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  1. Yes, I know...that's what used to happen, now they are non reactive and blank
  2. The search boxes are not functional...they are all blank and will not allow me to type, see attached...
  3. I have a pretty old imac and recently all search functions have stopped working (people, places, info off notecards etc) I have deleted the old viewer and installed the most up to date one but no joy. Any suggestions on how to fix this? Thanks x
  4. LOL... if only my rl life was so intetesting... am just a merchant seeing my sales drop month by month, year by year.... no big conspiracy...
  5. But, maybe that was too harsh... those poor people on the Titanic only had hours, not years...
  6. Silly them then... best to embrace the lifeboats?
  7. Whine? I suppose the naysayers on the Titanic were pain in the asses aswell...
  8. And $ 2.50 an hour?????? Dick Turpin would blush...
  9. Still in Beta? How many years is that going to take until it appears on google play store... let's hope it's before 2020
  10. OK...I know there are a couple of mobile clients created by independant developers...but talk about resting on your laurels! Sl has been in a long and needless decline for 5 years now, thanks to a complete indifference from LL after the initial meteoric popularity of the platform. In the intervening years we have seen the decimation of desktop devices by phones and tablets, but the sheer joy and inventiveness of SL could surely be introduced to these markets? The only way is down for SL (check out google trends) unless SL awake from their (still profitable) slumber.
  11. Thanks for that....have moved to a sandbox and am not getting that message anymore... although I'm still getting missed animation perms :-(
  12. Am now getting the message 'inventory creation on in-world object failed' whilst trying to set perms, with, once again a small pecentage of the animations being left c/m/t meaning I have to go in one by one to change the perms.... is this a new bug?
  13. That's an interesting solution.... will try that, many thanks!
  14. Not sure if this is a common problem, but when setting my MLPV2 engine (which contains around 270 animations) to Copy/mod (no trans) I am finding that after I have pressed apply, then waited 15 minutes, there are always half a dozen of (random) poses that that are still full perm. Am I doing something wrong? I tick 'all' to Modify copy, then I uncheck the animations box and tick Mod/copy/transfer
  15. Many thanks for the advice Trinity... I switched from Firefox to Safari and it worked!
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