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  1. Thanks, Dean.. that's exactly the approach I'll go for and find myself in the clay. Wasn't it Michelangelo that said something like, “I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.” That's the task for us in here, finding ourselves in a new world. Thanks, Sire Sands
  2. Sounds like good help, Orion.. definitely will check out LeLutka.. and NOT FOUND.. Thank you, Sire Sands
  3. Marianne, You are a wealth of information, going to check out Birth and Stray Dog, definitely. You have made a clear lucid argument for BoM.. I was terrified that even when a get done, I'm not done, because I have to then figure out what is BoM, and how can I use it, do I need it? You put those questions to rest. Well, still more exploring.. the avi is central to the entire SL experience I've come to believe, and the motions, look, personality, and character (read as:you) come through now so much different than a few years ago. Appreciate the input, and will look at Skell's blog too... Sire Sands / Michael Destiny
  4. Exactly what I needed to hear.. yes, I want to find "me" and "my look" ..will look for more demos, and keep looking.. hey, no rush for perfection, right?! "finding yourself" ..that's the ticket.. thank you, Captnap
  5. Upgrading myself from classic to mesh after a few years absence, and have a good Jake body now, and a few pieces of clothing that work. Am mastering the Jake HUD, so that part's ok. Next step will be a head. I went to Catwa (heard they are good), saw a very limited offering of heads - 5 or 6 total? Seemed small selection, but got demos for Daniel and Victor. Opening them it's like a treasure box, a whole ton of stuff -which I have to learn what's what, and how to use. Are there better heads than Catwa for Jake? I don't mind $5,000L purchase one-time if it's the right fit, looks good, and I can edit it for my look. I was wondering if I'm missing a better choice for my Jake body. I still don't know yet if I'll *be required* to have skins after this, and an applier, and oh what a road I'm on ..the wife said skins are for the head, not the body, in mesh, and folks add them or change them on the head they have to "look different, try something different," etc. Thanks for any notes, Sire Sands aka Michael Destiny
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