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  1. Dean. Never mind. I missed the reminder to sign in. Once I signed in, no problem.
  2. Rolig,, Thanks. That solved the problem. Because they both look the same to me, I never noticed that I just carried over the old one. Once I deleted the old one and loaded the new one, problem solved.
  3. Every time I try to log in, I am instructed to down load and install and Any ideas why ? Additionally, There appears to be confusion since you say my email address is in use by another member. That's likely me from the period after the old computer retired itself and I changed to the mew computer. That computer had a problem that I finally got fixed to get past the message that the video driver wasn't able to match the S L program.
  4. Lillith, got a chuckle from your opening statement. Some days, while I know I'm not as old as dirt, I think I'm older than the hills and valleys. That's easily older than any electronics even in computer years. In fact, I remember when math required paper and pencil, we could read analog clocks, dial rotary phones to talk to friends on an alpha exchange name and needed an operator to make long distance calls. I'm not quite ready to pop for a new black box, so repairing the old one still make sense, budgetwise. As far as picking a good tech, the guy I use has paid rent on a business for about 10+ years. That's remarkable in a town of under 6000 population, I think.
  5. Satisfied with my relationship to a "black box with an on/off switch", I'll opt for letting somebody else who knows what he/she is doing mess with the "guts" of the "infernal confuser " in that black box. I don't want to be the cause of any more damage, or of angering the "debil" inside,. While I may be wrong about the causative nature of a legacy driver (note 1), I'm satisfied it is part of the problem if not the sole cause.. It's a little like a car that won't start because the battery is low. You recharge or replace the battery, and check later for any shorts that caused the battery failure if there is one or more. Note 1: The computer is has been around since Windows 7, and the graphics driver isn't even listed on the manufacturer's list of stored downloads to repair it.
  6. I would try to do it myself in my youth, but, at age 74, it's cheaper and safer to let a semi skilled chimpanzee do it. There are several good human techs in town, though., so one of those is likely to get a bite out of my budget.
  7. I've had trouble downloading the new update for Windows 10 x64.. After about ten tries, Windows help desk thinks I need a clean restart. Part of that requires moving programs and applications to DVD and reloading after the restart is completed. Personal files and data are retained. Does Second Life transfer with personal files, can I claim my account from your files, or do I need to move it to a DVD and reload after the clean restart?
  8. Since the latest update to Windows 10 x64 failed, I can't log in for some reason related to the graphics. I checked, and the Radeon 4300/4500 is now a legacy model, Is that likely to be the cause? Since the current one used to work, is there an update that will straighten out the problem, or is it so old I'd be better off replacing it? While I'm at it, will a new processor/graphics card be hard to put in or do I take it to a computer guy, since up until this event have been happy with my "black box with an on/off switch"?.
  9. I've just heard about RLV, so anybody with a description, what it does, and what I need to make it work answers, please help.
  10. Oz Linden, I logged in for the morning, took a break for lunch. That's when on the attempt to log in again the problem started. By my clock, around 1:30 PM MDT. I tried every step suggested by Rolig Loon. Never got it fixed when I decided to go to sleep instead of fightin' a lost battle to the bitter end. Went to sleep around 9 MDT. Woke the next morning about 4 AM, MDT, tried to log in and did with no fight. It might be connected to that problem mentioned on the Linden Blog site. Does that help despite its tardiness? Addendum: If you need to log in on my account, go ahead. I'm willing if you need to. Just need to know whether I should be logged in or out while you're there.
  11. About how long does the DNS flush take? Granted, I'm anxious to get on, but it seems an awfully long time since I started, a half hour. Never mind. I finally hit enter, and the command given in the Hofstinger Tutorials page is not recognized as z valid command. Got another one?
  12. What's up? Now 3:14 PM MDT. I've tried logging in since 1:30 and get a message, the "The DNS cannot resolve the login. ….Report this problem...."
  13. Last time I started a group was about three years ago and I forgot how to do it. Point me in the right direction, please.
  14. I want to sing is S L. I signed up for a ShoutCast stream, have the BUTT (Broadcast Using This Tool), found a karaoke player and some songs modified for karaoke singers. I even got the MorphVOXPro program. In three trials, my audience claimed the music was barely audible, though they heard my "singing" easily. I contacted the Karaoke player help desk. Their answer was that it's probably he sound controls in S L.. Well, I'm not sure where to look for the trouble spot, and don't understand jargon at all well. I found the on- off button, and called it good. Any hints or ideas expressed in American English or jargon defined in that language welcome
  15. Thank you to all who provided answers but problem solved. Once I knew that it's not easily viewed using the Linden Labs viewer, I had a 'work around" that was easiest for me. A friend who uses firestorm copied and pasted the group key and sent it to me. I'm going to keep her around! -giggle- Yes, it's handy to have friends . And yes, only vendors of expanded tip boards need the group code to allow the "join group" key to function properly. They're the only ones who asked for it the group key, so far.. Write this one off as solved.
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