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  1. I'm on my sim, scripts were running fine couple of days ago, now, suddenly huds aren't working, zCS meter no longer has profile picture on it, etc. Several others are having the problem too.
  2. Anyone know what's going on with mesh body huds? Mine won't load clothing layers on the body (TMP). Any word on when it might be fixed?
  3. There is an updated dated 2/9/20. From the site: Radegast is currently only officially supported on the Windows .NET 4.7.2 platform. Linux and Mac tarball is considered experimental only. Linux/MacOS compatibility pull requests and setup documentation are welcome! Latest Release Radegast 2.31 – 9 Feb 2020 Windows Installer (exe – msi) Linux/Mac Tarball
  4. I have been using Radegast for years. Last night I went to the website to get the latest version and I continually get this following message: Secure Connection Failed An error occurred during a connection to bbuseruploads.s3.amazonaws.com. PR_END_OF_FILE_ERROR The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because the authenticity of the received data could not be verified. Please contact the website owners to inform them of this problem. Anyone know what's up with this? I'm not having problems getting into the site, looking at any of the other information on the site, only downloading, and none of the downloads work. I've sent them a ticket but no response.
  5. Thanks all for the good advice. I really appreciate it. I am doing all I can to ensure everyone has a good time. Again, thanks.
  6. I've turned off scripts for everyone but our groups. I am going to have to contact the vendors who have shops at our landing area and speak with each of them as well, maybe put them in the group too. This is just such a mess to deal with. I will never understand the mind of someone who thinks its funny to ruin other people's fun, or, as in this case to harass people just because they didn't get their way.
  7. Thank you all for your kind words. I can't really lock down the sim, as we're a roleplay/new person help sim and for 14 years have been. I'm really discouraged. Last year I was stalked by a guy that threatened to find me in rl and physically injure me, and now this.
  8. About 10 days ago someone showed up on our sim (a private region), broke the rules and got banned. This person threatened to come back with "hundreds" of alts, bomb the sim and shut it down. Since then we have been hit three times with some script bomb that throws everyone off the sim. I ban, report, block but every few days it happens again. I have now had to shut down the scripts and put up an age ban on the sim (the last 2 were under 5 days old). Is there anything else I can do? To say this is getting annoying is kind of an understatement.
  9. Thank you I just get a bit suspicious when things pop up out of the blue like this.
  10. Went to do some shopping in the Marketplace this evening and noticed this... " Items and services purchased by United States users are sold by Linden Research, Inc. Items and services purchased by all other users are sold by Tilia Branch UK Ltd located at 11-12 St. James's Square, Suite 1, 3rd Floor, London, United Kingdom SW1Y 4LB." Is there information somewhere from LL on this?
  11. From the sounds of this article it will be Estate Regions and Homesteads too... https://kultivatemagazine.com/2016/11/01/breaking-second-life-news-increased-number-of-prims/
  12. Thanks. LIke I said I refuse to discuss it with those who come and ask me outright. I absolutely refuse to sink to her level and fire back any kind of inworld response. Bascially I refuse to fuel her immaturity. I don't play the taking sides game. And I have so far been sucessful in shruging her off, but it Is starting to get annoying. I have also asked the friends in common not to send me info on what she is doing, as I don't much care.
  13. I have read through multiple threads and find the advice given by you all helpful. However, I have a situation that has arisen and thought I would ask you all for your opinions. About six months ago I had a "falling out" with someone in a RP sim that I belong to. One thing led to another and about 4 months ago she left the sim in a huff. End of problem right? Not really. She and I have blocked each other but have friends in common. The other day I got a message from one of these friends in common, with a note card attached. This woman, after 4 months is continuing to put liabelous remarks on the picks section of her profile about me and has now put conversations between the owner of the sim and some "annoymous" person about the people on the sim, under such headings as "Be Treated like a doormat? Go to *****. She has taken quotes from my profile (which shows me she's stalking my profile and/or me) and then posted her own brand of liabel about me using those quotes. The stalking started before she left the sim. Like I say I have blocked her and thus far ignored her. However, it is becoming increasingly apparent that she is doing this to harass and interfere with my (and the sim owner's) enjoyment of SL. I now have people that I don't even know coming to me asking about all of this nonesense. My reply is that I have nothing to say, as I really don't want to perpetuate this and would rather it just died away. The problem is she just won't let it go. I have filed reports regarding this, but so far it seems that this issue has fallen on deaf ears. I'm to the point where I may ask my rl boss to give me a Cease and Desist letter to send to her rl. Any advice would be very helpful.
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