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The VaNiTy ThReAd

Wilhiam Hydraconis

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Venus Petrov wrote:

Peewee, is that your partner or an alt?  Whichever, I love how unique he looks (not scary at all....as I back away slooooowly).  hehe


Its the me that comes out to deal with difficult customers & security. For some reason people don`t tend to argue with him, I dunno why  lol 9.gif

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valerie Inshan wrote:

Another of your adorable fresh pictures Venus! It must be still very warm where you live to make want laying on the grass!

The nighs are starting to get a bit chilly here so here I was last night getting comfy by the fire.

Chilly?  I'm coming to live with you... we're just getting into the worst of the heat where I live.

So, I was sitting out on my sister's little island the other day... just relaxing and trying to enjoy the breeze (and playing around with the windlight presets)...


...when, all of a sudden, this strange fog rolled in, blocking out the sun...


... then, the sky turned red and this bright light appeared out of nowhere...


...it just got brighter and brighter, taking on a strange hue...


...eventually, everything turned red... I was scared out of my mind...


...then, all of a sudden, I woke up... it was nighttime and everything was fine...


...it was just a bad dream.  I swear... no more Taco Bell before I sit out in the hot sun... lol.


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thank you.. I've been telling her how amazing her work is for a long time ;)

the girl is ME.. the wolf is a friend in his Lycan avi.. she shot us in front of a blue screen and took it from there..

she creates in PS.. and yes she has a flickr page.. here is the link..


Most of the poses shes done are original creations shes made with her *any poser*.



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JoJo Moeleneaux wrote:

Wicked, that pic is just so wonderful.

There's been so many amazing pics from the guys and the girls.

And I just love, love, love this bikini. Wildcat, you certainly should be getting a commission for the increased sales :smileyhappy:


Thank you JoJo.. I have to say that pic is one of my fav's.

Lovely bikini pic.. we have the same taste.. I have that same color I LOVE it!



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