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  1. Actually, I did find a dress I was happy with, so woo! But now, I'm looking for a book that hangs from ones belt and a tunic that fits to the SLink HG body. I can find plenty that are just mesh, but, of course, they don't fit... well, so, it looks strange.
  2. So, I've been looking for a fantasy/medieval-styled gown and robe for quite a few days, now, and I just can't seem to find one I'm happy with. Either because the quality is... underwhelming, it was made before mesh bodies existed, or, it just plan doesn't fit my mesh body (SLink Redux Hourglass). It's been a struggle trying to find something that looks good and fits! Do any of you fine fellows have anything that fits my creteria? On an unrelated note, anyone have a favorite full-body tattoo? I've been shopping around for some of those. BoM enabled, to be specific. There's plenty of n
  3. Luckily, I believe I found the boots, at least! https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/HYPNOSE-MYSTIC-BOOTS/13014989 But, my other question about SLINK Visage Becky Bento shapes is still open. i'm not having much luck adjusting mine. I... kind of suck at it.
  4. Yeah! I've been doing that, but, messing with the sliders is rather annoying because some of them are super subtle and you won't notice the difference until you start messing with OTHER things and then it all starts to fall apart. I've found something I'm, at least, reasonably happy with! But, it could always be better.
  5. So! I'm looking for some sweet, sweet SLINK (Hourglass) fashion, specifically two (well, three) things: Nice-looking thigh-high stockings. I've spent some time looking, but, my search fu isn't quite... up to snuff. a lot of them look kind of bad. Shapes that work with the new SLINK Visage Becky Bento head. there's so many for SLINK + (bento head), but, none of them work for the new update. I've tried editing my own head, but, I always make monsters! This is actually a request to see if anyone can locate this item. I asked the person who was wearing it, but, they never got bac
  6. I use Slink Hourglass with all the Slink parts, including the Becky Visage head, but man, it's hard to find shapes for the SLINK Visage line! It sucks because it's pretty good.
  7. Ahh, that could be why, yeah. I didn't realize that made a difference, tbh, but now that you said that... yeah. I guess I just gotta figure out how to convert it. And just to clarify, old meshes that work with Slink HG still work just fine with the new updates, yeah? The new BoM is just letting us save on attachments.
  8. Alright, so, in my ever-burning addiction to making myself look better and better, I recently realized that Slink had moved onto a new system, so, I updated all my old parts and got the new ones redelivered. I read the instructions and I wanna make sure I'm understanding the process. - Remove all the old parts completely, including Alpha layers, since, the new BoM system places the old meshes directly on the system layers. - Equip the new parts that I received and they should seamlessly replace the system parks with my new BoM Slink items. Everything should work seamlessly. - Instead
  9. I bought the 50% off deal with the Quarterly payment and I wanted to cancel it. However, in the process, it says I'd lose "all benefits"; I don't care much about the free house or anything else, but, I was wondering about the Linden Stipend. The documentation makes it sound like I'd immediately lose that when downgrading, so, I just wanted to double-check first that I'd still get the Lindens before downgrading.
  10. Kitty Aeghin

    Mesh Butt?

    I'm trying to find a mesh butt. These seem to be unbelievably scarce. I do know that mesh bodies seem to incoperate these, but, I like everything about my current body. I just want to add a little more... pizaz to my butt, y'know? I don't wanna buy a mesh body and have everything look and feel... off.
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