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  1. Sounds a bit 1984-ish, but they can fix that., or offer a better explanation why. That's my gripe. "Without polite debate, we are doomed to to riot."
  2. RowanMinx, That was the title of the event, The description went into the details as described, mostly reminders of a time before Billboard cut music into genres and people claimed loyalty to only one of them. There is good music in all genres, and i miss that availability to hear some great songs on only one station. I was 5 thru 14 during that decade, and still enjoy that mix. even though with the specialization I am forced to claim country as my favorite., but I still enjoy the old crooners, big bands, early rock, and even church tunes and bluegrass, jazz,. and blues Heck, as far a
  3. It said "Remember the 1950s" Probably I entered it as a quote badly or al least without the proper/required key strokes
  4. I planned an event to celebrate the music of the 1950s the way it used to come over the radio, but was censored for language. How was offensive in that context? Back then, most radio stations played songs on the Bilboard Top 100 as long as it even vaguely mirrored its listeners' taste. From Big Bands, crooners, Country ( then called Hllbilly), Pop, Rock as introduced by Bill Haley and the Comets, and maybe even a few folk or church songs all mixed together. .
  5. Sometimes, as I found out the hard way, updates aren't the answer. My problem started after an update. I have an older whatchacallit that needs the Legacy program to get a connection. Since I dug around the AMD files on their web site once I got over the panic attack, I found the one that works for my computer. Get good pictures, and S L runs smoothly. And Linda Kidd, The one I bought was guaranteed to be a refurbished computer. That's worth the extra $110 USD I paid. It saved me clearing out the old files of the previous owner and bringing it up to snuff afterward. Remember, to me, the c
  6. Since about 1 May 2020, I get a message when I try to log in, "Can't start because you don't have graphics." followed by a list of conditions that could cause that. I'm totally unfamiliar with the insides of a computer, so I tried the one I thought would be likely to solve the problem. Didn't work. My system starts with an HP Compaq Pro 6305 bought as a refurbished used computer with AMD's A6-5400B APU w/ Radeon HD graphics, Radeon HD7540D, and High Definition Audio Device. What's Wrong? if you're willing to offer a possible solution, feel free. I've always been satisfied if the power on
  7. Thanks. Even though it didn't answer my question about how to set up, I did enjoy some of those clips of actual singers in SL.
  8. I have KaraFun 2 and a logittech headset. With Windows 10 1909. how do I set the computer to sing? If not enough apps already, what more do I need?t
  9. Dean. Never mind. I missed the reminder to sign in. Once I signed in, no problem.
  10. Rolig,, Thanks. That solved the problem. Because they both look the same to me, I never noticed that I just carried over the old one. Once I deleted the old one and loaded the new one, problem solved.
  11. Every time I try to log in, I am instructed to down load and install and Any ideas why ? Additionally, There appears to be confusion since you say my email address is in use by another member. That's likely me from the period after the old computer retired itself and I changed to the mew computer. That computer had a problem that I finally got fixed to get past the message that the video driver wasn't able to match the S L program.
  12. Lillith, got a chuckle from your opening statement. Some days, while I know I'm not as old as dirt, I think I'm older than the hills and valleys. That's easily older than any electronics even in computer years. In fact, I remember when math required paper and pencil, we could read analog clocks, dial rotary phones to talk to friends on an alpha exchange name and needed an operator to make long distance calls. I'm not quite ready to pop for a new black box, so repairing the old one still make sense, budgetwise. As far as picking a good tech, the guy I use has paid rent on a business
  13. Satisfied with my relationship to a "black box with an on/off switch", I'll opt for letting somebody else who knows what he/she is doing mess with the "guts" of the "infernal confuser " in that black box. I don't want to be the cause of any more damage, or of angering the "debil" inside,. While I may be wrong about the causative nature of a legacy driver (note 1), I'm satisfied it is part of the problem if not the sole cause.. It's a little like a car that won't start because the battery is low. You recharge or replace the battery, and check later for any shorts that caused the battery failur
  14. I would try to do it myself in my youth, but, at age 74, it's cheaper and safer to let a semi skilled chimpanzee do it. There are several good human techs in town, though., so one of those is likely to get a bite out of my budget.
  15. I've had trouble downloading the new update for Windows 10 x64.. After about ten tries, Windows help desk thinks I need a clean restart. Part of that requires moving programs and applications to DVD and reloading after the restart is completed. Personal files and data are retained. Does Second Life transfer with personal files, can I claim my account from your files, or do I need to move it to a DVD and reload after the clean restart?
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