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  1. I bought the 50% off deal with the Quarterly payment and I wanted to cancel it. However, in the process, it says I'd lose "all benefits"; I don't care much about the free house or anything else, but, I was wondering about the Linden Stipend. The documentation makes it sound like I'd immediately lose that when downgrading, so, I just wanted to double-check first that I'd still get the Lindens before downgrading.
  2. Kitty Aeghin

    Mesh Butt?

    I'm trying to find a mesh butt. These seem to be unbelievably scarce. I do know that mesh bodies seem to incoperate these, but, I like everything about my current body. I just want to add a little more... pizaz to my butt, y'know? I don't wanna buy a mesh body and have everything look and feel... off.
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