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  1. I started today with ... "Failed to find body part named SENET ERIN MAITREYA YS&YS 2.5 in the database." I was wearing it yesterday. Indeed, 10 hours ago. Now just MIA How many stories are there about IMs that do not arrive until the next log in? Chat messages that never get to chat? Chat that is not sent at the right time or out of order (which to my mind, should never be able to happen). Random missing items are only the part, YOU"VE BEEN LOGGED OUT OF SECOND LIFE .... randomly. How many years have these things been happening and nothing appreciable is done. As previ
  2. I have had mesh heads since SLINK first offered them back in 2015. Went to LOGO and have been with Lelutka since BENTO came about. Catwa has dominated the market with a myriad of choices and all sorts of support. GENUS came onto the market and support for it has been like an explosion. Skin Mascara, Eye Shadow, and lipstick all came out within a month (it seemed) with many options. I have heard "GENUS is the best" as a reason but this is less than insightful and certainly opinion. Further, it offers nothing to give me an understanding of my basic question ... Why does GENUS have
  3. Soooo BoM I understand. What I am curious about is why a BoM skin would be on a tattoo layer as opposed to a skin layer? Since a tattoo layer, in my experience, can be removed imply by WEARING rather than ADDIND another tattoo layer, where is the benefit of one layer over another layer?
  4. Question to all the mesh head makers out there is the world …. I have looked at many mesh heads over the years and am surprised that many do not have big toothy happy smile. There are smiles yes, but few big bright happy smiles. Truly is seems like the smiles are given as nearly an afterthought. I am curious that so many of the major makers do not seem to even consider such a common expression.
  5. Switched many brow layers, removed hair bases, changed eyes, skin, hair over these many days. I have on the bare minimum attachments .... AO, Mesh hair, skin, eyes, brow. I was sitting on an barren island owned by the Governor with not another soul in sight and no discernible sources of lag ..... still nothing. I logged off and back on again ... now I am loading but things are still slower than just a few days ago
  6. Starting Saturday evening 6/22, I have been having no end of trouble loading my Avi with only a brief 'normal' the evenings of 6/23-24. This afternoon, I am have the exact same trouble I was before, slow loading, ruth-ing, clothing not changing, etc. Clothing pieces I have loaded and detached have reappeared after numerous log outs and reloads. Groups notices with attached Note Cards will tell me I do not have permission to view. No one else is having the same trouble with the same Note Cards. Sunday morning I deleted EVERYTHING from my system. All cashe, all SL variants. Everything but the sa
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