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The VaNiTy ThReAd

Wilhiam Hydraconis

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Venus Petrov wrote:

Wow Zim.  You have Val fanning herself and Dres offering to hang you (in many ways).  All I can say is thank you for (finally) posting! 
Do not be a stranger in these parts.
  /me smiles

LOL!!!! The first time I read this I thought you wrote "Do not be a stranger in these pants."  I thought we were gonna have a fight on our hands... lol.


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Storm Clarence wrote:

valerie Inshan wrote:

/me fans myself and faints dead.

@ Val and Dres, what's he got that I ain't got? 


Well... as of yet, he hasn't rejected my advances... you snooze, you lose.

...Dres (But then again, he's not on my wall yet... you might have chance if you play your cards right *winks*... lol.)

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Sylvia Tamalyn wrote:

@Cat: You look great, and so does your house! /me peeks in the window

ty Sylvia, please visit my property anytime, lot of things to see  ..... click my signature for the LM ..... just be carefull for the mouse traps!!! :matte-motes-big-grin-evil: *meows*

edit: in fact anyone that want to visit my place .... please click my signature and enjoy my place!!!!

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A little late for the bikini rush, but taking inspiration from the others I stopped in and met Wildcat at her gorgeous sim. We chatted for a bit then I couldn't miss this oppurtunity for a lounge shot :) Thank you Wildcat! Lovely build, Modern tropical, just perfect :-) *by the pool.. SL was a bit laggy so I am not sure if the towels were fully rezzed or not. Oh darn :( Looking back at Wildcats image the towels hadn't fully rezzed awww. Wow I'm glad I chose another pose! To copy Wildcat a bit isn't such a bad thing anyway...

Pool Lounge.jpg


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/me laughs

The grass felt great and yes, we still feel the heat here!  Thank you Sylvia and Val for your kind remarks.  Val, I love that cozy scene and I cannot wait until I feel that nip in the air!

Maryanne, you look fab!  Peewee, is that your partner or an alt?  Whichever, I love how unique he looks (not scary at all....as I back away slooooowly).  hehe


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