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  1. We don't really have cheerleaders in the UK, Maybe because us Brit just tend to politly clap rather than cheer, that way we dont spill our cups of tea. Could you have politly-clap-leaders? Anyway I had so much fun I made a team/group (whatever the plural is) of politly-clap-leaders.
  2. absolutly gorgesous, why cant my kitties be as cute as you?
  3. Watching Red Riding Hood inspired me. The pose blue screened in my studio, one copy of the pic was turned black and white, in the other i removed everything which was not red. this was then pasted on top of the black and white image. The whole thing was the pasted again on a image of woodland i took in world and turned black and white. To make it more natural looking I played with lighting effects and 'soft glow'
  4. I've not been inworld for a while so here is one from the archives.
  5. saw these great street lamps on the collaber88 region. So headed out to the dream scene sim for moody gothy-ness 
  6. Wow, must check this tread more regularly, some amazing pics. Who makes thoses bikinis? does anyone have a slurl or marketplace link? Anyway 4 for the price of one The same idea, but I took this one about 6mths ago
  7. *runs to the shops with a cushion tied across the rear - just to be safe*
  8. @ Valerie & Venus - not seen that film, which as a film student is terrible
  9. Was watching Nikita and had the urge too ...
  10. Stunning pictures Wicked, I am inspired to get out my fairy wings and go play!
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