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  1. I can't even guess at the other one, but this one looks like a rezzing gone wrong. The rez box didn't put it all together for some reason. The person may not know what to do about it, especially if they panicked and deleted the rez box or clicked a menu button that killed the scripts or something.
  2. LibGwen


    Ambassador Kosh has been a busy boy today. ~*~*The talks are over for the day. We shall commence again tomorrow at the hour of longing. *~*~
  3. These pictures rather give the lie to the oft repeated claim that the old Linden Homes are "dated" and "ugly". (Even the video that first advertised Bellisseria jumps on the bandwagon.) The homes aren't frumpy, it's the uninspiring environments they're often in. Look at Raspberry Crystal's picture a few posts above this. Just adding more trees randomly to break up the public spaces would probably make a world of difference.
  4. LibGwen


    My first thought was "ski lift", lol.
  5. LibGwen


    I hadn't looked at the area in months so I don't know how recent it is. And I haven't had time to go there and see who's doing it. But have you noticed what's going on in Iridium region in Sansara?
  6. I had to stop reading this thread. It's amazing how hard some people work to make sure the Second Life experience is as terrifying and unpleasant as possible.
  7. LibGwen


    Hobbles off to find a track of Frank Hayes' "When I Was a Boy" on YouTube.... Oh, hey, Tom Smith. Yeah, that'll do.
  8. Koinup ( http://www.koinup.com/ ) perhaps. But it's been years since I did more than log in, upload a picture, and log out again, so I can't make any comments on its current upsides, downsides, and limits. I remember the search menu had some quirks.
  9. - Circuit la Corse has a bridge in Fishers Rest which is too narrow even for microcars. You either need to know where to turn off before you get there or get out and walk or teleport to the next rez zone. - In much of Sansara continent, rez zones in the road are rare, so you have to look for resident-made rez zones alongside. - When I was very new I found Jeogeot continent congenial for learning to drive because some of its rez zones are not at region borders. Some have lay-bys too.
  10. I just realized my trick is the same as Soto Hax's. Never mind! Oh well, here it is rephrased: Using the World menu, I change to Sunset then change to Region Default. The WindLight then looks fine in the places I've been going lately. If it didn't, I would try the same trick starting with a different first time of day. The day advances normally after that even if I walk into another region. But if I *teleport* or set to any other time of day or WindLight, I have to do the same two steps to make the region's WindLight look good again.
  11. LibGwen


    Hm. And just the other day I wrote "There are no deserts in Mainland." It's plausible: Desert, 19th century, and post-apocalyptic neighborhoods? Or I suppose all three: living in railcars in a post-apocalyptic desert. 😉
  12. Try searching for "wear" and "add" instead. I have my wearables sequestered in a folder called "Objects you wear" and my vehicles are split into "wear" and "rez" folders. * I have a wonderful wearable scooter and unicycle from Kurenai Motorcycle. Unfortunately I think they're out of business. Resizable. The scooter can fold up and go on your shoulder, and it converts to a hover scooter for crossing water.
  13. I've been traveling the roads of Second Life lately, and some posts I've read in the land forums suggested to me that some land shoppers wish they knew more about the characteristics of the mainland continents: Where to go for the kind of "feel" they'd like? Few people have a sense of Second Life geography; the world is just a series of landmarks to them, and for various reasons they don't want to take the time to find out. The question is where can people look for that sort of information? The first page of this thread had several comments about roads and terrain, so this seemed a good thread to ask. I'd be happy to make posts somewhere for a few weeks of my observations from the road until some other project takes my attention. But I'm not a photographer. And these would be *road* observations, no help for people who want to shut themselves away, who should be teleporting to the empty spaces far from the roads to look at parcels. There's also an irony: The emptier the land, the simpler it is to describe, so the duller the post. A thread dedicated solely to such a topic would be boring.
  14. Given some comments in this thread yesterday, I was struck by a thought: I remember looking at an article a few years ago that purported to be about refurbishing train cars into houses. The article didn't deliver, but in SL people were so excited about the "tiny homes" models of campers at the SL16B demo area, it occurred to me that train cars might make a nice theme for tiny homes in SL for people who like smaller spaces. I Googled "train house" images and spent some time oohing and ahhing.
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