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Bellisseria Videos by Pring Productions

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On 10/9/2020 at 2:45 PM, PrudenceAnton said:

A note from the editor and creator:  Mental illness is no laughing matter.  For centuries, the mentally ill where treated with disdain and pushed out of society, discarded and rejected, the forsaken of our society. This video in no way is meant to discard the seriousness of mental health and those who are suffering, struggling, and their loved ones who support them.

I was contacted privately regarding the title of the video. I take sole responsibility for the title and wish to state here, the use of the word was never intended to take lightly of mental health or those afflicted by it. I, myself, have lived with the struggle of mental health issues for the majority of my life and we all learn to deal with how we face things, whether its turning away from words and terminology that bother us, or face them head on.  I will share some of my private reply on the video and its title.

Triggered - 

Thank you for the response to the video.  The word, asylum was taken from one of the buildings in Millbank.  Merriam Webster defines the term as such: asylum somewhat old-fashioned an institution providing care and protection to needy individuals (such as the infirm or destitute) and especially the mentally ill.

Although the video was directed at attention to the moles amazing work and the spirit of Halloween, it was not intended to make light of anyone suffering from mental health issues or related connections.  I, myself, have suffered with mental issues for 41 years of my life. I also, decades ago, self volunteered to commit myself for mental observation for over a week.  It is a very serious issue, and a century ago, they understood so little of what they feared and looked at it as being a contagion, more than a condition.

Also in the title is the word 'forsaken', Merriam Webster defines this word as such: forsaken - abandoned or deserted.

The title in my own eyes was viewed as a tribute to those suffering mental illness, the stereotypes and such, that most, even to this day, wish to turn a blind eye to, for lack of understanding or being able to connect to people suffering, often in silence and alone.

I thank you for bringing this up and I will put a note attachment to the video for this, or any other misunderstandings. I'm sorry for the pain you have gone through yourself, I do understand. Much love to  you and your loved ones.



This is my statement here regarding the video's title and content. I will not make further replies on this or turn it into a discussion on this thread and politely ask others if they wish to continue a discussion regarding mental health issues, to start a new thread and keep this one for the Bellisseria videos we produce.

Sincere regards, 

Prudence Anton

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2 hours ago, Chloe Dolores said:

I am big on mental health issues I lost my RL partner to suicide - it affects my everyday and I completely understand what you have written here - I sometimes get triggered by Halloween decor items used by neighbours in SL and had to sidestep some of the Millbank things for personal reasons.  So not alone - but there are lots of blurry lines over how people see and use these themes at Halloween I think we might all still have someway to go. I think the creators make great video content but Halloween always throws up some grey areas for me. 

I am so sorry for your loss.

I appreciate your reply to my comment. 

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9 minutes ago, Aisleyne said:

I am so sorry for your loss.

I appreciate your reply to my comment. 

Thank you - the videos they make are good - with good intent. I recognised what you were saying there and wanted to say so. It's a discussion forum we all have a voice :)

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I note that there are several reactions on the other posts and now comments about how wonderful Pru & Cian's productions are... yet none on my post. 

Much talk is made about supporting others when they are suffering from Mental Health problems, yet I have spoken out about being affected by the video and I am basically ignored and the conversation is shut down with the suggestion of a new thread if there is to be further discussion.

A public acknowledgement or at the very least a direct reply would have been appreciated but instead I am shown an impersonal reply which was privately sent to another person who was triggered. 



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