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  1. I note that there are several reactions on the other posts and now comments about how wonderful Pru & Cian's productions are... yet none on my post. Much talk is made about supporting others when they are suffering from Mental Health problems, yet I have spoken out about being affected by the video and I am basically ignored and the conversation is shut down with the suggestion of a new thread if there is to be further discussion. A public acknowledgement or at the very least a direct reply would have been appreciated but instead I am shown an impersonal reply which was privatel
  2. I am so sorry for your loss. I appreciate your reply to my comment.
  3. I am quite sure I'm going to be in the minority here but - I'm offended by the Asylum themed video! The video shows an Asylum with what I assume is a deranged girl locked in a cage! This type of stigmatising, stereotypical portrayal of mental health contributes to people not seeking the help they need! I presume the other characters are deranged mental patients?? I also presume we are to believe that there is nothing more frightening than a mental patient in an Asylum at Halloween?? To me this isn't Halloween fun and surely something else could have been produced that d
  4. I've landed several properties of all sorts which were posted on the thread and not once have I ever had unwanted visitors. I think most people will do a quick check on the map and if the land is named and is no longer Linden Home that's the end of it. Maybe these people have other reasons to drop in on you? Did you ever ask them?
  5. So let me get this right - your suggestion of "coming at things with the slightest better attitude" is to message the owner of a big land group and kindly ask if you can please have one of their homes if they ever give it up? Ok well I did message one of them and I was met with abuse and then I got a message from the persons daughter who accused me of being nasty to her Mum (which I wasn't) I said I just wanted to understand why they wanted/needed so many homes and at that point she offered me a home on the condition I didn't leave it! I declined as it somehow felt like my silence was being
  6. When I initially thanked you for making this thread I was under the impression that you and your partner couldn't actually get a home NOT that you had certain preferences that need to be met before you accept a home! I talked with a friend this morning and as she was downgrading one of her alts I suggested to her she that she offer you a sweet vic she'd found, but she now tells me it didn't suit as it wasn't on water, it was close to water both front and back and on a corner spot yet didn't meet with your criteria. 😳 So your actual frustration isn't with the fact you can't get a home b
  7. You obvs don't properly understand what/who we're talking about when we talk about the land group. We are all aware it's "not even possible to own LH as group" You try living across the street from someone who has 5 tacky houses facing your view then see how you like it before you start commenting.
  8. https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Rabelais/28/184/0 Any for anyone who didn't like my last offering... I now have a Trad which is on a corner. Not much of an outlook and not much privacy but it could be just what someone is looking for. Going now.
  9. https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Carders Mill/136/100/0 Ok people I am throwing this one back into the pot. Click now for a lovely little victorian spot which suits the Doyle perfectly. Across the road you can view the water and a pink house with numerous lighted trees. Inside the house are numerous lights which you may choose to derender and while you're at it cam into the living area to enjoy the woodland animals and foliage. Not much of a neighbourly feel as I doubt anyone lives there... nor in the houses either side of it which are also owned by the same people. Ed
  10. I always have to laugh when people feel the need to announce their departure from a Forum. I wonder if they expect others to plead with them not to go! It also seems to me that it's ok for some people to have emotions related to Forum content about others showing hate and anger yet when the minority show any emotion at all in regard to not getting a home or finding their new home faces FIVE houses owned by a LH Collector with tacky taste they are quickly told to file an AR and/or pipe down. Perhaps if you find your dream log home is suddenly surrounded by someone with multiple home
  11. It's obvs ok if YOU "discuss garbage" and don't stick to the topic though!! 😳
  12. Thank You for making this thread. Many times I was told to pipe down when I started being vocal about the multiple alt home owners in the other thread and in the end I just gave up talking about it. I had quite a few forum lurkers contact me in-world expressing their anger about the situation who were actually too scared to come onto the forum because of fear of backlash. I downgraded this avatar because of the whole situation. I was lucky enough to get quite a few beautiful homes on release day but my happiness was short lived when I realised I was living next door to the alts of th
  13. The person who quoted my post after I removed it contacted me and we talked in a personal message... and she removed the quote!! I have moved on both from this subject and from the region, yet here we are on ANOTHER day and YOU are still going on about it and quoting me! It seems you are the one with the issue. If you are tired of drama then please let it be and don't read my posts. Just as you all tell me to not look at something that annoys me then please do the same.
  14. I took my post down as I knew it would be met with anger and yet you still quote it!! I could not help but look as I was right across the street from them!! Perhaps I should have spent hours derendering everything eh?! 😳 I have moved on just as I moved on from North Wall when they all took up residence there.
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