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How does your avatar look today ?


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10 hours ago, Juan Marques said:

and a more closer one .. ( sizes are a bit ehm.. high)


Nice house! Scarlet Creative mayhaps?


3 hours ago, Kalegthepsionicist said:

Our cute baby..

Happy familyHappy family

like father, like son

Dude! I dunno. I think it needs a skin.


2 hours ago, Katherine Heartsong said:

The other "me" ... he gets 1% of my SL time, if that.


So handsome!!! Mine still only has a demo skin. 


18 hours ago, PheebyKatz said:


Just another day in the neighborhood.


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33 minutes ago, SorachaNicEoghain said:

That's who he's hiding from. 

Yes, some DO eat the male afterwards...So it is NEVER truly safe to...

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On 2/28/2023 at 11:49 AM, Rowan Amore said:

Monday Already?


This is exactly the look I imagine for you as scan over . . . certain posts . . . in General Discussion.

Your facial animation HUD has a "We Are Not Amused" setting?

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