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How does your avatar look today ?


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2 minutes ago, Hunter Stern said:

trying out different hairs. this particular one comes from a store named LAG.

   But does it hit your framerate? 

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My Current avatar from 2008 on the left originally had Muircastle as her last name. I recently requested to get my original Avatar from 2006 back Deborah Reisler. Nothing was left the inventory was blank everything you see was recently purchased lol. Spent more in the last 2 days then i did in the 1 year i had her.



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So, a while ago a ran across a collection of Ancient Egyptian love poetry, reconstructed from fragments of surviving papyrus. it's simple, but really lovely, and I've been planning to do a pic based on at least one of them for a while.

So, this is it -- not at all in my usual style (eek! colours!), but it was fun to do. The verse rendering is my own adaptation of portion of the text of this particular poem.


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16 hours ago, Hathoria said:



I know certain people here get a bit pivved off when others make comments, but I don't come in all that often and some pictures just require a bit more than a click. This is another stand out one for me. I love how your avatar is almost camouflaged against the wall art. Smashing colours.

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I really want to comment on a whole lot more of the photos. They're great.
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