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  1. I just searched “How to do temp local upload” and the first result was me, asking the same question 10+ years ago. That’s funny!
  2. On that wiki page you linked it says: Under "Display Settings": Tonemapping - Function: ACES However ACES is not an option in the function list. https://helpx.adobe.com/substance-3d-painter/features/post-processing/tone-mapping.html I ended up creating a custom shader that generally matches but now I’m wondering, why is the ACES tone mapping function suggested when it’s not an option and did I miss something obvious? Edit to add - maybe that wiki info was for an older version of Painter? You can set up an ACES color space during project setup.
  3. Yeah I guess that’s true. It would bother my slightly autistic brain though, I would have to change everything.
  4. Gosh, imagine being a mesh content creator who has to check all their items to see if the Li has changed and then update all their marketing and listings to reflect the new Li.
  5. In 2005 I bought my first mainland plot and put down a house. On the 1st day of ownership I returned home after a shopping expedition and found a fox humping a squirrel in the middle of my living room. That was pretty f’ing weird.
  6. LOL it's such a bad idea. Terrain I could understand, but all textures is ridiculous. Them Lindens be trippin.
  7. It looks like we are getting 2048 textures on the main grid soon, so that will give you better results if your are not worried about texture load time.
  8. Regarding the devaluation of content as SL has aged, I think it would help to only allow people on premium subscription to sell content on the SL marketplace. This would increase subscriptions for LL and desaturate the MP of content by a huge volume instantly. With less content to choose from, creators could have the potential to increase prices.
  9. I returned recently after leaving in 2012 and I must admit I am somewhat captivated by the increased size of womens’s arses in SL during my abscence. Not from a sexual standpoint, but more a practical one. I am left wondering, will those arses fit through the front doors of my old prefabs? Will they fit on my old furniture? I seriously have “arse size” written on a todo list of things I need to learn more about before creating new content. I also wonder if there are niche content creators who create homes and furniture to accommodate the extra big booties because I have seen some whoppers since my return.
  10. My ancient old avatar doesn't have any genitals. I’m as smooth as an action man down there. Sleep easy ladies, you won’t be getting any dick pics from me.
  11. Freaky Fridays. Everybody randomly switches avatars for 24 hours every friday.
  12. When I went to the Glastonbury this past summer it was really cool seeing David Hockney's new artwork incorporating AI, displayed on the Pyramid Stage. It’s a shame I didn't meet him in person, I could have told him what a “wannabe clown artist” he is.
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