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  1. Ok thanks. I did have a good look around at groups in-world and most seemed dead. Few members and therefore would assume little going on. I have created a few animations, managed to get them looped nicely using Quavimator. Just looking for a few testers now really, before comitting to sell in MP. Guess I could try Builder's Brewery?
  2. Confused by this. If I need to transfer linden into dollars then move to my paypal will I now need an ID to do this? I am a UK citizen with no government ID as I can't drive nor afford holidays. Is this going to affect me?
  3. I have just started to make animations for SL and was wondering what animation groups in-world, would any of you recommend joining? Looking to get testers on animations and ask questions when they pop up - sort of group. Thank you
  4. Thanks everyone for your input on this. I figured out it was a few scripts in objects changing permissions of the packing box. Got everything sorted now.
  5. Set them to full mod anyhoo and am finding now by using the permissions tab in-world, things are no longer reverting. At least for now.
  6. This isn't changing anything but the carrier - the gift box. No permissions other than those are flipping out ergo I have not touched anything else. Turns out it looks like notecard and/or unpacker was at err here. Finally managing to get boxed stuff in invent as it is in-world. Is there a way to set generic perms btw? Like all notecards set to copy/mod etc?
  7. Ah right it's maybe the unpacker script I have in that case. I did wonder if that was causing issue. I'll change the blooming thing to full mod, which should *hopefully* stop this happening. This is annoying as I had a few preview images set to copy only inside some of the boxes. Guess I'll have to full perm them too or just omit them *le sigh*. Thanks for your reply. I have a few suspects now.
  8. Hi there. I have noticed that when I am packing up an item it changes permissions when I take it back to my inventory. So a box set to copy/modify becomes none when taken. I noticed this when I set up a painting for sale. The painting was showing as no/mod no copy as this was the package's permissions. So far, my only workaround has been to modify the perms after I take it into my invent, so that it shows correctly upon sale. Is this a mixed permission argument inside the packing box? Is there another way around this? Or are my giftboxes haunted?
  9. Hello, I have a store on MP. Since I am new and not getting much traffic I thought I would pay for listing enhancement to see if that would help. I chose the "feature item on category landing page" enhancement, just for 7 days to experiment. A few days in and no dice. 1 person has looked at my listing. I am not sure whether I have placed my item in the wrong category, chosen unwisely for listing enhancement or where I have gone wrong here. I am not certain if I can share MP links here and don't want to cause issue, hence lack of link to listing in question. Any ideas?
  10. I could be very wrong here, but don't think scripting will help you here. I have dabbled with appliers, the design/creation/painting stage seems to be where that is controlled.
  11. Taking over all the boards like a spambot is not a way to ingratiate yourself and will see you ignored, even possibly banned. Good luck on that!
  12. Think I'll save my linden for my many, many texture uploads that I seem to be doing of late and just stick with the web browser option of cheapness. At least now I know what that person was very clumsily trying to say. They didn't explain anything, you have very well. Many thanks again
  13. I'm currently uploading and have always via the web browser. I have the images saved on local and maybe I am doing something wrong, but I can't seem to do this any other way. My connection is adsl and slow as heck. When online, my profile pic seems to load just fine. Bit fluffy at first then clears, but it seems to be the way when I look at most ppl's profiles.
  14. Ah, perhaps I could look at the settings for ratio in FS and reduce the pixels when I intend to shoot a profile pic. This is very helpful information. Thank you so much for clarification on this matter
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