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The VaNiTy ThReAd

Wilhiam Hydraconis
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Pussycat Catnap wrote:

Marianne Little wrote:

I think mesh designers hate men. The trouble I had getting my alt a pair of good mesh jeans! And these are not perfect either, just demo and look carefully before purchase. From Notsobad, a very fitting name. 


A lot of men just don't shop.

I've been seeing this for years in the Poser / Daz community also. People would demand clothes for males - but the few people who made them would report "well, if anyone would ever buy some of it, I might make more."

Over there you could make hundreds of RL dollars selling absolute crap content for female 3D models - like a mis-aligned texture for a pair of paints that break into spikey triangles when posed...

But try to sell an amazing high detail, fully poseable outfit for a male, with 10+ texture options, low resolution and high resolution, and even a free kitchen sink... for under $1, and still you might be lucky to get 1 customer...

Not really that extreme, but close...

And I think true here also - judging by the number of men running around in SL on start avatars with 6 year old + accounts...

Folks who don't even bother to dial in a new shape...

Maybe 20-50% of males in SL never bother with more than a single look.


I'd hate to be trying to sell in that market...


For mesh, when I got the 'standard sizes' kit, it didn't even bother to have options for men. When I went back last night to recheck numbers on a new product of mine, it finally did. Not sure when that changed. But I can see why they didn't bother at first.

I'd love to make a male alt. In fact I've been thinking of doing a challenge of "kit up a new alt of the other sex - new as in started after the challenge began." Not sure if it'd be a limited budget theme or 'no freebies' theme. But it might be fun to try. Though the guys making girl alts would have it a lot easier than us.


this  is really true..i mean the guys i know..if they shop it's a lot for rp stuff mostly..otherwise their partners or girlfriends shop for them..

when it comes to mesh it's really hard to buy for your guy..i can't get my husband to sit there and get interested enough to go shopping..i mean he does.but only because i ask him to..it's like when we really go shopping at home..the  second we get there he is dying to leave..he doesn't even understand why he needs to shop here..

and gifting  him mesh is just way too much of a hit or miss..

he is not in sl much..but i would like him to look nice when he is here..

i would love to get him in a nice pair of loose fitting jeans..

i've been thinking of getting on his account and just shopping for him..

but a lot of girls don't have that option with their men..

maybe when the deformer hits  the market will be a lot better.. =)

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Logging into the forum you mean? I have! Great pics, as usual lol. The textures in that first one especially are wonderful.

Val the view there is just stunning!

Raven LOL

Venus, wow. Is the swan singing, or wolf whistling?

uummmmm I'll come back if I've left anyone out.

From my feed as well, I spent the night as a blonde :matte-motes-big-grin:


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A bit of fairy time in HappyMood and Cadenza. Love those tree stumps and animations/sits in them, in the first image-stump especially. :D Also the leaf ride is fun.

I hope these images are not too large(or  too pixelmessy, made them smaller to be able to post)... wasn't sure which one to choose, so i went with "full size"  which is a default when inserting an image.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 100 days.

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