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  1. Yesterday I tried a houseboat. I loved the inside floor plan on some of them. But I seem to have a problem with the avatar bobbing in and around as if the place is to small for the camera to stay inside with her. SO half the time I see her and the other half is just jarring between walls and the outside. Maybe there is a way to correct it? I ended up abandoning the boathouse. COol as it was...not trees and I like a bit of lawn. So onward to trying a home. As far as I know the four options you get in the mailbox menu are the only 4 options available. While I ADORE the options outside...I rea
  2. Got premium because I was curious about the new homes. Only one available was houseboat. Okay, did NOT get a choice between anything. and when I click to go to my new home there is nothing at all here but water. I got land, no houseboat. No email, nothing explaining what I should do. Am I supposed to rez something? If yes, how?
  3. What is Bellisseria? I dont find this on the map and I dont understand "add=-ons" as far as linden homes goes. I was looking for the new linden homes but it seems on the website linden is not interested in showing what they have to offer unless you sign up first. I've been with SL for a long long time. I let my subscription lapse about a year or so ago and find its more expensive than it was before. In fact its now a lot more than some other non-SL places. Still Im curious. If they have some way to actually SEE the new homes from inworld that would be a plus. Im never going to buy before I
  4. watch the video, blew me away to see the lace and the fabric actually move with the avatars body. Like REAL motion. I still cant believe I am seeing it and IDK how come they can do it in Sinespace but not in sl!
  5. I just learn there are new style homes. Is the prim count still limited to 117 as it was with the older homes? and is there anywhere to view these newer homes other than in the info page to get an idea if they are worth the premium price? Id like to SEE with my own eyes what they are like and the neighborhoods just like I do with any other parcel Im interested in having. Im thinking there is no preview as it seems this would have been mentioned in the faq if there were.
  6. Thank you Cathy Foil for that update. I like your ideas. because frankly as a purchaser I need it to be simple. and as one who wanted to create, but found the whole process too tedious, Id just like something simple. Give me a script. tell me where it goes and Id be back on board. The more complicated it gets the less time I have for any of it.
  7. You do not point out anything helpful. All you do is "laugh" on anyone who is concerned about the issue. i/e your not trying to be helpful. You're just acting like a bored bully with nothing better to do.
  8. Sorry. we were not, originally, addressing the marketplace. Some other folks have gotten a bit off the original topic in large part due to a particular troll who keeps applying things other than to the topic. And so if you do not see the original post I can defo see why you thought the subject was other than what was intended. The original post states that in order to comment in the SL website, say for "destinations" or in my example, when you love the premium gift, you must be logged into facebook in order to post. I think some folks were adding that facebook tracks you. but it can only d
  9. That is indeed very odd. And contrary to what another has said, the fact that SL can be found on FB does not have anything to do with you trying to go to the MP and seeing a message like that. Ive not seen that myself. If it happens again maybe grab a screenshot? and maybe ask lindens why that would happen. I know the MP has supposedly been updated so maybe thats been tied into it as well. I sure hope not.
  10. Why would I want to snap a photo and pop it anywhere else? the whole point of commenting in the appropriate area is to directly show appreciation for the item given. And as the person it was given to. Meaning I tenly log in to SL and I tenly expect to show my appreciation on the SL website. Not via some third party site or using any third party platform which requires me to use an alternate account.
  11. You do seem to troll quite a bit. Without contributing anything at all. Very strange behavior by one supposedly not affected by the issue.
  12. i like my new shoes and my old shoes. a good investment never goes out of style. If I could figure out how to remove the foot from the old shoes and use the new shoes with my bodies that would be real love.
  13. I think you do not understand the situation. Its not that you have a choice to link or not to link. If you want to let SL know you like something they gave you in premium gifts, show your appreciation, or comment on some lovely destination, you can not do so unless you have and use a facebook account.
  14. Just want to update the thread. while the guy in jira did not seem to care and closed the bug rudely (calls himself Shrike Linden) the lovely person who has been addressing my support ticket on this issue, Kit, did go above and beyond to let me know LL cares about all its residents and are looking into the issue. Ive been with Sl with one avatar or another since 2004. Ive sadly watched other grids come and go. In fact, a couple of my fav alternate grids, disappeared while I was in hospital this past year. I cant believe they are no longer there. Certainly hope SL is in a much safer harb
  15. six years later and just what I was looking for. Thank you!
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