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  1. We don't really have cheerleaders in the UK, Maybe because us Brit just tend to politly clap rather than cheer, that way we dont spill our cups of tea. Could you have politly-clap-leaders? Anyway I had so much fun I made a team/group (whatever the plural is) of politly-clap-leaders.
  2. absolutly gorgesous, why cant my kitties be as cute as you?
  3. Sorry I should have explained better what I mean by natural, I totally agree everything comes from the earth at some point so it is natural in that respect and I don't see my computor as 'unnatural' . I guess what I mean is being outside make you closer to to the tides and rhythems of the earth you know its late summer/early auterm because you can experiance it. You can pick fruit to eat, hear leaves crunching, see bare fields . Sitting indoors with the heating on you cant experiance these things, and in SL althought their is a day cycle, you have have the ability to manipulate it so you can literally goe from bright sunny beach to a winter woodland at night in less than a miniute, seasons and phases havelittle meaning. when you consider that magic in RL relys on phases alot (especially lunar) how does that work in SL when the moon is always full? certain things are btter done at night, but does night have the same meaning when you can just click a button and its dark?
  4. I have pretty much given up on looking for pagan groups in SL, most seem very fluffy or based towards beginners, which is great, its just worrying when quite a few don't know what they are talking about. I am very aware I sound like a snob, but being an active member in my local pagan community as well as being a point of contact for people who are interested in magic and paganism and want to find out more in my area, I get really angry when someone flicks though a glittery book and think it would be cool t be a witch or even worse a HPS without doing any research and then just spout utter drivle. So that is why I have avoided most of the fluff on SL. Another reason is that paganism and magic is a natural thing, I do all my rituals outside (even if its a blizzard outside in the middle of January) and sitting behind a computer screen is the antithesis of this. Since SL is a world in itself I would separate it from RL completely in terms of magic. I don't think magic performed in SL could effect RL and vice versa so and magic that is performed should be done within the limitation of the world we manifest it. This is what my instincts say, but I am interested in hearing other ideas about this. As for Magical places, I think it depends on the effort put in the time and energy someone spend to make a place beautiful is what makes it magical. SL doesn't have ley lines or ancient temple, nor does it have solid objects that can absorb energy the same way as standing stones do. So the energy that does resonate is the love and commitment that has been put into creating it.
  5. Delete the landmarks, textures and notecards that are included in new purchases (some creators even put multiple of these with their products), if you need to visit the store again you can always 'inspect' the item to get the creaters profile and look for a LM in there pics. Have one folder in your inventory as 'too sort' put all new items in there until you can try it on, adjust it and delete what you dont want. Take pics of thing and store these in an texture organisor (if you have spent 300L$ on a top you can spend another 10L$ on a picture of it) this saves having to try multiple things on becaue you cant remember what they look like. Once photographed put the item in an inventory organisor, things with multi parts like shoes can be boxed first. Put textures in organisors, box back up copies just in case. Things like furniture that you dont use often can be boxed Try on every hair in a fat pack, and delete that vile lime green one you know you will never wear. Try on all your hairs/skins/clothes at least once a year, quality improves so quickly in SL, it is very unlickly you will ever wear that freebie skin you got 3 yrs ago. Label everything CLEARLY so you know what is in it.
  6. Watching Red Riding Hood inspired me. The pose blue screened in my studio, one copy of the pic was turned black and white, in the other i removed everything which was not red. this was then pasted on top of the black and white image. The whole thing was the pasted again on a image of woodland i took in world and turned black and white. To make it more natural looking I played with lighting effects and 'soft glow'
  7. I've not been inworld for a while so here is one from the archives.
  8. Dk and Lt most probably mean dark and light in regards to eyebrows, Dark brows woud match darker hair colours, whereas light would go with blond. I am guessing means cleavage, some designers put extra shading around that area so you look more or less busty. Here is and example (all 3 skins are worn on the same shape) F most likely means freckles
  9. saw these great street lamps on the collaber88 region. So headed out to the dream scene sim for moody gothy-ness 
  10. Wow, must check this tread more regularly, some amazing pics. Who makes thoses bikinis? does anyone have a slurl or marketplace link? Anyway 4 for the price of one The same idea, but I took this one about 6mths ago
  11. I was talking about this very topic a few days ago, weird huh! I didnt grow up in a tradition 2 parent family and so saw the idea of 2 people being together forever as behind the times and frankly a bit boring. I was a liberal teenager and didnt ever see myself ever settling down with just one person. Famous last words. I met my current partner when I was 18 and we have been together now for 11 yrs. We have an open relationship (something I insisted upon when we got together), yet for the past 4 years we have both choosen to be monogamious. I think it is the grass is always greener scenario, you want what you cant have, and because we can have other people we know that we are happiest with each other. Whilst I have been with other people, it was never a one night stand and I always had feelings for my lovers, yet dispite this there have been occassions when I wished I was in my husbands arm not theirs. Why am I telling you this? well I think the point is that it doesnt matter if you are monogamous or not its the person you choose to be with and the relationship you have, honesty, stability and trust are things that are important, not the fact you have sex with no one else. If you cant be honest and open about what you need in a relationship (whether it be the opportunity to experiance sexual freedom or something else like the desire to have a career and not be a house wife for example) then it doesnt matter if you are monogamous or not, the relationship is doomed.
  12. *runs to the shops with a cushion tied across the rear - just to be safe*
  13. @ Valerie & Venus - not seen that film, which as a film student is terrible
  14. Was watching Nikita and had the urge too ...
  15. Stunning pictures Wicked, I am inspired to get out my fairy wings and go play!
  16. Just like RL people come and go. If they were a close friend I would hope they would have said something befoe they left but sometime RL gets in the way and you just dont have time to log in.
  17. Maya - Lingerie or dress thats absolutly gorgesous, great pic!
  18. Well gimped, but its the same thing, my laptop is too old for anything but the basic graphic settings :matte-motes-crying:
  19. I dont know if this pic is ok, if you want me to remove it please just say.
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