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  1. My two cents: In the banner at the top of the forum and blog pages, I noticed it at once. "Ow, my eyes!" (Intense shades of blue hurt my eyes.) "How many fingers was that?" (For some reason I think it has too many fingers.) And "It's noticeably non-human. They've widened it." (Before it was "an eye which is a hand". Now it's "a wide hand with an eye in it.") On the white page of the blog, I have no problem with the color and it doesn't seem like it has too many fingers. Go figure. Still looks like a gorilla handprint first and an eye second. On the whole I'm skeptical there's a difference to most people. They changed the color, the new hand is wider in ways big and small, and "SECOND" is bigger.
  2. I feel a sudden urge to play Myst.
  3. My speed at fumbling for an emergency LM has never improved. I need at least thirty seconds to realize I'm not where I intended and find the right thing to double-click. Some people see that as weak, and they attack weak people. There's no negative feedback for them, but of course there is for the person they attack. The brave persevere, the rest tell their friends how awful Second Life is. When I was a newbie, people were always giving me LMs, and there were newbie programs, and money trees, and blogs, none of which could be kept perfectly updated. Even hunts have a 10% attrition, and they're about as current as destination lists get. I landed in empty land or canals between parcels several times a week, and sometimes people's yards, and one time an atmospheric castle which I never did figure out if it was the store I was l looking for or not. I remember one store which was still there but I arrived out of sight of it. If the owner hadn't noticed me, I might not have found it. It wasn't always a teleport reroute, sometimes I was just put in the wrong place. Half the time there was no one around or I'd been bumped into a canal, so I had time to figure out that the place I was looking for was nearby or had moved to another region or gone, but almost as often I got sent home or cursed at or shot into the air, which quite ruins one's enthusiasm for shopping. It's very bad for business. When you have time to look for a place and find it, you might be in a celebratory mood. You may muster the courage to walk out the front door (if there is one) and see what else is in the area. But when you arrive somewhere and you get slammed and you can't remember which LM it was, well that's just too bad for the vendors in that batch of LMs. I expect the hostile property owners would say "Good."
  4. My first acquisitions were in-world through the Freebies4Newbies program, so it's all a blur. However, I have particular memories of choosing a green dress from DragonLady's Closet (which alas I never had occasion to wear) and agonizing over which Dragon Eyez I wanted (which I still wear, so I made a good choice). A very nice person took me around to the better freebie boxes, so I spent a few months wearing Tiffany skin, I think. Having a nude skin made it easier to be confident about other purchases while I looked for *the* skin. My first Marketplace purchases were five vehicles including a cardboard box flier and Aimee Weber's vintage car. (Those were good confidence builders.)
  5. Welll... I didn't "explore" the forums, but a lot of my search engine inquiries about SL before I joined returned Knowledge Base and SL forum links. And after I *had* joined SL they were critical to getting out of Orientation Island or wherever I was. (This was when the SL viewer had "Basic" mode, which wouldn't allow some people to teleport, so I needed to know what the problem was and what to do about it.)
  6. What raised my eyebrows was the sheer volume of trade on May 1.
  7. That's how I toured the Victorians. Walked down a long street looking for open doors until I'd seen all four types.
  8. The above five locations don't have a region name, so you can't teleport there by clicking the link. For two it's obvious what it should say, but not the other three. The Sharp continent one seems to be a duplicate of the Satori SLurl. Also, you might want to darken "Bellisseria".
  9. So are our edits gone? Or will they show up eventually? I didn't know this was a problem until today when I added a paragraph and it won't show in the listing but is in the Edit page. I've been putting up items every day and correcting little errors. How far back does this problem go? As for the problem with the language tabs, if I'm understanding what's described above, that's been a problem for years. I opened a JIRA on it years ago but the person answering couldn't understand the problem no matter how many different ways I described it and walked them through it, so they closed the JIRA.
  10. In the Overlook one of the upper floor doors seems to be attached to the wrong side of the frame so you have to walk around the door to get into the room.
  11. I can't even guess at the other one, but this one looks like a rezzing gone wrong. The rez box didn't put it all together for some reason. The person may not know what to do about it, especially if they panicked and deleted the rez box or clicked a menu button that killed the scripts or something.
  12. LibGwen


    Ambassador Kosh has been a busy boy today. ~*~*The talks are over for the day. We shall commence again tomorrow at the hour of longing. *~*~
  13. These pictures rather give the lie to the oft repeated claim that the old Linden Homes are "dated" and "ugly". (Even the video that first advertised Bellisseria jumps on the bandwagon.) The homes aren't frumpy, it's the uninspiring environments they're often in. Look at Raspberry Crystal's picture a few posts above this. Just adding more trees randomly to break up the public spaces would probably make a world of difference.
  14. LibGwen


    My first thought was "ski lift", lol.
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