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  1. Last time I started a group was about three years ago and I forgot how to do it. Point me in the right direction, please.
  2. I want to sing is S L. I signed up for a ShoutCast stream, have the BUTT (Broadcast Using This Tool), found a karaoke player and some songs modified for karaoke singers. I even got the MorphVOXPro program. In three trials, my audience claimed the music was barely audible, though they heard my "singing" easily. I contacted the Karaoke player help desk. Their answer was that it's probably he sound controls in S L.. Well, I'm not sure where to look for the trouble spot, and don't understand jargon at all well. I found the on- off button, and called it good. Any hints or ideas expressed in American English or jargon defined in that language welcome
  3. Thank you to all who provided answers but problem solved. Once I knew that it's not easily viewed using the Linden Labs viewer, I had a 'work around" that was easiest for me. A friend who uses firestorm copied and pasted the group key and sent it to me. I'm going to keep her around! -giggle- Yes, it's handy to have friends . And yes, only vendors of expanded tip boards need the group code to allow the "join group" key to function properly. They're the only ones who asked for it the group key, so far.. Write this one off as solved.
  4. That's a different problem. I have only the Linden Labs viewer. The rest of the instructions were in jargon and I have enough trouble reading English about computer stuff.
  5. I submitted again because I didn't remember about not naming names, so went to that immediately and fixed that problem. Never went back to the original because I fixed a problem that I presumed was the only part of the answer I'd get until it was rewritten.
  6. Two different vendors have said that I can find the group key to allow people to join my group by opening the group and reading it. I must be on a different wave length or some thing. I opened the group every place I know to ask. No group key anywhere. I searched the data base and got an error message that the connection was either rejected or terminated by the cloud. Obviously, still have no answer. So, "Help! Help!"
  7. I bought a performer board from the builder, as sold by her store. Neither is listed to contact as far as I've been able to determine with certainty. There are either too many with similar names or none at all, and I have a question regarding the group key code needed to complete the edit for the group joiner. I'll grant they may not be online right now, but it's frustrating. Lacking a way to contact the seller, where do I find the group key code to edit the group joiner script. This is the first time I've looked for it, and have had no luck finding it. Help! Help! ( A line by Elvis in a movie when asked to associate words in a mental exam by a shrink. The doctor says, "Don't repeat the word. Tell me what word you associate with the word" Elvis answers, "Help! No one I know ever just yells for Help, They always yell 'Help! Help!'" The doctor gives him a pass on the exam, appreciating the truth his patient stated.)
  8. I thought of better wording for an event listing. How do I edit the earlier version to list the second version? While at it, I also need to cancel a listed event occasionally because the performer is prevented from showing up because R L unexpectedly stands in the way. I presume that can be done with the edit process. No need to address this part of the question unless there is a different process.
  9. I've tried the standard list of female voice morphing choice, and they are all too high, alto or high soprano. My desired voice is a little deeper than that, like Kathleen Turner. and I'm willing to try a tenor if I don't have to do it blind. No rush, since I still have neither figured out how to get the premium voice morphing nor have a working headset anymore. The old one went in the trash when it quit working. Still, I'd like to have some information to know if possible. ,
  10. What is the size of a homestead region? I'm planning ahead but don't need a full region so just wondering.
  11. Rollig, You're using jargon that a first timer should NOT be subjected to. -GRINS- As soon as I decipher what you said, I'll try it.
  12. I just bought a very nice booth for my saloon. Now I need to add some sitting poses. How do I do that? Just point me in the right direction unless you have an easier answer. - grin-
  13. I tried the fix mentioned and it worked. Now on the third day without another download. Thanks, LittleMe Jewell, and Rollig Loon.
  14. AmandaHoliday

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    Is the send button stuck on your end? I keep getting an announcement that you've downloaded 5_1_1_512121 again. How many more times will you repeat that. It's going on for a week already, sometime twice in a day.
  15. Long time since I last tried this, and need help remembering how to upload a photo for use as a texture.
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