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  1. I decided to try to decorate a traditional home. It's harder than it looks. Most items were from my inventory, or from garage sales. In the kitchen I splurged on a D-Lab refrigerator, but the kitchen cabinets are just textured prims - when I found one of the prims had stuck out into the living room I textured one side and pretended it was a painting. The lean-to greenhouse and freebie gazebo were textured to match the house siding. I got nostalgic and used some Julia Hathor furniture in the bedroom. Trying to decorate made me appreciate what others have done, and hope to do as well myself some day.
  2. Ran into a patch of rough weather in Petticoat - tornado, fog, snow, rain....It drove me batty.
  3. You got me -- it wasn't until I got to "alien abductions" that I did a double-take and realized what day it was. Whew!
  4. I'd been collecting landmarks for interesting places for years before I realized I should rename them to avoid duplication and confusion - now I (try to) start with the region name, some description, then the 'official' landmark' name. Same goes for naming things as you build - keeps you from having an inventory full of "Object"s. I'm glad the jungle regions are back. I have fond memories of doing the first quests. I don't need a lot of high-definition scenary to be happy - sometimes you have to use your imagination* - and the Pioneer Moles had wonderful creativity, imagination, and great senses of humor** *why I still play Minecraft sometimes **not that the current Moles aren't creative, imaginative, and funny***, but they have more pixels to play with. ***which reminds me about the original topic - I swear I saw a region on the map last week named "We Are All Doomed", but now I can't find it.
  5. Awesome! I think you should get another Premium avatar and leave this place as a permanent fixture of Bellisseria.
  6. I confess I am scared - as one of the 'older, immune-compromised' population at greater risk, I feel very vulnerable. More, though, I am frustrated at being house-bound and reflecting on all the things I can't do - I actually wasn't doing many of them before, but now I can't, and it seems worse somehow that all those opportunities were wasted. If I am spared I will do all I can to try to reach my full potential - I promise...(Although I suspect I will slide back into my old inertia...) Looking for good quotes about death I found: "I feel monotony and death to be almost the same." Charlotte Brontë Although, perhaps, Woody Allen's "I'm not afraid of dying, I just don't want to be there when it happens." is more appropriate. I found reading Daniel Defoe's Diary of a Plague Year to be somewhat cheering in a macabre way. Likewise Connie Willis' Domesday Book. I am lucky, we have enough toilet paper for at least a month, I have SL, and the newest Animal Crossing. I find comfort in reading the comments on the forums, and knowing I'm not alone.
  7. "Feted Inner Corps" - (Or "Fetid Inner Corps") - a conspiracy theory that there is a secret group of Second Life Insiders who get special privileges for some reason. If there is such a group, none of them has ever admitted it.
  8. I hope this fixes things http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Squall/187/228/56 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lastness/232/63/30 - Gaeta V http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Calleta/120/152/41 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Basilisk/5/161/22 Basilisk http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lewis/167/176/34 - dwarf sanctuary in Lewis Forest - I found a teaparty not far away http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cascade/137/147/115 - Pod Station
  9. Thank you for the correction. I thought that I had tested all the links before posting, but I'll try again.
  10. Ankh Morpork, part of the Time & Space Region, has always been one of my favorite places. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Time and Space/90/106/301 - As a fan of Sir Terry's Discworld series I enjoy walking the streets of Ankh Morpork and exploring places like The Patrician's Palace and The Brass Bridge. You can even get avatars based on Discworld characters - like CMOT Dibbler! There are other parts of Time and Space accessible through the teleport like Jan's Bazaar and the pleasant Ground level.
  11. I've been putting together a castle complex in Ukanipo from parts I bought and/or collected. I have been having a wonderful time. I love my houseboat in Bellisseria, but I also love being able to just play. The inner castle is from Sanspareil London, stairs and battlements from 'Jammin, bridge parts from Chin Rey, Tudorowen Wine Cellar from Elfico Penso, some doors and a drawbridge from Castle Snegelon (free in Marketplace), cannons from Aley, some textures from Yadni's junkyard, and portcullis from DAT's. Image windlighted.
  12. So, February 26th is "Wear Red" day in the UK? Looks like I might be waiting in the announcement area for a while. Meanwhile, I was looking around for any regions that looked like they might be ready to move in and I just noticed these two regions NW of Terraform Me. Perhaps they have always been there , but I found it odd that they don't have names - even the SSP regions have names.
  13. I went to investigate the 'clue' someone mentioned. If this is a true clue we should be very afraid. And this is the baby. Filters -TOR Subtleties/Pirate's Dream.
  14. I'd like to add that if they had wanted to create Bellisseria as a definite shape, they easily could have done that. I have seen different regions carved in different shapes, but the most beautiful I have seen is "Terraform Me" currently owned by Patch Linden.
  15. Was Bellisseria planned to be a specific shape? I think it depends on how you look at it. I tend to believe that our habit of 'pattern recognition' makes us try to make things make sense and Bellisseria just grew at random. Or, it could be planned to be the shape of a monkey with a tin cup. As for "What will be the theme of the next residences?" I looked at the new regions' names and thought I saw a few that seemed to refer to merpeople. I looked around for regions that seemed to be being seascaped (rather than landscaped) and couldn't find any - but perhaps those ice islands are covering something? I also wondered if the fact that the western extension seemed to be gradually rising meant that we would have snowy mountains in the future. I visited the current snowlands in Anton and found that (Second Life being what it is) you could have land with snow textures from as low as 90. And lastly - there is a new region called "Blueberry Patch" - could that mean the next residences will be big thickets?
  16. I've been in SL, off and on, for several years and I had heard about Sansar, but never visited, because I'm a Mac person. Anyway, I had been reading a lot about Sansar lately, so I decided to visit - spent several hours there last night, and went back again this morning, so now I am obviously an expert and entitled to give you my personal opinion.... The Cons: You can't get there on a Macintosh. I had to ask my son to build me a PC and hook it up to the monitor I use for Wii and Switch before I could visit. Sansar has been around for several years now, why is it only for PC users? Doesn't LL understand that there are people using other systems? The beginner avatars are not very attractive. The entry area, The Nexus, is all Tron-like, with futuristic metal and glowing blue neon and I hated it. Also the greeting avatar was a bit creepy, and there only seemed to be one of him to go around so sometimes I had to wait to get another quest. Initial navigation was by keyboard strokes - I have been using SL navigation so long it took me a while to figure out how to walk... I did not get a 'sense of place' - you teleported through 'scenes' that were each their own separate worlds. Apparently scenes could be up to 4096 by 4096 but they did not connect at the edges so there was not a real map, just a menu. The goat wouldn't let me in the door at the freebie place. You don't seem to be able to build with prims, and the instructions for making and importing objects reminded me how bad I am at using Blender. The Pros: The body and the clothing were easy to customize and I liked the idea that you were limited to five items of clothing. The avatar moved very well. No duck walk. You can make your own worlds and decide whether to make them public or not. Placing and re-sizing objects was not difficult. Visual quality of builds was excellent. Part of this was achieved by the fact that the scene loaded before you landed - I kept wishing SL looked like some of the places I visited. My avatar seemed to be able to move past things without getting stuck under something. You get a free 'home' that you can customize, or you can make your own worlds. It was good to see familiar names like Loki, Reid Parkin, Chic Aeon, and Moya on the destination guides. The Learning Experience was pretty straight forward, and in some ways reminded me of the initial tasks in games like Harvest Moon. The animations and visuals were top notch and maintained my interest, even though I'm a bit 'look a squirrel!'.. By the time I had finished all the available quests I had gotten relatively good at walking, running, jumping, and teleporting. Neutral: The Store did not have as much variety as The Marketplace, and it did not give as much information on products; however, it was easy to navigate. In buying something from a photo that ended up looking tacky I wasted most of my quest-earned Sansar dollars. I should have gone to the store in person. There is no sex in Sansar (that I know of), but if I know humans, they will figure something out...There was the usual scrum of avatars hanging around the entry point. Sansar and Second Life are obviously entirely separate things. I believe that Sansar is a great resource for game designers, because they can create their own worlds and experiences. Graphics and avatar customization are great, and I think would be world class for recreating places like museums, or educational places. Now I'm going back to SL to build something ugly with prims.
  17. Lindal Kidd teaches a "How to Buy Land" class that is excellent, and you can ask her questions after the lecture. I recommend it highly. If you want to know "How Not to Buy Land", I've made every mistake in the book and I wrote a long article at https://thesecondlifetourist.blogspot.com/2016/07/draft-how-not-to-buy-real-estate-in_79.html .
  18. This is a great example of how one of the first educational centers in virtual reality used Second Life to show residents what it might be like to experience an earthquake, or to visit the interior of a volcano. You can also find out what it might be like to ride a space elevator or take part in a dozen other activities - all designed to make learning fun. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bowness/91/147/32
  19. Daniel Voyager just reported an extension on the lower east side of Belli. I went to look and it appears as if it could be extended in possibly three directions, with hills or mountains starting to show up at the farthest east point. I can't wait to see what happens!
  20. These two private regions were created by Cheyenne Palisades and she has generously made them open to the public. Over the years, she and her partner Sweetie have worked to bring the landscaping to perfection. This is a a wonderful example of what just a few people can achieve, and I always find something to inspire, astonish, or amuse me. The beauty extends from underwater to high in space - but at every turn the humorous touches make this place unique. Be sure to read the signs and pick up the notes and handbooks available at different locations. If you just put "Whimsy Kaboom" or "Kaboom" into your Second Life map you may arrive in the water, but that is just one of the many surprises you will find on your visit. If you want to try for a dry landing, just use one of the Slurls below. A destination board. Nearby are directions to places like the Robot Sanitarium and Earth Orbit http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Whimsy/16/108/33 This takes you to solid ground, near a directory of some of the many activities available. Turn around and you'll find a directory of other destinations, like the Robot Sanitarium or Earth Orbit. You can control the volcano from the viewing platform: Slurl : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Whimsy/34/57/60 Bob the Paleolithic Drinking Bird is one of the oldest objects here. Slurl: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Whimsy/101/44/30 Beauty, and danger, but I think the touches of humor make this destination unique. Be sure to read the signs and pick up the notecards. Have fun! Note: You can pick up a notecard with Landmarks (rather than Slurls) at the Unofficial Tourist Information Center in Ukanipo.
  21. If this is a community market area, does anyone have any idea how a resident could get a stall?
  22. I like the idea of having fixed sizes for parcels. I also would agree with a stipulation that these parcels not be split down into smaller portions to save tier. Imagine if a RL homeowner said "I'm tired of paying taxes on that 10 x 50 spot in my back yard, I'm going to abandone it and let the City take care of it."
  23. The Northeast Linden Home Continent was originally called Nascera or Nacera, but is now usually called the Eastern Premium Continent. Although the four Linden Homes Regions are pretty much clones, Nascera has some extra areas to explore, like Cape Ekim. The 'underground temple' is actually the end of a short quest that starts when you find a note on the ground in one of the park areas.
  24. I have a houseboat I got on the second day Bellisseria was open. I enjoy the community there, and I can sail quite a distance from my dock. I do worry that there is a very small contingent of Bellisserians who complain about "those crazy neighbors" on the forums and who may some day decide my sea serpent does not conform to 'community standards'. I also have a small parcel in Ukanipo for my Unofficial Tourist Information Office (which is on a sky platform). Right now I am working on landscaping at ground level. Here my worry is that a lot of the Region is for sale, and I have no idea who my new neighbors will be. I already have more tier expenses than I can really afford, seeing as my RL rent has just gone up, but if I had a significant increase in RL finances I would buy more Mainland.
  25. Corrected map. I will also be replacing the map I had on the Marketplace. Hope there are no more mistakes!
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