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  1. Thanks for the memories. I have searched current Star Trek places, will check some out. I wanted to shoot a short video to show my friends in a local Star Trek group that SL has a huge Star Trek community, and some cool sites.. I'll find and shoot on another one.. appreciate all the comments and suggestions.. --Sire Sands
  2. I used to love this Star Trek Museum and its various parts. Outdoors scenes with Starships visible, could enter, walk around in them.. gone now, anyone know the story? Below is the information from their last notecard I have: WELCOME TO THE STAR TREK MUSEUM (Follow us on Facebook and Twitter) 􀀇 ***􀀉 *** 􀀙 (PLEASE DONATE TO HELP US STAY OPEN) 􀀈 Please remember to CLICK signs and objects for information and hidden Trek Treasure! 􀀘 Teaching Real Science in a Star Trek Format since 2006. Beam up to 10-Forward. Explore exhibits on Astrometrics, Engineering, Warp Theory, Starship Design, bridge recreations, TWO working Holodecks & more. 􀀋 Andorian, Borg, Cardassian, Klingon, Orion, Romulan, Vulcan - learn about their History, Philosophy, Eating and Mating Habits. We have exhibits, artifacts and movies representing All Star Trek Species. Dine on live gagh and blood wine at the Federation Buffet. Pay a visit to the home of the Grand Nagus, a Borg Cube, or a typical Bajoran or Klingon house. FULL SIZE ENTERPRISE NCC-1701 􀀓 A full-size re-creation of Capt. Kirk's Enterprise complete with the Bridge, by Ryder Spearmann, as well as the rest of the ship created by Tsora Enoch, including Captain's Quarters, Sickbay, Engineering and Shuttlebay with working shuttlecraft to return you to land Sit in the Captain's chair and watch "A Star Trek Tribute" on the main viewer. WHALE WATCHING AND SCUBA DIVING 􀀔 This is the home of George and Gracie, the Humpback Whales saved from the 20th Century by Admiral James T. Kirk in "Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home". Learn about RL whale conservation while listening to your favorite Star Trek movie and TV themes at the Whale Observation Pier. 􀀞 "Ripper" was the nickname given to a large animal discovered aboard the disabled USS Glenn in 2256, by a USS Discovery away team. He was dubbed a tardigrade due to his resemblance to the Earth micro-animal. According to a captain's log from the Glenn, Ripper was found stowing away in the ship's stores of mycelium spores. Our Chief Engineer, Tsora Enoch, has recreated the original cargo bay, and if you click on our tardigrade you will find a surprise. 􀀝 A recreation of Mr. Spock mind-melding with one of the whales at the Cetacean Institute. As Dr. Gillian Taylor explains, nobody knows what the whales are saying with their songs..."Maybe he's singing to that man" one visitor exclaims. You can see the youtube clip here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PoS1eAVNXWU FLY YOUR OWN SHUTTLECRAFT - 2 LOCATIONS 􀀗 􀀏 Vulcan shuttles fly from P'Jem Monastery to the places of interest on New Eridani. From the shuttlebay of our full-size Starship Enterprise, a Federation shuttle returns to New Eridani through our own stable wormhole. Shuttles are automated, no piloting skills required. 􀀜 Climb aboard the Pleiades for a leisurely trip in a hot air balloon (yes, they can be found in Star Trek) over New Eridani, landing at the whale observation pier. VULCAN MUSEUM AND TOWN OF WAKRUBAYA 􀀆 After the destruction of their home world, a small group of Vulcans relocated to New Eridani (named for the star Epsilon Eridani or the star 40 Eridani, around which Vulcan is said to have orbited). The town and nearby residential areas provide a home for Vulcans and other species to live in logic and harmony, while providing an opportunity to educate visitors about Vulcan society and culture. Visit the Vulcan Museum and Library. OUTDOOR MARKET 􀀌 Outdoor Market - Shi'Makau Enjoy a jumja stick or a Slug-O-Cola while browsing our outdoor market. Fine goods and services are available, sold by many species. P'JEM MONASTERY 􀀒 The Vulcan monastery, P'Jem, on a planet near Andoria. Destroyed in 2152, the monastery and T'Karath Sanctuary have been re-created by Tsora Enoch, Chief Engineer of the Star Trek Museum, near the Vulcan colony on New Eridani. Climb to the top for a fantastic view. T'KARATH SANCTUARY 􀀑 Meditate on Surak's teachings at The T'Karath Sanctuary. This historic site was originally located in Vulcan's Forge on planet Vulcan, approximately 37 kellicams south of Mount Seleya. The sanctuary is now located in a cave which can be reached on foot, just northwest of the town of Wakrubaya. VULCAN ARENA 􀀅 The place of koon-ut-kal-if-fee, a Vulcan mating ritual which literally means "marriage or challenge" and is fundamentally a wedding ceremony. Spock, Kirk, McCoy, T'Pau, T'Pring and others await you. ZEFRAM COCHRANE HOME 􀀀 A recreation by Lora Chadbourne - the home of Zefram Cochrane, space warp inventor. Cochrane, thought to have died 150 years previously, was found on stardate 3219.8, living on Gamma Canaris III, with an alien entity who had restored his youth and protected him. CEREMONIAL CENTER 􀀊 Officially a place for formal events on solemn occasions, this spot is also a favorite location for Star Trek Trivia. ALL YOU CAN EAT BUFFET 􀀖 Featuring foods from all over the Galaxy. Chief Engineer/Head Chef, Tsora Enoch, has whipped up some amazing scripted food for our buffet. We now have, among other delicacies, LIVE GAGH (take a close look to see it squirm), Bajoran Hasperat Souffle, Rokeg Blood Pie, Groatcakes with Syrup of Squill, and many more delicious dishes. Beam to the Star Trek Museum of Culture where for a delightful culinary experience. EMBASSIES 􀀍 On an orbiting station, high above New Eridani, are the Embassies of Andoria, Bajor, Betazed, Romulus, Cardassia, Ferenginar, Orion, Trill, Suliban, and the Klingon Empire. Beam to the transfer platform and from there teleport to all embassies. Here are LMs for just a few: 􀀁􀀂 􀀃 􀀄 VIRTUAL ANDORIA 􀀎 See the Andorian Penguin for free ice skates. Open year-round (its always cold on Andoria). RODDENBERRY DIVE TEAM 􀀕 The Charles "Trip" Tucker III Memorial Scuba Tour (Trip was an avid scuba diver). See Capt Picard to pick up your free scuba gear. Beam over to the raft to see a movie courtesy of the Roddenberry Dive Team. Founded by Eugene "Rod" Roddenberry the son of Gene Roddenberry and Majel Barrett Roddenberry, RDT combines the philosophy of Star Trek with exploration and protection of Earth's oceans. DRYDOCK 􀀐 Check out our movie theater showing All Trek All The Time. Videos change on a regular basis. The drydock is also available for private birthday parties, Trek-style. STARFLEET ROLE-PLAYING GROUPS 􀀚 􀀛 Available for RP, please contact Wabisabi Matahari VULCAN HOME RENTALS: ** A small number of homes are available on the island of New Eridani. If interested in joining our community, please contact Wabisabi Matahari. -Wabisabi Matahari Curator, Gardener, Benevolent Dictator wabisabi@starfleet.com -Tsora Enoch - Chief Engineer, Head Chef and Plushie Wrangler -Sabri Picard Founder, Captain, Curator
  3. Thanks, Dean.. that's exactly the approach I'll go for and find myself in the clay. Wasn't it Michelangelo that said something like, “I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.” That's the task for us in here, finding ourselves in a new world. Thanks, Sire Sands
  4. Sounds like good help, Orion.. definitely will check out LeLutka.. and NOT FOUND.. Thank you, Sire Sands
  5. Marianne, You are a wealth of information, going to check out Birth and Stray Dog, definitely. You have made a clear lucid argument for BoM.. I was terrified that even when a get done, I'm not done, because I have to then figure out what is BoM, and how can I use it, do I need it? You put those questions to rest. Well, still more exploring.. the avi is central to the entire SL experience I've come to believe, and the motions, look, personality, and character (read as:you) come through now so much different than a few years ago. Appreciate the input, and will look at Skell's blog too... Sire Sands / Michael Destiny
  6. Exactly what I needed to hear.. yes, I want to find "me" and "my look" ..will look for more demos, and keep looking.. hey, no rush for perfection, right?! "finding yourself" ..that's the ticket.. thank you, Captnap
  7. Upgrading myself from classic to mesh after a few years absence, and have a good Jake body now, and a few pieces of clothing that work. Am mastering the Jake HUD, so that part's ok. Next step will be a head. I went to Catwa (heard they are good), saw a very limited offering of heads - 5 or 6 total? Seemed small selection, but got demos for Daniel and Victor. Opening them it's like a treasure box, a whole ton of stuff -which I have to learn what's what, and how to use. Are there better heads than Catwa for Jake? I don't mind $5,000L purchase one-time if it's the right fit, looks good, and I can edit it for my look. I was wondering if I'm missing a better choice for my Jake body. I still don't know yet if I'll *be required* to have skins after this, and an applier, and oh what a road I'm on ..the wife said skins are for the head, not the body, in mesh, and folks add them or change them on the head they have to "look different, try something different," etc. Thanks for any notes, Sire Sands aka Michael Destiny
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