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  1. so this will take some explaining. Many people know of the Dawn Kingdom's creator, Wanders Nowhere, had, a few years ago, released a dragon avatar. This dragon is a full sized, massively interactive beast that has practically a cult following... However... There are certain group of people who, as of the time I post this, have moved from one creator to another, sending death threats and other forms of harassment over creators of Dragon avatars. While I am NOT the creator of any of these avatars, I have beta tested for a few of the avatar makers and worked closely with them on their projects. What I'm after is no easy feat, for sure, but I have names and I want to know what can be done about this. These people have driven off several creators already, and it's getting so bad that creators are starting to question their own sanity, (the one specifically, I will not name, but it took me and five others to beg him not to leave SL, let alone off himself.) None of these creators were even in the mindset I should AR these people, but now that it's come to light, how do we deal with it? I'd imagine there's not a lot that can be done outside the creator ARing them, but any kind of advice for these awesome creators would be helpful. The targeted creators have been Wanders Nowhere of Dawn Kingdoms, https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/31607 Dreamcrawler of Dreamcrawler Creations, https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/2339 Tethis String of I, Monster, https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/36764 rancorwilds of Dragons Arise https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/223841 with Tornleaf of Red Remora being one of the unfortunate to have been bullied off of SL: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/170063 I'm sorry if this seems like I'm wanting to cause issues. But I'm trying to help these creators who are at their wits end. Ignoring these terrible people are just not working and instead they're coming back with death threats when they are ignored on alts. Apparently this started with horse creators first, over dragons. I'm not apart of that community or I'd drop store creators.
  2. I've been following this for some time, as well. I own Magican Productions. The fact that "furry" must be separated from SL standards and only get one to two categories is frankly rude as hell, imho, because you have like... 5 fantasy categories? But I digress, this is a new situation. We've been seeing flags (And by We, I mean VesperBloodwing and I, as we both work on the same creator team) for things that just keep coming through. There is NOTHING that seems to make either party happy and it's very detrimental to our businesses and extremely discouraging as a content creator. We want this stopped. This is blatant harassment and since we have no idea who is doing it, we can't just report the person directly for it. This must be looked at by the Lindens themselves.
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