysha033 wrote: I bought some land literally steps away from the beach. The actual beach is owned by a group. Seems to be just a hangout and the large tree border seems to be there to hide other land not as an actual privacy fence (which I don't see why there's abandoned land surrounding most of their property). They have nothing on their land besides the trees and some places to sit. All I need is one of the fences (the largest side of their privacy fence is made up of 4 individual screens) to be invisble from my side to get a wonderful view of the beach. Yes I understand I can derez the objects which I have, but I would like for others to not see it as well. I figured it never hurts to ask, but I don't want my new neighbor to think I am trying to be rude. If they want to keep the screen up I am completely fine with that. They have been there longer so it's fair. And I bought the property knowing it was there. What do you guys think? I don't want to offend them. The whole time I have owned this I have never seen anyone over there. On the other side of the fence that I would like invisble they don't have anything. Like I mentioned it seems like they use it for themselves to hide other land I don't want them to take it down just would like that one section to be made invisble on my side so I don't see how it could bother them? Please help. I know I could just go ahead and ask them but I don't want them to take it the wrong way and be upset. And if you do think I should ask how would you word it? Thanks :smileywink: It never hurts to ask; however, my experience is that groups are harder to deal with than individual property owners. In my opinion it is your neighbors who are being rude because they put up the ugly "privacy wall" in the first place. The only way to make sure you have "Property with a view" is to buy land right on the edge of Linden water. The Lindens sold off a lot of "water" parcels and often what we think is "beach front" is what Prokofy calls "beach back." Good luck.
  2. Welcome to Second Life! I'm not a fashionista - mostly I just lounge around in the avatar equivalent of a muu muu and carpet slippers. When I want to look dressed up I slip into one of Chin Rey's jelly baby avatars....I also have an old Ruth avatar in my inventory someplace. Seriously, though, to start out with, I suggest selecting a classic avatar, because you will have more clothing options. If you are less than 30 days old there are a lot of places that will give you free outfits. https://fabfree.wordpress.com/fabfree-30-days-list/ As you get more experienced you can try on different mesh bodies and parts. There are many excellent Second Life Fashion blogs. One of my favorites is http://strawberrysingh.com. I remember Phyllis Diller once suggested that if you were at a loss at what to buy in a grocery store you should just copy the shopping cart of someone who looks like they know what they are doing. Strawberry Singh is absolutely beautiful and she frequently lists what she is wearing in her fashion shots, so a person could just buy everything she is wearing and put it together. Whatever you decide, have fun!
  3. A steep learning curve? I think it all depends on what part of the elephant you are looking at. Just want to explore and chat? - relatively easy if you've played video games. Other goals are maybe not so easy to achieve. When I say that SL has a steep learning curve it is based on my own experiences. I'm still finding out things. It was only relatively recently that I learned you could move the sun around in the heavens and adjust DOF. I didn't learn these things inworld, I learned them by googling "how to take better pictures in Second Life". I still have problems opening boxes. I suspect those who assimilate easily are smarter than the average bear. Me, I'm only still here because I'm stubborn.
  4. We were doing a 'pile on' in the office one day when a friend stopped us short by saying "I try to see people as God intended them to be".* That's what I like about Second Life, I can be who I wanted to be in RL.. Try to cut the daft people in RL a little slack - one of them might be me. *Looking up the quote, I see it is from Dostoevsky "To love someone means to see him as God intended him." - Fyodor Dostoevsky
  5. I wonder if there is a term for "clicking on what you think is a road or other Linden land on a map and ending up instead in a nest of security orbs"? I like to explore, but every once in a while I mis-click and get booted home.* I remember there was a term in Huckleberry Hax' log " Droplosting : A complicated, yet devastating error which occurs when you’re trying to move an item from one folder to another and lose the mouse-hold at some point in between, thereby losing the item and having to look for it in every f....... folder." There ought to be a term for "inadvertent teleporting". *My thanks, by the way, to the one (1) security orb owner who set the boot point to a road near her parcel.
  6. No, don't ban Prok, even though I had to look up "John Ruskin". Don't know if I can post a link here, but thought there might be some interest in this BBC article about building the London Underground. Apparently getting transit right of way has been a problem for a long time.
  7. Rydon3 wrote: It seems to me that for a virtual world that has been in existence for 13 years, there is a shocking lack of documentation to assist future historians in assessing SL's true cultural impact. There are many blogs scattered around but few of these are comprehensive. Whole chapters of significant SL events, sims, builds, fashions/styles, locations and groups are at risk of being lost to history, unchronicled. We have already seen many, many such examples disappear - both inworld and from the wider internet. Should we be concerned that there is no exhaustive database which one can examine to catalogue the SL user experience, culture and history? Or is the lack of necessary documentation tacit psychic admission that SL is rubbish and barely worth preserving in memory? Tch tch....I don't think SL is rubbish and "barely worth preserving" - it just needs a good historian. Perhaps when the Wiki is again editable some long-term residents might like to publish their personal stories. I, too, am frustrated when I try to research SL's history. Why did Virtual Christine say that what we now know as Satori was at one time going to be called "Corsica"*? What was the purpose of the Tiny Isles Quest Hub on Redoubtable? What is the second easter egg? I guess some things will remain mysteries. *I asked Virtual Christine and she said she read it somewhere, but apparently that blog has disappeared.
  8. I can see both sides of this debate. I like railroads, and I was disappointed when I found that some of the planned Mainland lines were never completed because of different problems (like someone accidentally selling "right of way" land, etc...), but I also own land, and I know I would be upset if a Linden claimed eminent domain and decided to put a road right down the middle. One thought occurred to me, would it work to put the line underwater or underground?. For example, there is a nice long portion of underwater road starting in Seoraksam in Jeogeot (The "Slunnel"?) and real trains go through tunnels all the time. Just wondering,
  9. :heart: I love it! I never thought of trying them all on at once - that's awesome! Reply to everyone: Thank you for all the suggestions. Someday I will be able to figure out how to get dressed properly.
  10. I tried out some of the new fantasy avatars - I found that I was able to detach the rat pet and use it on a different avatar, with a little editing. I also found, when I was trying to change the mesh clothing, that the basic avatar also comes with alphas layers - I suspect that you would have to change the alpha layers if you wanted to change the costumes. I was wondering if anyone else had tried the new avatars, and if they have any recommendations for how to change the outfits..
  11. NCI often has classes on "How to Find Freebies" and last time I checked there was a notecard giving "where to find freebies" information near the NCI Info Desk at Kuula. I also publish a (free) short list of popular freebie places which is available at my Tourist Information Center in Cecropia (look for the Porky Gorky building near the shore) and is included in (free) "My Favorite Freebies" collection on the Marketplace. There are also many inworld groups and there are internet blogs that also give alerts to new freebies. After you've collected a number of freebies I suggest taking one of the "Managing Your Inventory" classes offered at various locations.
  12. To me, Second Life consists of two kinds of 'virtual land' - The Mainland, which contains large continents and some smaller bits, and the 'islands' - or sims that are privately owned. Sometimes there is a cluster of 'islands' that may look like a large continent, but they are still separated from the Mainland by what I call "The Great Nothing" which looks blue but isn't water, land, or air. As you've mentioned, the only way to get from 'islands' to the Mainland is to teleport. Once you've got to the Mainland; however, there are systems of roads and waterways that you can use to get around within continents. You can find information on roads on the SL Wiki, and there are sailing and flying groups that maintain maps showing waterways and airways. The SLGI Geography Institute is also a great resource. Anyone is free to rez a vehicle to travel the Mainland roads; however, it is not an option that ever seems to be promoted on the Destination Guide. One problem has always been sim crossing - since the Lindens started the policy of leaving sims inactive when no one is there (like turning off the lights when people leave a room) you may have to wait at a sim crossing for the next sim to be turned on before you can proceed. There is a proverb "Never go faster than your guardian angel can fly" and my version of that is "Never travel faster than Second Life can rez". As far as I know, no other virtual world has the same travel network as Second Life. For that, I think we can credit the foresight of some of the early Lindens, and the hard work of the Linden Moles, who often had to work around the fact that sometimes the Lindens would sell parcels that were supposed to be right of ways. I agree with you that it would be great if we could fly everywhere in Second Life, but for now I am grateful that there is such a lot of Mainland I can explore.
  13. Welcome! There is a steep learning curve to entry in Second Life, but once you've passed that hurdle you may find you enjoy it. If not, you can at least tell everyone that you've experienced "virtual reality". Once you are here, check out places like Helping Haven, NCI, and the Caledon Oxbridge learning center. You can IM (that's sending an instant message) me inworld and I can send you a more complete list of landmarks or answer any questions I can.
  14. I pay a premium membership in Second Life for the same reason I pay my taxes in real life - it makes me feel as if I am supporting something in a small way, and I feel it gives me more right to complain. On the other hand, whatever you choose, you are still enriching Second Life just by creating things and by renting from others, so perhaps you are a better resident than someone who just pays their membership and then expects everything to be given to them.
  15. Never fall in love in Second Life. Yes, sometimes it works out, but more often it ends in heartbreak. It is too easy to imagine the other avatar to be someone he or she is not. I've had my heart broken a few times and I know it hurts. Someone once said "The price of love is the pain of love." We are what we are. Know me for my soul, not for my transient external shell.
  16. Reply to Prokofy Neva: Thank you for the info on "How not to buy land." I will add it to the next revision. As I explained in more detail in a notecard to you, I abandoned the property rather than sell it to someone who would cut it up and re-sell it. Silly of me, I guess.
  17. Dear Marketplace Merchants: Could you please check your listings and remove any links to "Inworld Store" or "See Item in Second Life" that are no longer valid? I understand why many merchants have moved from "inworld" to "Marketplace only" stores, and I also know that changing Marketplace listings is tedious and time-consuming, but just think of your potential customer who clicks a link and ends up in an abandoned lot or (worse) ends up on a parcel whose new owner has put in a short-fuse security orb. Thank you.
  18. A well-written and well-thought-out response. Thank you!
  19. According to Linden Labs terms of service, regarding "Adult" content: "Linden Lab will conduct proactive monitoring and rely on abuse reports that identify adult content or conduct that is promoted or advertised publicly. Where adult content or conduct on a region is publicly advertised or promoted, that region must be designated as Adult (or such content must be removed). We will re-designate such regions if adult content is not removed." If I'm reading this correctly, then Linden Lab relies on abuse reports to let them know if something offends us. Now, I have seen a lot in my life, having worked in probation, child abuse, and as an aide in a psychiatric facility, but I am still offended by some of what I have seen in the Moderate regions of Second Life, for example, most recently couples having pixel sex on Torley's Island and in the Lionheart Train Station. I would like to promote Second Life to people in my, the AARP, generation, but I'm afraid to because I'm afraid they will be turned off by what they see. As for the childrens' clothing - I saw nothing inappropriate in the first few pages, but a few of the models with adult faces were a bit creepy.
  20. Callum Meriman wrote: Prokofy Neva wrote: I think some of the famous child avatars could explain the difference between fembois and the *children* in these ads who are not fembois. Ignoring the first and last pictures, which are clearly not porn and something you could see real kids wear at any beach - let's focus on Frodo's pictures, the middle two. Because I think those are the ones giving you the greatest confusion. (At least I hope so, because if you are having conniptions about boys in speedos you need to see a psychiatrist, fast) Why do you think they are *children*? Seriously, please explain why you think the middle two femboys are children? He doesn't look like an SL kid to me, heck just that treasure trail and pubes is a dead give away - and knowing who they are they don't even act anything like a child either. They are an adult in SL, they act like an adult in SL and they look like any number of other androgynous adults in SL - and of that there are plenty - it's a huge community. Prok as you are clearly a very old person it's going to be very difficult to explain why the middle two ads ad look nothing like SL Kids. To do that would need you to have an understanding of Androgony. But despite the almost impossibility of this task let's try and frame what a Femboy is. (1) They are generally not children. Urban dictionary's most appropriate definition is: A femboy is a person, typically under the age of 30 years, who is biologically male. However, this person will often present himself in a very feminine manner. This behavior may be exhibited part of the time, or all of the time. Femboys are not to be confused with ladyboys, who are a type of Asian male to female transsexual. Femboys are also different from cross-dressers. Despite being feminine, femboys do not necessarily wear clothing designed for females, but this is very common. The fact that one is a femboy says nothing about one's sexuality. Femboys may be straight, gay, bisexual, pansexual, asexual, or of any other sexuality. It is also not necessarily indicative of one's gender identity. A femboy may still identify as male, or he may wish to be identified as female. However, it is common for femboys to be bigender. In 1960s terms the English model, actress and singer Twiggy was androgenous, early David Bowie was androgenous, A lot of pop singers from the old days were if my research is right.  The only way you will be able to grow is to head out and look. Prok, I suggest you crawl into a realistic sized avatar (182cm tall) do an inworld search for Femboy and head to some of the topmost venues returned in search. You will see the SMB mesh body worn by clear adults and you will see clothing like these middle two ads. Edit: You will also see a lot of Futa avatars, and that will be even more fun to explain than androgeny! OK, I'm not Prok, but I took your suggestion and searched for 'Femboy' and the first search result was "*NEW* Filthy hole - BROTHEL & STRIP CLUB *NEW*" and I'm not going there.
  21. Thank you. I will add that. The Main Tourist Office is now in Cecropia and it has the most information (not much) - the one in Leafminer just has a giant molehill..
  22. Thank you for the kind remarks. So, if no one has found any glaring errors I will go ahead and make a notecard for the Tourist Information Center.
  23. I tried to explain Second Life to a 99-year old and she said "That sound's very nice, but be sure to come back."
  24. I've written a blog article over at http://thesecondlifetourist.blogspot.com about "How Not to Buy Land in Second Life" based on my own expertise and a lot of the things I've read on these forums. I'm hoping if anyone has the time to read it and make corrections before I put it on a notecard to be distributed at one of my Unofficial Tourist Information Offices. Thanks.
  25. I agree with your article in part, but I don't believe in giving bad reviews to freebies because - well, I give out freebies, and I would be crushed if someone told me they thought they weren't very good. I also think that if a merchant gives you an especially nice freebie - something you really like or that you can actually use - you should send a thank-you note.
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