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  1. Nothing beats a mint slice biscuit in my books, mind you I am partial to a ginger snap or two (aussie equivalent of the ginger nut). You can dunk these but ever so lightly :-) light, crisp chocolate biscuit base, a thick layer of delicious mint cream and a beautiful smooth coating of dark chocolate :matte-motes-delicious:
  2. Hi Desirae, I'm not sure if this would do any good but have you tried discussing it with your neighbor, you never know, it may help. Another thing you could do is derender the blocks and tell your tenants to do the same until something more practical can be worked out. That won't help you with potential tenants though but it's something that may help your enjoyment of your land and view in the meantime. Someone else will no doubt come along and have other suggestions for you. Hope it works out. ________ Edited to fix typos.
  3. Well that's just the cutest darn rat I've ever seen :smileyvery-happy: You're welcome Keli, it was good to see you too or see the flower body paint on your see-through avi. I didn't actually see you lol. Fabulous idea btw.
  4. Lovely outfit Keli and a beautiful pic :matte-motes-smile:
  5. Thanks Hippy, had a great time. Thanks too to everyone who provided their time and talent :-)
  6. I can't imagaine but what ever it was, it looks like it may have been painful :smileywink:
  7. Hang on a sec, that's a little unfair. Neither Phil or Dres are doing anything other that pointing out how rude the op's responses were to someone who offered some advice. Whether or not the advice was of value to the poster should not be a reason to use the tone the op did ________________________________________________ Edited to clarify it was the op I was talking about as far as tone.
  8. lolols great shots Charolotte, I never get weird effects on my last screenshots :matte-motes-frown:
  9. I'll play :smileyvery-happy: Minus a half a head lol. I was adjusting the position on this skirt.
  10. Phil Deakins wrote: I understood those comments to refer to other places, such as group chat. I agree and that it is why I raised it. I just didn't see it happening in this thread :matte-motes-smile:
  11. I did and I still don't see users of TPVs bashing the LL viewers. Perhaps my interpretation of bashing is different to others but I interpret it to mean an attack and I didn't see anyone attacking. The context of the statements that Perrie (thanks Perrie) has summarized were pertaining to personal preference, I don't feel they were hateful or attacking, imo they were just pointing out what those posters belief are the flaws in some of the LL viewers. I did see that some of the same posters are using an LL viewer and were only pointing out some flaws in some versions but no, I didn't see TP
  12. JWtheJayhawk wrote: Peggy Paperdoll wrote: "The only reason I can come up with is everyone hates the boss type of cultural group think.....if the "boss" does it, there's something wrong with it. If one of "boys" did it, then it's the best thing since peanut butter and jelly sammiches." This is what I really ment when I wrote "or are you just trying to buck the system?" Most people that have responded have given reasons along the lines of "it works better on my computer", " I prefer the interface", "the tools/options " etc but I don't see anyone bashing LL viewers. I haven't se
  13. I originally started with the SL viewer and switched to Emerald when a friend recommended it. Now I'm using Phoenix. I"ll probably switch to Firestorm when they stop developing Phoenix. Why I use a TP viewer is because it's a lot faster and more stable for me than the offiical SL viewer and I like the interface.
  14. Thank you, I didn't think of "chick hair" as an option ... that's a good suggestion :smileyhappy:
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