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  1. When you say all search functions stopped working, you mean they return no results? I see you included notecards, do you mean the word search in a notecard is not returning any results? Some screenshots might help.
  2. Never buy anything with the hopes it will ever be updated. There are numerous reasons why updates might never come, fail to meet sales expectations, general lost of interest to keep developing, even untimely demise. Even if you could tell when that change was made, there is still no guarantee an update will ever come.
  3. If you are able to set it to Adult, then you are signed in, other wise it wouldn't let you in the first place. If it keeps defaulting to General when you go back and forth on the pages, that sounds like an aggressive cookie filter that is killing the cookies every chance it gets, check your browser settings. If you aren't confident enough to go look at that, consider installing another browser even if temporarily and use it on its default settings to view the Marketplace.
  4. Did you try to Right Click > Pay? Bringing the Pay window up with a Left Click is something that the object's owner needs to set up. The thing is a lot of people will complain about it being something quite annoying since erratic clicks can bring them up. When you say "they used to work before" how long are you talking about? Yesterday? A few years ago? Because while in the old days it was common practice, today not so much.
  5. It would help if you showed some pictures and explain how exactly are you doing it and the tools you are using.
  6. Dean Haystack


    The LeLutka hairbase that comes in the head is applied to a proprietary mesh with its own UV map, not the standard SL UV map. That's why it looks so much better, because it actually has a higher pixel density than what you can achieve when you comply with the standard UV map. So no, you cannot use it in any other head besides the LeLutka, much like Aesthetic skins can only be used in Aesthetic avatars.
  7. File a police report, or rather, who ever is receiving death threats should file a police report. These days they actually tend to do the paperwork instead of laughing you off the station. But it goes without saying these threats are a whole lot of nothing most likely, and for what I understand, the targets of the threats don't even wanna file an AR with LL? Doesn't seem like they are taking these any serious themselves.
  8. This is a Bento skeleton/joints/bones as people commonly refer to: This is an Animesh pet companion: An Animesh object uses the Bento joints, and a script is run to play animations on it, this is how it looks like in world: You definitely don't want a pet using the joints of your avatar, this will highly limit the animations you can have on it.
  9. Belleza Jake has butt physics working, I'd make you a gif but I'd never hear the end of it.
  10. I'd put it in frames if I were you, look up full perm ones if you can't do the mesh itself, don't just put them on a prim that's too bland, most people want something ready made they can just put up. Depending on your art you might wanna add specular and normal maps, if you don't know what these are, learn, they can be a selling point. Make sure you do some eye catching advertising for them, remember, less is more. Use social media, a lot of people use different websites, you have to cater to all of them, don't make such a Facebook say and expect anyone that doesn't have an account there
  11. That kinda effect can be done with something called a "strand base system." How it works is basically some particles (as many as you like) attached to each other in a string like formation, then you "rig" that lace on the cuffs and the skirt to such strands, and then you run a simple simulation that keeps trying to keep those strands in a pre-determined formation within certain constrains and yes that includes the collision box of the avatar. The result is it will lag behind the animation while it keeps trying to spring back into place, all and all, that kinda thing has been around in vide
  12. Keep trying and you'll get there, this can take days or weeks. There are several ways you can find what people are wearing. Right Click and Inspect, although depending on item and how it's made this can be hard. There is a HUD called "What are they Wearing?" that you can use, it should be free don't pay for it. Use the Area Search, remove the attached filter, search my owner name. I believe the best bet for you would be the HUD, although I just looked on the MP and there seems to be no free version there, people are being cheeky trying to sell it, so look else whe
  13. If you have an account with 8 years, use that one for PR. You can still have this one to actually create and upload stuff, rent a parcel for a store, etc, do all your business from this, but have the other be the face of your brand, at least when you are getting started. Having an account with a significant age will instantly afford you more credibility on anything you try to do, including trying to sign up for events. This will give you a lot more credibility to get started and with time, you can move away your main account for personal use and keep this one for business if you wanna ke
  14. If you had her on your friends list, you'll have her calling card in your inventory, start looking there. You can use the inventory filter to show only items that are X days old, you say 2 or 3 months, call it 4, put 120 days and look in the Calling Cards folder, if you double click them it opens the profile, check them one by one till you find her.
  15. What do you mean make it a HUD? How would that improve anything when as is the inventory is more responsive and versatile than any HUD could ever hope to be. Are you perhaps wishing it would be like something you see in a video game and would just sort out things automatically? If that is is it, you can't have that unfortunately. You cannot think of SL as a video game, think of it as the folders in your computer, it is up to you to organize your files even if the OS has default folders. If it's something else, please elaborate. I feel your pain, I keep my chat window there.
  16. From memory I think I got it at 272 or 274 per USD once, would have to check to be sure but it took ~3 months to get. Not something you'd wanna do constantly but you can make "long term investments" let it stew for a while and might get lucky.
  17. Well, 5 years away that's about 1/3 of the life of the platform, no wonder all your friends are gone, they will either have cleaned their list, stopped coming to SL or just got new accounts for what ever reason. You can look in your inventory for calling cards, open up some profiles, see the ones you can remember and if they are still active. Your landmarks are probably all gone too, you can try to check them out but odds are all those places are something else now. For your inventory, I'm betting very little can still be useful, before you start getting new things make sure you keep tha
  18. I'm happy to hear you have been active 3-4 months, most new users don't last that long because they don't understand this platform. So here's some lights: This is Second Life, it's is own world and it has its own culture. You probably noticed most people don't make good use of their 1st Life tab (commonly known as RL tab) or post anything to their social media in their profiles. There is nothing wrong if you do, but it's not something common to do and most people will prefer to share that kinda stuff in a case by case basis. Don't try to ask anyone you just meet anything regardi
  19. That's what the minimap is for, zoomed in enough it updates reliably to avoid any collisions. Most people just don't care but I subscribe to what you say, it does get old and it is incredibly rude, blaming lag is just an excuse, I have a pretty sub-par connection and never have I bumped into other people gratuitously. Besides what was said already, and get rid of everyone using the the top left of your screen World > Show Friends Only. You can also use Jelly Dolls, on the graphic settings lower the Complexity to a minimum and you'll get nothing but blobs of color, all PG, with
  20. You can here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/The Shops/128/129/1 But good luck getting there, the sim will try to re-route you to the place where you buy the Legacy Body if you try to use that SLURL, easiest way is on the log in screen where it normally says Home/Last Location type in "The Shops/127/124/1" to force you into that place where you can get a redeliver. Now a specific message to @Infinatedepths I wouldn't say what you should or shouldn't buy, but what I can say is do a little reading. The difference between TMP and other offer like Gianni or Jake is that TMP
  21. Each creator can probably give you a different answer here, but, modularity is a great bet. With body and face separate, you can just sell the bodies and heads separate which is what it has been done for years now with appliers, and this is just an evolution of that. But with BoM you cannot rely on having an applier for the body and another for the head, since you need to supply a skin layer and a skin layer needs the 3 elements, Head, Upper and Lower, not having the face on a tattoo layer would be a problem. So what's the problem exactly? From a developer point of view, it's a m
  22. That is exactly right. Your own you and look will come from a combination of shape + skin. Do not rush this, take weeks if you have to. Shape the demos around, try different skins on them. Remember, you can makes copies of the demo heads, so you can make sub folders with shapes and heads with different skins applied to them to swap back and forward. Do not worry about the shape of your body at this point, the body is comparatively easy, the more effort you put on the shape of your face, the more of an "identity" you'll have. I'll give you an unpopular opinion: Most people wi
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