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  1. Oh mah gah!! I almost died of cuteness here!! Its an amazing collection you did Gis!! Here my contribution.... lol The first time VareHammie felt asleep on ma roof! I think was the lil kitten's fault... too cozy! So I let him a blanket and a pillow cause we don want him to get a cold, right?! (and Miss Hammie has a lil knife so we should treat him right! *runs)
  2. Oh noes! *cries while packs her bags to search for Slendie 😭
  3. At least now the "orange clouds" will have their own names. lol *smashes her popcorn and watches them becoming persons
  4. Thank you SlendHammie! You made ma fur glow!! 😁
  5. @PrudenceAnton Yes! this is it! Also I'd like to reinforce that each premium account can give you mainland sqm OR a LH. But unfortunately I have to agree with @Sparkle Bunny about the pathological compulsion to have ALL the houses. And thats the main issue here. Thats why so many complaining and whining and cryings and in my case, vents. And @Trinity1776 also wrote brilliant about it. And about the "few scenarios" we are here long enough to dont doubt a thing. Fact is, we all know what TOS cover and what it doesnt cover. We all know what we can and what we can but shouldnt. Even the ones
  6. @PrudenceAnton You are safe! lol And the skilled decorator that just snap fingers and magic beautiful done is you! ðŸĨ° Im the turtle, you know! lol So it is absolutely normal to see things at other people houses, you have the very good Homes tour, I love to see peoples decor and it is always a refreshing memory too "oh I have this!" But you know I was talking about persons tha copy too much and claim "their ideas". Seeing the house of my former neighbor all copied as I saw made my stomach sick... ðŸĪĒ
  7. Ohmagah I am just reading this kind of topics for so long, avoiding like crazy to write my opinions cause frankly, I dont see they will matter in a place tha everybody seems to stick with their owns and just fight for it no matter if with good valid points or just using their vocabulary skills to try to conceal a good point like we are a bunch of morons or just to twist others words. And as you can see and some already know me, I have no english skills so.... But now I feel like writting as a "vent". If you agree, good! If not, sights! For those that will read anyways, I appreciate it in advan
  8. Awesome spot, Slendie! Congrats! 🎉ðŸĨģ And don move anymore you getting me dizzy!!! hahaha 💖
  9. What a sharp Mole next to a sharp Slendie! Oh wait, where is my sharp mole bear?! 😁
  10. Slendie be Nice n Evil! Bring us some tea! 😁
  11. Its a turtle fan of Slendie that tattooed his symbol just because it can! ðŸĪŠ
  12. Slendie you missed ma bday, now I'll show ya EviI, you own me beeeeg!!! 😈 Lies! Still luffs ya! ðŸĪŠ
  13. Damn I do need to get used to Roman new looks! Roman!!!!
  14. Oh noes!!! Stap the engines!! Freeze the time!! It cant happen!!
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