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  1. Richie Kanto wrote: Yes... and let's add there should be a law against putting trash on a parcel next to someone's nice build (and don't tell me about one man's trash is another's treasure... we've all seen how people ruin land value just so someone will buy them off the parcel). There should be a law against LL creating more and more land, which just ruins the value of land already existing and sitting empty on the grid. There should be a law against LL taking weeks or even months to respond to tickets asking that objects overhanging your land are removed when the other land owner refuses to even respond to nice requests to do so (or is no longer around in SL). There should be a law against grieving SIMs just to make them lag and crash... then endlessly being able to change to different alts when finally after days have passed of having "fun" at everyone's expense you finally get your account suspended. There should be a law that says LL should follow their own rules, and not decide all of a sudden to make up a rule that allows them to sell to someone else a Linden road (protected land) that used to go to your property until they sold it to a private individual so he could shut it down and have it end on his/her parcel. And these are just minor annoyances... how about a law against LL destroying the marketplace with misguided and counter productive "fixes", or a law against charging for "tier" at a rate many times that of other grids, or a law against charging different people different prices, then keeping it a secret from everyone and denying you have a preferential "atlas program" in existence at all? and sure... there might actually be laws or TOS rules against some of this... guess there should be a law that says laws should be enforced and not arbitrary. Good luck with that one. I agree. I live in the hope that things will be better in the future.
  2. SinfulPrince wrote: ... For me, had I done what you're describing, it would have been to create SPACE between parcel "a" and parcel "b". For my opinion, I feel like LL should have orchestrated it that way themselves. Just my .02 I agree that having a bit of space between you and your neighbors makes a nicer environment. I think that is why a lot of people prefer land bordered by 'protected' maintenance land, roads, or water. The first piece of property I bought was a 1024 rectangle that was protected on three sides. I always regret that I traded it to a realtor, because she promptly split it into two skinny 512 parcels - I'm assuming to maximize profits. I think that is why I am so sensitive to 'micro-splits'. ("This cake serves 24 people, but you have to cut it with a lazer.") What is a good distance between properties? Road width? River width? What other ways are there to avoid feeling claustrophobic on a small plot of land? I know people build skyboxes, or put 'landscape murals' around their property, but I guess I'm old-fashioned - I like to build on the ground with a view of what is actually around me, for better or worse. I'm thinking that when I get all the 16-meter bits together, I can sell it as a small racetrack.... "Restore the Mainland. Buy my property."
  3. Are some property owners subdividing the land around them into unusable parcels and then abandoning them to reduce tier but discourage new neighbors? Perhaps I have a suspicious mind, but I visited several sims today where there were some older occupied properties surrounded by a lot of smaller parcels that all seemed to have been abandoned on the same day. Not to give anyone ideas. If this is deliberate it is uncouth. This is sorta like the guy who takes the middle of two parking spaces for one car, or the person who sprawls across two seats on a crowded bus. For example, one of these properties was a 512 parcel surrounded by a larger parcel that had been split into 55 smaller pieces that were each on their own pretty much worthless. Surrounding the occupied 512 were four 192's and a 1024 that seemed to have been split into four pieces* separated by the 192's. Surrounding those was a ring of 52 16-meter parcels, and that in turn was surrounded by a 960 "donut"-shaped parcel. I was feeling particularly curmudgeonly today, so I bought as many of the 16-meter parcels as I could afford, rejoined them, and planted mushrooms. When I am rich or have more tier I hope to buy all of the 55 pieces, re-join them, and then subdivide them into usable parcels, for what it is worth. I realize that part of the problem could be that tier is too high, and the way it is calibrated it is tempting to chop off a small piece of land to avoid going into a higher tier bracket. If you look at the abandoned land for sale you will see that a certain amount of it is little bits and pieces that you can't do much with. I don't know if changing the tier system at this late date would help much. *I really can't figure out how someone did that, but when I clicked "about land" the 1024 showed as four separate parcels.
  4. Thank you. I will look for the Mental Mentors. Don't know if I can be a lot of help, but I can try.
  5. I was lucky enough to find the Virtual Abilities Welcome Center right off, and I also went through the learner's path at Caledon Oxbridge. Many absolute strangers have offered valuable help and advice. The Forum has been invaluable. The Caledon Quest taught me about maneuvering my camera, and I've taken many classes at different locations (The people who offer their time as instructors should be sainted), but I'm still learning. I would like to help other new people, but it is awkward to know how to go about it. If anyone has a good plan I would be glad to get involved.
  6. I love exploring and seeing what people have created: from one prim, to an avatar, to a continent. After five months I am still amazed every time I am here. I also feel a great sadness, sometimes, when I have tried to track down the maker of something I saw while I was travelling, and find that the artist has seemingly left Second Life for good. I have followed slurls that landed me in vacant lots; or gotten the message "that location is no longer there". In a way, though, that makes me have a greater appreciation for what still IS here. You could say that Second Life is like a garden of flowers that bloom and fades. Let us tend our gardens. Or you could say that "Second Life is the Gateway to the Metaverse". But I am not ready to begin packing. I'm waiting until they get "those other places" both as perfect as Second Life, and cheaper.
  7. Just wanted to comment: I don't think we should assume that because something is "as big as a house" that it is going to be causing a sandbox to lag. I've been working on a house for a 512 parcel and I've taken it to a sandbox so that I have room to move around. Even when I tried adding a fourth floor it was less than 40 prims and five scripts. I often see people working on much larger houses. I don't see taking your house with you and rezzing it for a while on a sandbox as a capitol offense....In fact, I think it shows a certain ingenuity.
  8. I don't usually do reviews on any worlds unless an item/experience has been very positive or very negative. I do wish it was easier to add comments to Marketplace items like "Thank you for the great service!" or "This $50 item is a freebie at Yadni's.".... Like many of you, I tend to shop inworld before going to the Marketplace, but I will order things through the Marketplace from merchants I know and trust.
  9. Banlines set up at the very edge of waterway and roadways, which give you a micro-second warning and then eject and freeze you. I ran into one of those the other day when I was gong down a river, and when I complained, the owner called me "uncivilized." (She was correct that I DO have a lot to learn, but I still don't understand, since she had quite a large parcel, why she couldn't have moved her banlines in a few feet). If I had run into that banline during my first days in SL I might well not have come back. As it is, I can understand why some estate owners do not allow them. Just venting. For now I don't have banlines up anywhere. Yes, the occasional newb drops in, but most of them are polite and I try to be courteous, because I know how confusing it is here at first*. If they are not polite, then I can just add them to the ban list, which is very short. Just venting. *still confused, but I'm making mistakes at a much higher level now. Ever had one of those moments when you attach a shutter to a window, and when you try it the house revolves?.........
  10. How do I find out the names of the rivers on the Mainland?
  11. Thanks for the links to the previous threads - they were hilarious! One of the reasons I love SL is that there are so many wonderful and creative people here who are willing to share their talent. But anyway, someone asked if this was a 'movie star' bot - I'm not sure what that means, but I found another one recently and she(?) and her sister both are wearing Amici hair that belongs to a traffic group. Here are the photos. (Thats me in the blue - or at least the me I was this morning). On public beach on Garam water access land. On Linden Land in Axel. Now the question I would ask them (If they would respond) is "Are you a GOOD bot, or a BAD bot?" It was late at night when I finished reading the threads but I don't remember anyone saying flat out what they are or what their purpose was. The only commonality I can see with the two are that they are on or near sims with relatively large numbers of abandoned land parcels. Are they real estate bots? (The ones I hear that rush in and buy your land when you inadvertently list it for $0 thinking to transfer it to a friend). If they are just going to be sitting somewhere, I can think of a much better placement - you could use them like sandbags or buoys to mark the places near Linden Road or Linden waters where there are ban lines on the property along the borders. While the ban lines can be hard to see, I think most people would swerve to avoid driving over or sailing into a young lady.... 
  12. If you search the forums there are great threads about "how to make money in Second Life Real Estate". I would like to add to that: The people who are currently earning significant amounts of money in Real Estate are most likely working really hard, and they have to have good knowledge and skills. If you enjoy the hunt for "good land" and like to take a bit of a gamble, turning land around in SL can be a great hobby, but don't give up your day job.... Sak vid pa kanp. An empty sack can't stand up. - Haitian proverb
  13. Thank you. I had seen bots before, but hadn't made the connection. Now, if I sell the property can I describe it as 'haunted'? Sa ki pa touye ou, li angrese ou. That which doesn't kill you makes you fat. Haitian proverb
  14. I bought a small piece of abandoned property in Axel. There is Linden Maintenance Land on three sides and a nice view - also a larger parcel in the neighborhood claimed to be owned by one of the Lindens. The mystery? Every time I teleport to the place what looks like the avatar of a young lady materializes on the Linden Maintenance Land in front of my property, and then sits down in a yoga position on the other side of the property line facing me. The avatar has a profile that seems to belong to a real person, but the avatar does not respond. I know I could just put a small structure in front of her materialization site, but I'm curious to know what she is. Any help would be appreciated. Dye mon, gen mon. Beyond the mountains, more mountains.
  15. I'm sorry, I've already sent off the puppy and the kitten. "(
  16. Free: The catch is that you have to buy food or they get sick and/or run away. When they are old enough, I think you can have them fixed so they don't need to eat anymore, but that costs money, too. I am keeping the parents of the kitten, but I don't want to turn into "The Cat Hoarder of Second Life." Anyway, the kitten is the offspring of my "free" SL Birthday boy kitten, and a girl kitten I bought to keep him company. Here are the details which I think translate as "nothing special".... [00:00] KittyCats - Annabelle: http://kittycats.biz ▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼ ♀ Annabelle ҉ 4 days ♥ 0% ☺ 70% ☪↯ 16% 모☁ 2% Fur: Genesis - Diamond II Eyes: Beach Blue (Shape: Curious | Pupil: Small) Shade: Natural Tail: Genesis Ears: Genesis Whiskers: Silver (Shape: Guitar) Size: 31 cm (12.2 inch) Version: 1.22 Owner: Rufferta Resident ID: 889d0ea1-8977-cd4c-edce-b713aff863c7 〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓 MOM: Desdemona Fur: Genesis - Diamond II Eyes: Genesis Meadow (Shape: Curious | Pupil: Big) Shade: Natural Tail: Genesis Ears: Genesis Whiskers: Silver (Shape: Guitar) DAD: Feliz hApPy biRtHdaY! - SL9B Fur: Genesis - Domino II Eyes: Genesis Water (Shape: Curious | Pupil: Big) Shade: Natural Tail: Genesis Ears: Genesis Whiskers: Silver (Shape: Guitar) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲ The puppy is the Steampunk version of the Amaretto Dog which was being sold to raise money at the Relay for Life. I haven't unboxed him yet, but after reading the instructions I decided that I had enough mouths to feed already. Just IM or notecard Rufferta Resident if you are interested. I'm sort of new at this, but I think I can transfer both the kitten and the puppy. Thanks!
  17. I'm looking for mythical creatures for a refuge(zoo?) I'm building in Mocha. I've found great dragons, unicorns, jackelopes, bullfrogs (horned toads), soot sprites, giant spiders, and tree spirits, but I would like to have more variety and wonder if anyone here could recommend anything. Also willing to pay a modest amount for a low-prim, low-script kappa, to start with. Rufferta Resident
  18. I'm not sure what skills you already have, but I have been quite happy with the self-paced classes at Happy Hippo. The beginning classes are free, and there are some inexpensive boxed classes that come with supplies and instructions to build very basic structures. There is usually someone at the site to help if you get stuck at any point, and if you join the group, you can ask questions in chat. I haven't built anything very elaborate yet, but I'm learning.
  19. Just as a point of interest. One of the parcels that had the blue griefer balls on it was apparently abandoned fairly recently. This morning I checked and the 512 parcel was being offered by Lindens for $512Lindens. This afternoon a real estate agent has a sign on it offering the land for $14,998. Strange.
  20. Thank you both. I am taking a deep breath and chanting "Ignore, block, mute" as my current mantra. The blue globes are now gone, and I can go on to making a mess on my own.
  21. I recently bought a piece of land in Mocha at auction so that I would have more room to play with terraforming. Almost immediately, things started falling out of the sky. I've got object return on, so they don't stay long, but some of my neighbors don't have return set, and the objects collect on the edges of the property, and hang up in the air. First it was plywood squares, then colored spheres, then bouncey green things, and now it is blue spheres with "Anonymous - we do it because we can" and the 'V for Vendetta' logo. So far there have been seven 'bomb runs' in the last week that I know of, and I've made four abuse reports, but it doesn't seem to do any good. The original objects' profiles showed the creator was someone who had been in Second Life for four years and whose name I've seen on several 'block' lists. The more recent ones show a creator whose name I can't find in search, and I don't know whether he or she is part of a group, or whether just the same person with a new name. I suppose with all the talented creative people in SL, some may turn to the bad. Any suggestions?
  22. This is the photo SL charged me $10L to download, & I'm gonna use it........ This property in historic Green is protected on three sides by Maintenance Land. Moderate terraforming* allowed. I've bought a larger parcel in Mocha, and need to sell this to reduce tier. Please feel free to visit, even if you aren't interested in buying. *+/-40 terraforming. This is more than you would be able to do on most Mainland, but less than if you had control of an island. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Green/249/212/23 This was earlier listed with a "freebie" building on it, but I decided it looked better plain.
  23. Yes, that's expensive. Please feel free to drop in and look around and see why I think it is worth it. The door mat will give you a notecard with more detailed information. As an experiment, I tried furnishing the whole thing in freebies. Everything on the property (with the exception of the cat and the mat) were obtained from freebie sources like Yadni's or the Bazaar at Stillman. You can see what can be done with a relatively small parcel. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Green/225/201/23
  24. This is for merchants who still maintain virtual stores in SL. I realize this is presumptuous, as I am a newbie and all, but after visiting a lot of shops in the last few weeks (both as part of a hunt, and for buying things for myself) I found a lot of things that irritated me and detracted from my shopping experience. I'm hoping that pointing these things out may help some one else who is just starting out. First off, I use the Marketplace as a starting point. I will search for something, and then look for a line that says "See this in Second Life". I also do a profile check when I find articles in SL that I like, and search from that. After a few unfortunate purchases, I will not buy something from someone who is does not have a 'virtual brick and virtual mortar' store. Even if the store doesn't have enough room to display everything, at least they are showing they feel connected to SL. I have also found that there are some great stores in SL that don't advertise on the Marketplace. First off, choose a low-lag location. I don't have a magic ball to tell you how to do this, I just know that if I have been in a store for over five minutes and everything is still grey, I probably won't stay. Second, be sure that your store can be found under search. I've found several instances where the store name as displayed on the store and on the merchandise doesn't match. If I'm just wandering through a neighborhood and see your store, it would be nice if a sign outside would give some clue as to what was being sold. (If I go inside and I still don't know, you're in trouble...) Teleport directions. Have you checked yours lately? If you have changed the terrain or the building, you might need to check the teleport location on your advertising. Enough said? After your prospective customer has landed, will he be able to find the front door? Glass doors in buildings with glass windows should especially be marked. :) A greeter is nice, but a "robo greeter has given you a landmark and wants you to join the group" before you are even in the door, or repeated more than once, is annoying. Is your space set up so that your customer can move around and maintain a calm sense of body ownership? Some examples: store fixtures oversized so that customers feel like Alice in Wonderland unless that was your intention); merchandise packed together so tightly that an avatar can't 'walk around' (One store was not only cluttered, but had merchandise stacked in front of the doors. While I was outside using my camera to see things, a number of customers dropped in and hovered just below the ceiling - guess they'd been there beore). Another store had gaping holes in the floor and falling beams - help! Teleports in large stores are great, just make sure they work. Twice last week I found stores with one-way teleports to another floor, but no way back. Display of items on sale: You don't have to put absolutely everything on a separate display board - the menus with arrows work fine, just make sure each board says what it is for "Women's clothes", for example. Have some rezzed versions of your product. Demos of clothing, hair, and skin are great. If you are selling houses, a teleport to at least one model is good. PRODUCT INFORMATION: (My greatest complaint). Please display the price! I went to one store that not only did not display the price, but insisted that you buy a gift certificate before trying to purchase. A superior description of the product would state: The number of prims; The footprint; The materials used (mesh, prim, megaprim?) As well as copy/modify/transfer. Make the information readable. I love SL! I am constantly amazed at the creativity and talent displayed in the community, and I am more overjoyed than annoyed, so please don't take my comments to mean I am unhappy. The things I am pointing out are in the minority. Most of the shops are wonderful. I am now going shopping.
  25. You are all quite right, I should not have acted in haste and I am sorry. I thought I had finished most of my "stumbling around" in SL, but I guess I still have a lot to learn. I have edited the post, and flown over to the neighbor to IM them asking them if they could tone down the signage. I also figured out that if I re-orient my house a few degrees and put in a large tree I won't have to look at them. Oh well.
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