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  1. Try entering only the first 16 characters of your password, it should work then.
  2. Hewwoooooooooo!!! Yay I is alive!!! hehe Howdy Val, Charlotte, Pudgy, Nyll, Hippie, Caitlin & jacki...I have missed you all too, I keep meaning to pop in, but where does the time go?? I figured was a good time to take a little break for a couple of weeks, as we had more people answering questions than asking them for a change...which is AWESOME!!!....and then all of a sudden 9 months went by lol Could be that starting another job on top of the 3 I already had, might explain why there doesn`t seem to be enough hours in the day to do everything. But I think of y`all often & Bee is
  3. Great, I hope they can get it fixed for you. Let us know what caused it if you find out, thats very strange. Good luck
  4. Thanks to Ruth, none of us can ever say we have completely shaken our newbness.
  5. Dresden Ceriano wrote: ROFLMAO!!!! ...Dres *is speechless* (You could have warned me so I'd have a speech prepared.) hehe you so purdy
  6. Always good to see people offering help to newbies, though your info about skins is not very accurate. When you buy a decent skin it will either be "no copy" or "no transfer" (usually no transfer), so people cannot simply be nice and give you a copy of their skin. They are lots of fairly decent freebie skins out there that people do often give away so you were probably given one of those & some of the skins that you find in your "initial outfits" in your library are awesome compared to past newbie skins.(though they do have modesty underwear on them so they aren`t always practical). Most
  7. They do occasionally rollback a few mins or an hour or two without being requested, its extremely annoying if you are building, but I have never heard of a sim being rolled back a month or even a week, in fact you can`t even request a rollback that far, you should get in touch with the consierge, something is very wrong there.
  8. The group accounts should offer some clue as to where the charge originated & also what the amount of the total charge was, if it has been divided between members.
  9. AdaHendrix wrote: they mean land in the sky where you can put your own home down.they are more private and a lot cheaper. If you are talking of renting a deck in the sky that you can put your house on & the price is very cheap, then I would check that it is not someone that has multiple decks at different heights on the same plot, because you may find that is the reason it is so cheap & you will not have things like your own media streams & access lists or very easy prim management.
  10. Firstly, you should remove her name from your post. If she is the owner of a rental group, check her profile or the group, for other partners or managers & see if any have her edit perms & could help you out. as she is not around. I would also file an AR everyday until its gone.
  11. Skyland? You want to rezz a skybox on your land? You can do that on any parcel, you buy the land on the ground & you own it up to 4096m. Imagine a land parcel as a big tall box and you own all the space inside it, so you can put your skybox at any height up to 4096m.
  12. Dresden Ceriano wrote: No way... I WILL be queen of the forum one day... this is an inevitability... lol. ...Dres Err..what do you mean "one day"?
  13. The 10,10,10 thing is just another inidcation that you are not yet correctly logged in. If you could see behind the login screen while it is is black & loading, you would see that we are all logged in at 10,10,10 & once you are correctly connected to your true location the login screen vanishes and you see yourself in the right place. Your login screen is vanishing before that has happened & you are still trying to get connected to the region. It could be a connection issue with your computer or something lagging your avatar, such as too many active gestures, some dodgy attachmen
  14. Choice of avatar is as varied as the ways in which people use SL. Not everyone that chooses a furry does so for the same reason or everyone that chooses to have a human avatar of the opposite gender to RL. For some SL is a fantasy, for others its a reflection of themselves, others like to experience life & people`s reactions to them from the opposite side of the fence to RL...Thin/fat, male/female, disabled/ablebodied, gay/straight, human/nonhuman, even rich/poor. The theory that no two people are the same is as true in SL as it is in RL, even if they "appear" to be more the same in SL.
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