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  2. - AMD Ryzen 3 CPU (quad core at 3.4Ghz) - 8GB DDR4 RAM - 240GB SSD - NVidia 1050TI graphics card - Corsair case & power supply Im looking at the above to replace my desktop - would it run SL well? Thank you ❤️
  3. @Louminca waterhorse's for sure. They are great.
  4. Dakota, that's what happened for some people, myself included, but that isn't the issue. The issue is that (funny enough, I had it again just 5 minutes ago), even without clicking such a link, sometimes AFTER switching your language back to English it suddenly flips back to, in my case Japanese. Out of nowhere, when having MP open in English and then clicking an English link to a product, it opens that product page but flips to Japanese. I checked the links of some before clicking and they were designated with the /eng-en part in the link. And yet, after clicking then, they opened in Japanese... 🙂 Guess it's time for me to learn Japanese now!
  5. Want to buy a region and want to know if this is only placed to look. Don't want to mess with Linden Lab.
  6. Do i just need to keep refreshing the page? and if a new LL house is available will it be at the top of the list or do i need to click the drop down every time?
  7. There's plenty of options for anime avatars. If that's not something that interests you, there's the Orange Nova Nauha avatar. The downside to that is the lack of clothing support, although I imagine you could just use the head with another body, like the kemono. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Orange-Nova-Human-mesh-Nauha/6443775 Another option is the Avatar 2.0 from Utilizator. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/UTILIZATOR-Avatar-20-beta/2861916 This one has more clothing options available for it, the down side is that Utilizator apparently hates bouncing breasts, so the chest is not fitmesh. The face nad hands do use bento now though.
  8. If you have a lot of clothes from a single store, you can create one folder named after the store and drop everything from that store into it. Clothing is usually named in a way that all similar items will appear together in the folder. Then toss everything but the actual clothes such as landmarks, note-cards, etc. Another way is to organize by making a folder for each clothing type such as dresses, pants, shirts, shoes, etc and drop different clothing into each folder. As to starting the sorting project, you could make a single folder named "to be sorted" and toss all of your clothing folders, avatar parts folders, vehicles, houses, etc, into the folder. That way all of your old gear is separated from your avatar's current library and you can start buying new items without mixing them up with the old. From there, it's just a matter of taking a few minutes a day to sort through a few items and simply set it aside if you are distracted by something in SL. There's no need to sort everything in a single day.
  9. If you are on a wireless (like WiFi) connection, there could be something else around your physical location that could lower the quality of your connection. A new device in your home, a neighbor, etc.
  10. Hello. My horse's name is Ceres. She is a full grown draft horse. Being that her breed of horse is what as known as cold blooded horses I think she would do well as either a pet or a worker. Maybe even both. I do rp but I don't strictly rp so I'm looking for a family who has a nice balance of both worlds. I can voice chat but I rarely do because of a mild stutter that I am self-conscious about. I'm not saying I'll never voice chat but I am saying that if voice is needed to be a part of your family or community than I might not be a good pick. I would like to get to know you and even if we decide we may not be a good familial match I hope to at least make a few friends in this process if nothing else. Please contact me here or in world and we can meet up and chat.
  11. Today
  12. I want to get a horse. What are some favorite brands? I love this idea and want to join!
  13. You're right: the recompile is just on 'Save.' Setting it to not running means it just gets suspended (like when taking the object to inventory).
  14. This is 100% false. Unchecking the "Running" checkbox will not cause the script to be recompiled or reset when it's checked again. For proof, run this: default { state_entry() { integer counter; while(1) { llOwnerSay( (string)(++counter) ); llSleep(0.1); } } } This will count up forever without resetting. Script time will be 0ms when the script is off and the typical "Mono spike" isn't there when the script is turned back on unlike when you save/recompile the script. Heck, I'll run it for you: Obviously I'm not saying that this is practical or something to be expected of anyone to do.
  15. I'd like to see a Surfable wave and yacht club. Linden home Plane hangers!?
  16. @CoffeeDujour i get where you come from in this kinda conservation. You have a lot of ideas on all sorts of things. Like what if is and what if that, maybe this, maybe that, maybe not, could it work, if it can then how, if can't then why not, etc etc. I remember the conversation you started on here about a reputation currency for SL. That was a pretty interesting discussion about the topic though. I will burble a bit myself, starting from the premise: "If I was the boss of SL" Actions that could be construed as commercial. If I was the boss of SL then I would not change the covenant and I would for the time being go with the literal meaning of commerce. No vendor devices allowed, as vendor devices are wholely commercial. I would disallow tip jars on the basis that the property is not to be treated as a source of direct revenue earning. In the same way that sub-letting for L$ is not allowed i would allow show homes for now, as my immediate priority is getting regions completed for residents. Recognising also that people want content to fit out their homes. Show homes provide another way for people to find content to buy. As the boss of SL I would want people to buy content as easily and simply as possible. Show homes helps with this show homes for now as they are. Later on then No. No because I would make a Show Homes region(s). Non-transferable, tier paid parcels for content makers, claimed in the same way as the standard parcels. Brand and product signage allowed. Rezzers allowed. Vendor devices not allowed in the Show Homes. I would make it so that show/display products link to the owners Marketplace store item. As if I was the boss of SL then I want a piece of any sales as well. The more pieces of content sales I get the more easy it is for me, as the boss of SL, to reduce my reliance on tiers
  17. When you sell $L, the money goes into your $USD Balance in your account here in Second Life. To get it out of SL, you then need to do a "process credit" transaction. You can't use a debit or a credit card to receive the money; those cards are really only designed to work in one direction. You'll need to have a verified PayPal or Skrill account to transfer the $USD to.
  18. Don't forget those 3 days a year when the air isn't entirely saturated with water, that has to be a season .. right?
  19. It is my first time selling Lindens and I just did it. I used the Linden Exchange, where it says "Sell $L" I just wanted to make sure I did it right since it's money and didn't want to mess it up. I noticed it says "Sellers of L$ pay a fee of 3.50% per transaction. Proceeds will be credited to your US$ (Tilia) Account Balance." Does the money go back onto my debit card that is on file, or should I add a paypal account? Thank you in advanced!
  20. TIL that there is a "Today I Learned..." thread!
  21. Better yet, jusy type in the name you want, press 'Next', and then go back. From that moment onward, the house name will survive a refresh.
  22. I love sl seasons! I'm Rl florida and we have Hurricane season, Alligator season, Summer, more summer.
  23. It will just take a little while to get there, look at the regions that were in the first roll out, they are already holding pretty steady at quite comfortable numbers.
  24. ~SECONDLIFE's FINEST MUSIC CLUB~ MOnday party tonight to finish! So why stay at home, come down shake that body with us! We have the hottest DJs, Sexiest Host and the Friendliest VIPS~~ So if you want to have fun,while meeting great people.. THERE IS NO OTHER PLACE THAN SOHO~ GET YOUR MUSIC FIX... TAXI: https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ocean Tides/48/80/22
  25. Also, the server load of turning the scripts off, and then later on again, causing them to be reinitialized all over again (they're going to be recompiled each time you do, if you did the 'set to running' via the script editor), will far exceed the CPU load of all scripts' idle time put together. It's just not worth it. N.B. I've said this before, though, but I will gladly say it again: I do not like good ppl taken advantage of (even when the restriction is self-imposed), having them turn off their furniture scripts and what not, out of the goodness of their own heart, thinking they're helping combat sim lag, when, in fact, them doing so has a practical effect of almost zero. That's just not right. There's only one thing that will help: less AVI's. And I was really surprised to hear they upped the limit even, from 40 to 59. I had ere expected a new continent like Bellisseria to come with 'premium' performance too: aka, less AVI's allowed, instead of more.
  26. Yep! They're also a part of the community. Me, personally, I would rather be on an alt than my business avatar. Cuts down on chances of being harassed.
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