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  1. Well, it works in my SL, have the VEA Version 5 tv, and with youtube, I can watch pretty much anything on there.. The others on the sim in my home need to activate their CAM/media button to see it and hear it, but it works fine if they do... My playlist of music on YT is about 60 music videos.. that's always on my screen, so we have music videos anytime too... Hope that helps, Sir Michael
  2. Thanks Caroline.. very helpful Best regards, Sire Sands
  3. Sorry.. I'll find some other ways. .didn't mean to break the house rules... thanks, pearl
  4. Maybe this hasn't been discussed a lot, so opening a topic on it.. Looking for good erotic and yes sexy art and images framed or not.. for new skybox and home.. Using marketplace does NOT work well at all.. so, I think this type of product/art is sold in galleries or buy individuals. Any links appreciated.. I don't mind genitals or sexy parts or poses.. but erotic beats porn.. no porn please... Thanks for your help, Sire Sands (aka Michael Destiny
  5. Got this at the marketplace.. rezzed.. I'm 6'10" tall.. danced with a normal lady the other night, she was at my breastbone.. [OO] Avatar Ruler - boxed https://gyazo.com/a5317ec1da3a0131ca3ad857cbad160a Best, Sire Sands aka Michael Destiny
  6. Thanks to animats and Qie for the responses.. the video is good, very helpful.. thanks again...
  7. Here's some info I found (thnx Google) about getting a new desktop PC in 2020 --in part for Second Life. Very confusing info, some system requirements documents are not current.. sometimes it's gaming folks, but for average good users not doing shooters or games except SL, hard to find recommendations for NOW, July 2020.. https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-1-d&sxsrf=ALeKk02zoM7LyQs5E_jjm9tkL3r-SF733g:1595180144655&q=best+graphics+card+for+second+life+2020&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiHw_-O7dnqAhVZITQIHQOeBFUQ1QIoAHoECA0QAQ >> turns out those are a bit old system
  8. Thanks for the memories. I have searched current Star Trek places, will check some out. I wanted to shoot a short video to show my friends in a local Star Trek group that SL has a huge Star Trek community, and some cool sites.. I'll find and shoot on another one.. appreciate all the comments and suggestions.. --Sire Sands
  9. I used to love this Star Trek Museum and its various parts. Outdoors scenes with Starships visible, could enter, walk around in them.. gone now, anyone know the story? Below is the information from their last notecard I have: WELCOME TO THE STAR TREK MUSEUM (Follow us on Facebook and Twitter) 􀀇 ***􀀉 *** 􀀙 (PLEASE DONATE TO HELP US STAY OPEN) 􀀈 Please remember to CLICK signs and objects for information and hidden Trek Treasure! 􀀘 Teaching Real Science in a Star Trek Format since 2006. Beam up to 10-Forward. Explore exhi
  10. Thanks, Dean.. that's exactly the approach I'll go for and find myself in the clay. Wasn't it Michelangelo that said something like, “I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.” That's the task for us in here, finding ourselves in a new world. Thanks, Sire Sands
  11. Sounds like good help, Orion.. definitely will check out LeLutka.. and NOT FOUND.. Thank you, Sire Sands
  12. Marianne, You are a wealth of information, going to check out Birth and Stray Dog, definitely. You have made a clear lucid argument for BoM.. I was terrified that even when a get done, I'm not done, because I have to then figure out what is BoM, and how can I use it, do I need it? You put those questions to rest. Well, still more exploring.. the avi is central to the entire SL experience I've come to believe, and the motions, look, personality, and character (read as:you) come through now so much different than a few years ago. Appreciate the input, and will look at Skell's blog too.
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