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  2. If you're implying an underage user, you'd be sorely mistaken and guilty of a false report on absolutely zero evidence.
  3. Haha,, that would be great.... we could be the Bae and Jay z couple of Belli. with our baby and my grown step daughters that come around bitching about their mom and their dad my new hubby goin diva woman crazy lol,,
  4. Oh I see how big this is - I ARed this thread* and explained why I did so... because the sooner LL reacts the better... * not against you but to alert the Lindens on the situation. LL has the ability to remove the offending item from their servers... that would be one quick solution that will upset a lot (or maybe not I bet a lot general area shop owners will be angry as hell as well as they had put good faith into the company - I doubt they wanted to risk an AR)
  5. Were it possible to find every last participating General rated region, that could be done, but there's well over 100 participating places and no collected list of them all to even check against. I think you fail to see just how large this is, it's not a simple one and done...
  6. The Skirt, Top, Shoes, and hair each cost 1L.
  7. Don't know where else to ask and since @Marianne Little helped half of the Bellisseria community out with a link for grass for our sandy beach plots. I am looking for plates, bowls and cups that DON'T dissapear if you zoom out a inch. Anyone?
  8. I have photosensitive seizure activity too. It's one of the reasons why I tend to travel with my graphics turned all the way down and then adjust them gradually to determine safety. I keep particles off and avoid places known to be difficult. This keeps the triggers at a low enough intensity for me that I get build-up rather than a seizure, which gives me time to get away from it. If there's somewhere with flashing lights that I really want to be, I find a place to park my camera (the roof is often good) which keeps the moving lights off my screen. It's a way of being there for the company without putting my safety at too much risk. Something like screen flicker means SL is more tiring for me than many other computer activities (and computer is worse than non-screen of course). It means I have to watch myself, limit my time inworld and not allow myself to over do. Having to be careful all the time is wearing too, but my SL friends are the ones who've stuck by me through my illness and deterioration so I'm not going to let them go until I have to. It would be lovely if more venue-owners were aware of our needs and took them into account but of course it's never going to happen. It's not like they'll miss us or anything. Those of us who have these difficulties just have to find ways to keep ourselves safe and manage risk.
  9. I know which game this is and have played it. I tried to put myself in her shoes and can totally understand why @MsKayess is upset. The very thought of a child pulling garbage like this out of a body or water on a (G) rated region is at minimum poor judgement on the part of the game's creators. While she could avoid places in the past that were outside her comfort zone, the way this game works makes the possibility of catching one of these things unavoidable. Second Life already gets a bad rep for adult content and as we continue push these boundaries that could only get worse.
  10. 4 years ago i found this place where was this room as in snapshot and those plants made a sound when something touched them, if i remember correctly. I just went to see if the place is still there, it was in Hiaka, but the land is on sale where it was. If anyone knows this still is somewhere, would be nice to go visit that garden again. It was fun and interesting.
  11. Not sure if advertisement or word salad... ahh It's a complaint, takes awhile to understand but sounds legit. Err... AR and move on - condoms should not be given out in general areas ...
  12. Maybe you should have called Tilia support
  13. This is more like some games noting that online interactions aren't covered by the age rating. It's possible to assign an age rating to the set parts of the game, but you can't assign one to the behaviour of random other players. In the same way, it's not possible to know what someone will build with the tools in Second Life. It wouldn't be possible to have official warnings about every location, because there are too many and they're always changing. It is possible for the community to provide warnings or information where appropriate, which is where things fall down. There isn't a culture of that in SL. There's a reverse culture, where people will lie or evade questions about accessibility. "Are there a lot of tight spaces?" "Do the lights flash?" "Does this ride have fast movement?" "Do I need to use sound?" "Are there jump scares?" Which should be simple questions, but too many people assume that nobody really needs to know those things, so they lie about it to get people to visit anyway. Which results in people getting sick, having panic attacks, and so on.
  14. look for a "clump" object icon in your lost and found folder. If you abandon a home without picking everything up, it gets returned in one of these clumps that may be named something else. Rez at a sandbox if you find something like that! Things do get returned automatically.. usually instant, but sometimes it takes a few hours or even a day or so. Adding a picture to show the icon. These say they are trees, but there's actually probably about 100 other objects inside that clump. They're from property returns.
  15. We could have a list of naughty men to pass around.
  16. I finally got my home! and a traditional one! I randomly logged in and checked. I haven't been monitoring things this last week. and low and behold, there was one available and I actually got it when I clicked "accept"!!! - dances a happy dance....
  17. Now that I have your attention, a certain well known business in SL has recently launched another gridwide event. As part of this, people are able to buy things to place on their land and attract hunters and get a lot of traffic (at a rather high premium). To this point, they haven't limited who could or couldn't place things on their land, which meant as a hunter, you were free to avoid the parts of second life that may have been out of your comfort zone. The items that were able to be hunted ranged from easter eggs, shells, monsters, enchanted toys, wild animal families; all rather neutral items keeping it very friendly for all to join in on either end. This go round though, they've made it so that the hunt "items" are random item generators, and can (and do frequently) give out "booby prizes." We're now reaching the heart of the matter, with anyone able to join as a location for the hunt, that means all regions are able to participate, General, Moderate, and Adult. Among the random "booby prizes" is a used condom that to me and several others who I've questioned classifies as adult content, which would be a breach of the land rating for anyone that places one of these "dispensers." It also can, and already has caused a number of child avatars who would routinely participate not to do so this round on the grounds that it comes a little too close to the conditions laid out in the community standards. The company's stance is that it is not adult content, but as I stated, myself and several others disagree. So now I open it to you the masses, adult content, or not adult?
  18. Lol yes. Richard Parkes, Manly Man. Most of his threads got nuked by the mods, sadly, although two of the OPs (I think) were reposted at SLU. They were a lot of fun to write, and the threads that grew out of them were hilarious. I very briefly considered resurrecting dear old Richard in the run up to the US 2016 election . . . and thought better of it. Given the moderation here nowadays, he and I and everyone associated with us would probably be permabanned, even unto the 7th generation.
  19. You might have an old landmark to the old house. But if you have been assigned a Linden home since the previous one, everything on that old parcel would be in your lost and found folder maybe, if you didn't pick it up yourself. Nothing would be left behind once it reverts back to Linden ownership.
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