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  1. I have them, they in a folder under BB and Manga trees
  2. Haha, again? I saw we both left the other place. We both kept that very long.
  3. I have same and it is an issue since I sent the invite to myself, to have rights on a land owned by an alt. Any solutions yet?
  4. Coral Cottage went, just got my dream home on an alt... Woohoo though.
  5. The struggle of my whole Linden Home journey. Sadly all the "Halleluiah Home" I grab on alts. I try to stay, but I just want my main to have the perfect home and retire the alts. As far as switching at the moment, I feel the system is upside down now, specially in stilt regions. One minute you grab a brand new release, then you somewhere in the middle of nowhere again. Or the same over and over. I would never try to switch my perfect home right now.
  6. Can I bring up Emerson LAKE again?
  7. Just picked this up at Access. Second Life Maps | ACCESS I think it is cute. 2 Prims. Gift from Your dreams. (YD)
  8. Vicy going at 5 am SLT http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Effing Parade/56/220/28
  9. Sooo, since it quiet here. I just grabbed this. Letting it go at 5.20. West facing, open view. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tern Key/96/184/15
  10. Emerson LAKE, The region with NO LAKE. I will never forget this one!
  11. Idk, I was wishing Maybe put the superduper people on a region with less houses?
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