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  1. It had closed and reopened several times, but it's doors have been shut for the past couple of years with no signs of life. There were rumors for awhile, but even those faded :matte-motes-frown:
  2. If you are still using the avi that you picked when you joined SL, then I believe there is a hairbase baked right onto the skin. Try finding a new skin. You can get free demos, or group gifts, or as I believe someone mentioned, there are stores that give skins to new avis. The starter avi has makeup, hairbase, and even underwear baked on, you cannot remove them. Most skins don't, they let you add your own.
  3. It took me awhile to get used to buying body parts lol. Skins and shapes are separate things, and mesh bodies are an entirely separate thing than either of those. You always wear a shape  it determines things like your height, bone structure, and body fat. You can change it yourself (right click on you, go to appearance and edit shape) using sliders to fine tune pretty much everything, or you can buy one premade by someone else.  The skin you get also has a major role in your appearance. You can choose from different skin tones and shading, which can alter dramatically the way your shape looks. Skin makers usually sell appliers, which is what you need to make your skin the same on your head and your body if you use a mesh body.  Lighting lighting lighting! Lighting is key! There are always going to be seams, even with perfectly matched skin, if you use mesh. Using the right windlight minimizes the unsightly things.  So, the neck fitting... right click on yourself and go to appearance, and from there to edit shape. On the body tab, scroll down to body fat and you can play with it, and over on the torso tab, you can specifically adjust your neck.  I know there is a huge learning curve in SL, so feel free to message me if you need a hand. I'm not inworld much, but I'll get back to you as soon as I can if you do :matte-motes-smitten: edited because the 500 pictures I took of huds weren't doing anything to help because they were too small to see lol
  4. The only way to really have a seamless match is to use a skin with an applier. Check your skin maker's store and see if you can purchase one. Even then, NECK There are five neck sizes that are based on avatar body fat and correspond to body fat on the 5 standard sizes: 0, 5, 7, 11 and 24. The neck Fix On/Off toggles a sheath to hide the seam between the mesh body and the avatar head. Ambient Occlusion (in your preferences 'Graphics' tab) needs to be off to prevent visible seams. The neck sheath will need to be turned off if the body is worn in combination with a mesh head. make sure your body fat is set to match your neck size.
  5. I have, doesn't work, unless you don't mind very visable seams. I was actually trying to use them with the redgrave(*?) body, because I really didn't like the chest area on it, and then got curious and tried others. There was one that was doable, maybe it was theshops? I don't remember, it was one of them that I never use. *it's been awhile since I was inworld and looked in my inventory, and I don't think that's who makes the body I'm trying to think of, I just saw a thread talking about their skins so I think I have them stuck in my head lol
  6. You used to find a lot of high quality avatars at Club Rez, or Ambrosia.. but you'd also find a lot of people using gesture huds and clogging up chat, and most of the DJs talked over the music. GOL was a good spot, but it closed. I haven't found any good new hang out spots in ages. I'll be watching to see if anything good is reccomended here too lol
  7. Is it system layers that are glitching like that or clothes on your maitreya body? If it is system layers then yes, either relogging or tping out and back, or an avatar rebake - under my avatar, health - are about the only options. If it is layers on your mesh body hud, you probably have on 2 applier layers that aren't working well together. A lot of time if you have on an underwear layer, and then a clothing layer, the underwear layer disappears either on your end, or other people's. Toggling off and then back on sometimes helps, although that's no promise that other people will see it now. I just avoided wearing things that had issues together when possible.
  8. You can go to the marketplace and get an omega system for your maitreya body. After following the instructions on how to activate it in your mesh body, you can search for "omega" as a keyword when looking for clothes. If the outfit you are trying to wear just has system layers (the icon beside the object name will be a little shirt or pair of pants or something) see if it's modifiable. Some are. If it is you can make your own omega appliers for them. The omega system comes with empty omega huds, to which you can basically just drag the texures to create what you need.
  9. Unless I'm mistake (which isn't unlikely) you should be able to use chat commands. Using myself as an example, saying in local chat "UR leash" would let you grab my leash. Or "AR leash" would grab yours. The initials of the person being controled, and since we don't have last names, we use Resident. I beleive you can also use /1 and the chat command to make it private and not seen in local chat. You can play with the chat commands to find the command you're looking for, much easier than trying to find and click the little area on the collar or whatever is being worn by a moving avatar. Doing a search on the MP for "open collar remote" brought up a couple of pricey huds you can buy, although this is the store from the article you mention, and I don't see a remote on their page.
  10. I've never tried one so have no idea how they work. I'm with you Ariel, I'm waiting for something customizable to be released before I'll consider one. I do like their pretty smooth noses though, it's sad that they're attached to weird plastic clone armies :smileysad:
  11. You mention that with mesh bodies and mesh heads it's hard to be unique.. simple solution, make your own shape. Mesh bodies just go off of the shape you have, so if you're using the shape and head that you bought with the body then yes, you have a TON of clones. Having a unique face goes a loooong way towards not looking like anyone else. Even if someone else has the same clothes, your face and hair and accessories can set you on a pedestal of your own.
  12. I'm not sure if I'm back in SL or not yet, mostly not so far, which is too bad because I freaking love awkward people! I also love A-holes, idk why, but awkward and A-holes are two of my favorite peoples :matte-motes-nerdy: You can message me if you'd like, just don't get worried if it takes a while to get a response, I've only made it on twice in the past 6 months or so. (by the way, I've tried roleplay, and I'm too damn awkward for it)
  13. As has already been said, you need a good system body for the mesh bodies to look good, the meshes are just basically like clothes, hiding the unnatural bends and angles of the default SL shape, but clothes have to have a nice shape to hang on to look good. I personally like the Maitreya body, the hud is easy to use and has a lot of alpha options (I do own most of the others though, and occasionally switch it up if by chance I can't find an alpha option to work with what I want to wear). Most of the mesh bodies have options to use them with the slink feet and hands, because slink is by far the most widely used, and so most widely designed for, option. Eyes.. I have always used and loved Dead Apples eyes. They had a great variety of unnatural and well made eyes. You can use their mesh eyes to get the mismatched look. I haven't really been on for the past year or so, but last time I was, I couldn't find their shop. Oh, they're on the marketplace still at least! (just now looked, this makes me happy :smileyvery-happy:) although they don't have as wide of selection as they did inworld. Heads, I know lots of people like mesh heads because they're smoother, like the bodies. I however prefer making my own. Someday when they make the heads customizable with the sliders, like the bodies, I may try them. Until then, I don't want to look like anyone else in SL lol.
  14. My mute list is very very small as well, and I had the same trouble. Notecard afer unwanted notecard from the muted asshat.
  15. I have that hair. I'm not inworld to look, but it's either an old Truth, or CatWa, can't remember which.
  16. I don't actually see the 'crapping all over SL' that people are getting worked up over. I watched the video that was linked. It looks frighteningly accurate imo. It doesn't look like people coming in to oggle the weirdos lol, I believe it's just a look at how technology is playing a villainous role in social disconnect. That is nothing new. That is something you can see any time you go to a restaurant and see tables full of people looking at their phones instead of their dates. You see it going to amusement parks, and families are so busy tapping away at tablets and phones that I don't understand why they bothered leaving their house. I will interview with you if you haven't found anyone. I see where you're going, and I find it interesting.
  17. For only messing with it for a few hours, it's looking pretty good There are a few areas I would tweak if it were my avi. First, I'd narrow the shoulders a little. Maybe it's true that in rl your shoulders are a little wider than your hips usually, but in SL I personally think it looks better the other way around. Otherwise it gets a little linebacker-ish. Next I'd up the love handle slider a bit. Most people don't really have sunken sides. Unless they're into wearing corsets. I'd shorten the hips just a tad, a teeny bit to keep the bum from looking saggy, and then I'd widen the shape a little... however you said elven, so in this case super slender works. I'd also shorten the arms a teeny tiny bit. Although on the same hand, elven would probably lean towards lanky so maybe ignore that one. I have a store in the mp that I sell shapes (no I'm not trying to sell you one lol) if you search my name there, you can see if you like my idea of attractive before you try any of my tips I'd offer to help inworld, but I'm rarely on anymore so that wouldn't really help much :matte-motes-dead:
  18. I'm probably going to get jumped for this, but I suggest people watching. If and when you see a style you like, right click on their avatar, and 'inspect' it. You can get designer and store names that way, and then plug those names into the store/merchant tab in the mp and browse specific stores. (or go to the inworld store ofc) Don't go swiping anyones whole look though, that tends to tick them off Editing to add- Also try monthly events like TMP, or FaMeshed. Editing Again to add- It doesn't matter how much you try narrowing down your search in the MP, chances are high there's thousands of piles of junk to dig though to find anything nice. Try searching things like ''short brown wavy hair'' or ''navy slink lowriser jeans''
  19. I don't have an answer. I had the same problem. It seemed like there was bleed through on more tops than not. That and the less than perfect alpha hud made me switch back to my Maitreya body. Please post if you find a solution
  20. :heart::heart: Thank you! eta- NOOOOOOOOOOOOO an exclusive I missed. Oh the agony :matte-motes-confused:
  21. I'm glad you found your lashes, but I want those lips! Where did you see that ad??
  22. For skins and shapes go in and find the original that the item is linked to. Make a copy of it, and delete the original. That will break the link to the outfits and it will no longer change with the outfit changes. I'm not sure there is an easier way for attachments though, you'll probably just have to go in one by one.
  23. I glanced through your mp, and it looks like you've got some nice shoes! I'd try browsing flickr, finding bloggers you like, and sending them something to review. A well known blogger can get your store seen by more people than about any other kind of advertising in SL.
  24. Moon hair has a couple of really nice emo-ish hairs. BellaFleur is great https://uncommonsmusings.wordpress.com/2015/07/18/carnival-dreams/ as is Devous, which I guess I don't have a photo of. Dela has some nice ones too.
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