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  1. What strikes me about the topic of this thread is 1) The original poster's contention that people should be forced to spend more time in SL. Not only that, but that extra time should gain nothing for the time spent. 2) The original poster's emphasis on status and status symbols. This is particularly noticeable if you've been reading comments on YouTube the last day, which are full of bots and bot heads lauding and cursing the fact that billionaires can afford things that only billionaires can afford. Ooh, shocking. This is just another tentacle of a multi-platform social influencing campaign by some agency of some nation that has a large portion of its populace making a living on the internet, one where status symbols are important, one that believes in bombarding people with advertising, one that doesn't quite grok a concept like free will.
  2. I wasn't sophisticated enough yet to pick up if there were subtle suggestions of LGBTQ, but in the 1970s when people asked "Why are they all white men and blonde women?" the answer was "If not, the Southern sponsors will boycott." Apparently Southern sponsors were/are very powerful, although I wonder if boycotts would really have been significantly injurious. By the 1980s there was subtle advertising for "and those who aren't in the model husband-wife-2.5 kids situation". There's an account on YouTube (RwDt09) that assembles compilations of title sequences to old U.S. TV shows. The shows that are supposed to take place in Texas or Louisiana stick out like a sore thumb because everyone looks the same. Where *was* mid-century modern, anyway? I can't think of any places synonymous with it.
  3. I can never remember the name of that Linden house type, I just call it "university" or "student housing". I can remember the names of the other three just fine. If LL replicates the style but not that feel of "school days" in the area between the homes, I wonder how many people will say "Meh, there's something not-right about it"? * Hm, another thing: Bellisseria houses tend to have eight or four models. I've always wondered how many models there are of the old Linden housing. Some of them are in groups too, which I remember appealed greatly to people who were friends or relatives in real life and hoped to share a group of homes in Linden housing. No idea if any succeeded, but they were eager to roll the dice.
  4. Several people in these forums in the last two years have sought an old Linden home because they wanted to, not because there was no new housing available. I wonder if LL should keep one of the old Linden home continents for a long time which has all four housing types? They could funnel everyone who wants one into just it. I expect there are a few people who can give very good reasons why they ought to be able to continue to obtain a home there. I just thought of one: Lower land allowance means less lag from the neighbors.
  5. In the last year I've seen two regions move, one by one grid square, one a long distance, but my LMs for them still work. The first few days they may not, but after that a landmark works as if nothing changed.
  6. That's because the makers of goods have decreed that we can no longer wear each other's clothes. Pre-mesh we could sculpt our bodies to look like we wanted and wear any clothes we wanted if we were able to put the work into tweaking a copy to fit however we wanted to look today. Now we have to accept a narrow band of stereotyped clothing and stereotyped body proportions or hunt the old stores for what we really want--or be shut out. And often be shut out *because* we insist on wearing what we really want. A person has to be pretty artistic or pretty stubborn to continue to do things their way in the face of such exclusivity.
  7. Extending Sid Nagy's metaphor, remember silver tarnishes. Too many posts in this thread remind me of when TV shows I've liked got popular. New enthusiasts would flood the forums and executive mailboxes, "This show is great. And don't you think it would be ever so much better if it was like this other show I used to watch but I don't any more?" And soon the show would be *un*popular because the original audience had left in disgust and the new audience had moved on to trying to influence some other show. * When people ask me what Second Life is or what I do with it, I say "It's a platform. You can do all sorts of things. I really like that." But I'm not aware of any articles or blogs that see it like that.
  8. I tour it all and play with most of it, and it takes me the whole two and a half weeks. I don't seem to have the difficulties people have been complaining about despite a supposedly below average computer, but then by necessity I'm accustomed to periodic re-logs, avoiding texture cache overruns and recognizing when I'm in danger of a viewer crash. I do the Birthday with a 56m draw distance and one of the system avatars I change into specifically for these big events.
  9. In the days of MS-DOS, having too many items in the root directory would slow processing to a crawl. People generally knew not to have more than 200 files and sub-directories listed in the system root directory, but this was true even for the root directory of a storage diskette that contained no system files. People got in the habit of making a few general directory names in the root directory and storing the bulk of their stuff deeper in the directory tree. Running counter to that habit later, Microsoft Windows 9x onwards had the problem that all those directory names are part of the name of the file and there's a limit to how long a filename can be. "Why won't my computer let me Save As?" "Are you trying to put the document inside many nested folders with long names?"
  10. Was Campwich Lodge ever cloned and done out in snow? I've been seeing a ghost region on the map.
  11. Turn it upside down and it looks like a fat cat seen from behind. I noticed when this topic started that Gaeta I, II, III, IV resemble an arm and hand giving a thumbs up, or hitching a ride.
  12. LL tries to limit keyword spam by limiting how many characters we are allowed in the keyword field. In general it's a good solution. I see two problems with the proposed alternative right off. If I want to see what pinky purple asteracea suitable for putting both outdoors and indoors are available on Marketplace, 1) People disagree on what's purple and what's pink, and where fuchsia, magenta, and red fit in. Checkboxes will work badly for that. This is an example of the inventory problem of people confusing where they think things should go with actually *finding* them again to use them. 2) I had to choose "asteracea" for this example because the flower I'm thinking of could be a chamomile, a daisy, a chicory, a marigold.... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Asteraceae#/media/File:Asteracea_poster_3.jpg That's just not practical for checkboxes. Not that the current system is better. After I've optimistically tried more specific terms, I have to go to the "Home and Garden" category and wade through 800 pages of "purple flower" or "pink flower" under "Landscaping > Flowers and Plants" (the category they're best organized in), "Greenhouse", "Decor > Cut Flowers and Potted Plants", and "Other Home and Garden" hoping something will be suitable.
  13. I would love to be involved in a project to improve Marketplace categories. Breedable plants, for example, currently can be in several categories. That's fine if you're looking for a particular brand, but discouraging if you're just looking for exotic plants to decorate with. My assessment is that on the whole the Marketplace is well organized and titled, but it's very difficult to narrow searches sufficiently to find out if anyone has a particular sort of thing you'd like to find. It's not like real life where you can go to a shop specializing in the category and *ask*. "I'd like 1" dancing shoes in nude with a strap, something like character shoes." Good luck with that. We need a place where problems with Marketplace searches can be listed so we can see them in greater context, and a place where people can discuss how to solve them. There are several problems with attempting to have discussion about organization. One is a lot of people don't grasp the difference between where they think an item should go and where they would actually *look* for it--you see this a lot in inventory discussions. Another is sloppy thinking--"I call it X so it should be called X even though it's a non-indicative term". Another is people just throwing in random complaints--this thread, for example, has a few good discussions interspersed with unhelpful, unclear, or inaccurate comments. Here's my unhelpful, unclear, or inaccurate random comment: Wouldn't it be nice if there was a checkbox to *not* search shop names and avatar names? "beardeddude07" problem solved.
  14. The catalog slide shows of the shopping guide only scratch the surface, depicting two items from each shop. Useful for catching the eye or reminding you of the name of a place you'd forgotten, but merely a taste of what's for sale at Fantasy Faire. The page has to fully load before the slides become viewable. This page at the website links to a list of blog posts the writers have self-reported. There are no dates in the list, but it does include the topic of the post and brands featured: https://fantasyfairesl.wordpress.com/blog-posts-2021/
  15. Oh, *now* I know what MB means. * "QA Vault" is a name almost artistic in its plainness.
  16. Of the avatars whose height I bother with, my female avatars range from 1.60 to 1.69m, and my male is 1.80m. * Calling 1.75m "short" seems like weighting the scales. For a real life human male that's on the high side of average.
  17. As far as I know Alli&Ali is still making fully modifiable ones.
  18. A continent detector script is how I got a feel for the world when I was new. I was always thinking "But where *am* I in this world?" I think I found the script in the Second Life wiki, and used it to make a script in the backpack Female Student has in the inventory Library. Every time I teleported: "You are in Corsica." "You are in Sansara." "You are in the Western Ocean." etc. If you don't use a Library item, be sure to put the script in a *copy*. You don't want to permanently alter the original item.
  19. Prokofy Neva's comparison is apt. Some wealthy guys decided to see if they could influence the stock market and found that they could. But it caused such a big effect it triggered safeties. They are claiming those safeties shouldn't apply to them, because, er, rules shouldn't apply to people like them. Sound familiar?
  20. Wish I could figure out why embedding never works for me here. "Everybody Rejoice" from "The Wiz" motion picture: https://www.youtube.com/embed/zy8dUJEOqos
  21. It was 2011. I remember in June people without adult verification were complaining they couldn't enter one of the Steelhead regions for a particular hunt stop. At that time SL required a form of ID for the proof. Then sometime between September and December someone mentioned in one of my groups that they were now taking people's word for it, and for weeks people who had just heard about it went stampeding to the main site to verify in case LL changed the policy again!
  22. The finale of Bugsy Malone sets the feet a-tapping. Unfortunately the only YouTube clip (I checked six) that gives context has a squashed picture and compressed sound, is only 480p, and the auto-subtitling is awful, so I considered just not posting a URL. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sA_0cvd1EUM
  23. I never noticed before: Remove the pool and you have the saloon on a 19th century American paddle steamer.
  24. I remember a similar discussion in the forum a couple years ago. Fundamentally, you're arguing that SL's continents need more biomes than "granite", "green grassland", "coastal", and "underwater". Plus "snow" in Sansara.
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