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  1. Hello good morning, I have a question. I am searching for a very specific outfit but i couldn't find it anywhere. for maitreya only so. i wanted to ask if there is a slight possibility that one could eventually request clothing somewhere or drop ideas for a new release? this is the outfit I am talking about which I would love to have: and I just would need a business attire outfit for the maitreya mesh body. Does somebody know how to make requests or suggestions for the new outfit?
  2. What is Maitreya Clothing on the flickr picture?
  3. But the Nearby chat Lag are the Thing that happen. that lead to longer tp requesting from server until i get to destination. World map are still loading and Profile Loading is very Long with profile picture is blank. maybe. It's Related to TCP/IP routing issues on the Computer?
  4. Hello. I hope there's new regions formed near bay City as the expansion. by Lindens
  5. I agree MBeatrix SL are very strong and Unmissable LL's Cash Cow for everyone. and There's more creativity made by anyone came from around the world used to build the new things and explore sl with a new Things. I hope linden would involved to fix these region crossing/teleport problem in all costs.
  6. oh! The longer Region Crossing/Teleport problem. usually in 5-15 seconds before entered the new region. due to lot of users in SL. with llStartAnimation: Script trying to trigger animations but agent not found due to Server are Transferring Name UUID to the new Region are having troubles in some time. maybe. Server are overloading with users that playing SL in some time. This problem was happened since December 2019. due to concurrency users reached over 40000!. inworld
  7. BUG-228539 This is my JIRA Report that linden is looking on the problem in Second Life. it's would be fixed by the fiberhome firmware update that fixes the problems on the fiberhome router. with the cooperation of Second Life Engineers.
  8. This land will be sold to other for 5000L$. for GTFO Hubs Use and Others for everyone. due to my financial reason. in Real Life. and Coronavirus Outbreak on the RL World. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Toroge/215/111/75
  9. Sim Crossing Taking Longer than Usual and Profile and World Map Loading Issues caused by HTTP Fetching Problem that was caused by Router Firmware Issues on FiberHome FTTX Router. in ISPs in Europe/Asia I hope fiberhome and Linden Lab will fix that problem for good.
  10. Yes. this thread are still awesome. I think They will do the resale of abandoned land and buy the mainland to build the large multi-lane highway like 4,6,8 lane expressway with toll booth to make the highway alive. paid via L$ booth. and It's would be Uses the Electronic Pass by attaching the pass on the modify enabled car. That's would be better if you drive the cars,motorcycle on the Mainland Expressway owned by the Land Groups that owned by the owner that won the mainland auction. like 65535L$ per region. would be bought by Expressway Project Group Land Owners in Second Life.
  11. SL Serverside Problem that happened since October 2019 that includes world map loading issues,Long Legacy Profile Loading,Object Loading Issues and Sim Crossing Issues that Currently Happened Right Now.
  12. Region Crossing Taking longer than usual,Legacy Profile are load longer with World Map Information taking a 10 second to load. This Thing Happened since October 2019 in SL Server. I thought linden fixed but This Problem is back again. anyone need help for this issue that happened over a months? thank you
  13. Hello. I think this topic is quiet and Problem are still there. over a years. anyone can talk about the Sim Crossing Disconnect Problem that happen since last year?
  14. But I'll wanting the tracksuit with shirts for maitreya. it's more like Miyako Hoshino from the Wataten!
  15. This Tracksuit are very great. and It's will be compatible with maitreya including school loafers. and miyako's hair!
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