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  1. Thanks, thats very useful to know. I shall invest some in experimenting. Cheers.
  2. Normal mapping has arrived since I last looked. Been reading though threads about the various problems/ issues people have with their creation. So I was wondering how easy/hard it would be to import some stuff I created for Unreal Engine. The normal maps are generated either directly from Zbrush or using a standard high poly to low poly bake process in Max, all set to a tangent world space. The normal maps all work as expected in Max, Maya, Unreal and Unity. In theory, can I import these maps into SL and expect them to work out of the box or will they require some level of optimization? Than
  3. BlueTrianon wrote: I do remember that it was said that they were especially looking for people who have created experiences in SL. Beyond that, I'm sure being able to present skills in areas such as mesh creation (earlier groups were required to know Maya specifically, I believe, but I wouldn't be surprised if the next group were expanded out to 3DS Max, Blender, etc.) or C# would help. Has there been any official mention that other packages will be supported? I animate in Maya but hate modelling in it. It would be handy to have Max supported too.
  4. I think he did a good enough job considering the circumstances and the state of SL when he took over. When he was hired I would not have believed he would take the company as far as 2014. For a while there he seemed to breathe a bit of life and drive back into LL even if it was partially focused on products other than SL. Unfortunately LL and SL in particular needed someone to do more than just a "good enough" job. SL needed a visionary that would revitalise, if not revolutionise the whole product in order to regain the mass appeal we experienced during the boom years. Rod completely failed to
  5. I got slapped in the face by Lily Allen, before she was famous. I was working as a bouncer at a club called the Camden Palace in London. Must have been 2001 or 2002 Lily and a group of girls were trying to get into the club. I asked for ID on the door as she was clearly under age. She did not have ID and immediately started ranting at me. Shouting things like, "Do you know who I am", "Do you know who my dad is?" and generally threatening to get me fired / beaten up / shot in the face. She then told me that her dad was Keith Allen (which retrospectively is how I now know she was Lily Allen). s
  6. Orca Flotta wrote: In every blog and every discussion about SL Prok is used as an example for the negative sides of SL. Over-exaggerate much?
  7. I finally got mine, was 12 days in total. Not the end of the world I suppose.
  8. Czari Zenovka wrote: What type of books would you be selling and would you be *only* selling books? I would sell the type of book that looks awesome and interesting and unique when sat on the shelf or put on display. As for the content of the book, that doesn't matter....can stick any old tripe in there. I would also sell funky bookcases that complimented the varying style of books.
  9. Amethyst Jetaime wrote: A nice idea but one that will not be profitable. Challenge accepted. I bet you 1000 USD I could set up a book shop in SL and make it profitable in a month. :matte-motes-big-grin:
  10. I was quite annoyed when they banned pick gaming after GSA 6 was rolled out. I had held the number one ranking on keywords such as houses, homes, and stores and had a good system in place to ensure I was attracting the majority of those people prostituting their profiles for a few L$. The ban came into effect, and as a good citizen who tries reasonably hard to abide by the TOS I stopped gaming picks. Overnight I lost my rankings and my listings were buried and I was left floundering around for weeks trying to make sense of the new search engine in an effort to successfully abuse it again. May
  11. Man, having an automated system would have given me a decisive advantage, especially as it was little old me against a group of people. Unfortunately this took place before your time I think, I was at very start of my gaming exploits and I remember dwell was one of the things I was gaming. I rekon it was must have been late 2005, early 2006. By the end of 2006 I had left the mainland entirely and was on private estates. I hated mainland by then as that was when the spam fest was in full swing. Dickheads cutting up parcels into tiny plots and filling them all with massive ads boards. I returned
  12. Perrie Juran wrote: Some of that goes back to the old problem of a lack of any sense of zoning on the Mainland. People used to be virtually forced off their parcels when someone would open a Club rendering the SIM almost unlivable because of the lag fest. I believe in being a good neighbor myself, but not everyone does this. Can really suck at times. I actually encountered this exact scenario on a mainland plot back my early days. I owned half of the region which had a prefab store on it, a new club opened up on the other half. The increase in lag was instantaneous for me and at p
  13. Pamela Galli wrote: Cool. What is it? It is a new piece of Software that is going to be demo'd at SIGGRAPH in November of this year, SIGGRAPH is a large annual graphics conference To be honest there is not much more info I have found beyond that, although I didn't look for long. I expect there will be allot more reviews of this software come Nov.
  14. Chosen Few wrote: It'll be interesting to see how quickly this sort of technology evolves to the point where the automation actually can match, or even surpass, the human artist. Indeed. And when you consider the implicaitons of this technology combined with 3D printing, in 10 years time anyone with the approproate kit could possibly create a 3D model and print it out with only a mininal skillset.
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