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  1. valerie Inshan wrote: Lia Abbot wrote: Madelaine McMasters wrote: valerie Inshan wrote: Lia's a lady? She's always seemed more like a princess to me, Val. Hugs and Hi, Kids!!! Who you callin' a princess? Why I aughta... Wait a minute... Hmm, what's she after? Bigggg Huggggs :D:D /waves @ Maddy, hugs you tight! awww comeon ur all princesses. and hippie is as well *waves*
  2. hay val. sorry i have been sick all week. but i am better now. much to do.
  3. Madelaine McMasters wrote: Lia Abbot wrote: Now you're making me feel old Val. Clarence was from a show in the 70s called Daktari, long since forgotten. Lia? You are old! Good morning, Kids!!! and i thought i was old. *shrugs*
  4. hey. been very busy with collage an dall. getting sick alot as well.
  5. hey everybody sorry been real busy in rl and sl lately. getting preped for college in hte fall. uggh lots to do. ty to maddy for getting me back to here ie has gone crap on me so i had to use my search for my viewer. amen to phoniex viewer. lol
  6. yo Dres and hey Hippie <----- im a new man. id graduated! yay now i can run like hippie can.
  7. hello mike you can add me if you so please. ill chat anytime i am on of course lol
  8. valerie Inshan wrote: Yay, happy Friday to you all folks! Woot, less than a week before vacations! I've started a diet to fit in my bathing suit. lol Val
  9. Lia Abbot wrote: Yes emmett, congrats my friend! yay. hugz to you Lia
  10. i think that you are correct in thinking that running makes it start at rezz but mono may be when clicked upon. ETA, ok i was wrong. follow what innula said.
  11. Storm Clarence wrote: emmettcullen93 wrote: wow i wonder how much that costs /me looks in pocket and sees only 12L nope dont think i have enough. I don't understand your post. dont worry nieghter do i.
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