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How does your avatar look today ?


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On 2/20/2023 at 10:53 AM, Marigold Devin said:

I know certain people here get a bit pivved off when others make comments, but I don't come in all that often and some pictures just require a bit more than a click. This is another stand out one for me. I love how your avatar is almost camouflaged against the wall art. Smashing colours.

Personally, I love it when people make comments on my pics. It tells me they are interested enough to say something.

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6 hours ago, Hunter Stern said:

You should hear the noisy response I get when a nooby gets their first house and has voice on as their friends try to help them figure out how to get away from the big bad spider. I pass them an extra flame thrower and then make a run for it as they usually set the rest of the region on fire.


the guy in that second video is nuts if you look in his channel deeper he was keeping tank full of redbacks in his home

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On 2/20/2023 at 5:54 PM, Conifer Dada said:

Two pictures taken at Altitude ClubAltitude 11.jpg

Altitude 07a.jpg

I saw you inworld many times and everytime I think "Wow, she has such a simple yet stunning Avatar", you're unique and I love that! Without any mesh (except hair)! Awesome 😍

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56 minutes ago, SorachaNicEoghain said:

Wow Kaleidescape! Love the new profile pic! How many cool kats do we have on the forum now? 

And yeah, she's totally rocking Tina 😍

that is the old picture  hang on the wall, IMG_20230224_153117.thumb.jpg.c10695f1d6c685ffc20d26130fb98528.jpgi take when I went to my friend home

unlike the lion, tiger often hidden and act silently,
tiger is the symbol  of elegant ability

the picture mean to govern / rule  elegantly


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