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  1. I wonder if something like the Redpoly agreement HUD is available for purchase? Anyone know what it might be called?
  2. There is already some really great tips given here. I get the idea of a mini city, but not to knock your idea it is and has been done already. The main question I'm hearing from some of the previous replies to the mall/club is "what will be different"? No one is saying that you cannot be sucessful in owning a mall because I'm sure there are some out there in SL. But I think that rethinking your idea could benefit you and also mean how much sucess you want to have. "How do I create spaces that can be rented out to vendors?" This depends on whether you would like to build your own or buy a prefab (already made) mall set up and how much time you have to do it. If you're a good builder and have the time try your hand at it. If your not, search for a good prefab build that will suit your look and needs. You also have to think 'how many shops would I like to have for the area I have to build in?' Take down some measurements of the space you have available for the shops (I would just rez one prim and drag it over the spot for the shopping center and measure like that). I would also suggest searching in-world for malls or shopping centers and TP there. From place you place you will see things about the malls and the arrangements that you like and you'll see things that you will know that you will need to stay away from because it might look like crap. Overall you might get a good idea on what to, and not to do.3 "is there anything i need to be aware of as far as easing the process for allowing vendor to setup their shop in rental spaces?" The main thing that comes to mind for me, which was also mentioned in the 10 Tips link above is to not build at an angle. Maybe not for initial setup, but having a rental box there is a must. You can search in-world or the Marketplace for a good rental system and research which will be best for your needs. "What are some good ways to advertise your shopping center in Second life?" How would you do it in RL? Maybe start off by telling your close friends, putting an ad out there (classifieds), talking to people about it. Having a sucessful mall definitely doesn't happen overnight. Honestly, it can take years to get where you want to be, but it is possible. You could also create a few hunts per year to get the merchants and club goers and shoppers involved and interested. Also, stay away from using bots and services that get your traffic up. Merchants and shoppers can, and will begin to be able to tell when there is not one person on your sim but you have a 40k traffic amount and a bunch of avatars in the sky. Hope that helps some. Good luck with your mall!
  3. Regardless of if we're missing a part of the story or not, just taking what the original post was about if that indeed was the case I personally don't see the hurt in asking. Most times you really don't know the answer until you ask. As simple as that previous sentence seems it is quite often true. I've asked creators in the past if they planned to offer a different version of an item, be it mod or what have you. Why? Because I wouldn't know the answer unless I asked. Most times I had a good response, others it was a no. But either way I'm glad I asked.
  4. Like it has been mentioned, if she hasn't cleared her trash then the items should be still there. When I want to find the most recent items I have in my invent, whether they be things I received, bought, deleted, etc then I usually will go to my invent and click on the very top where it says "Inventory". It will show a drop down menu. Then chose "Show Filters". From here she can leave everything checked but change the amount of hours or days to get the last items that were modified in her invent. For example, if it has been 5 days since she has deleted these items then she can just filter up to 5 days ago and she will see everything that she received or deleted up to 5 days ago. All she has to do is check in the Trash and start rezzing things. I'd do what was already suggested which is to go to a sandbox and rez all filtered items from the trash. Hope that helps & hope she can recover the items!
  5. The neck is one of the hardest places to put a large tattoo like that. I know you'd like it large, but I am not sure you'll be able to. In my experience you'll have to put the tattoo on the head template, or the top template but not both. Try to put it all on the head template, you might have to scale it down a tad but it might be a little better for you.
  6. There are still viewers that people use that don't support mesh. Most people don't want to have to conform just to wear mesh, even if it means just changing something as small/simple as breasts or butt. Meh, to each their own. :matte-motes-evil-invert:
  7. Charolotte had a good point about hunts. You'll find stores you otherwise might not have found and it'll give you a chance to find non-mesh stores. I don't have any mesh in my store either. There are still lots of stores that don't or might have a mix of mesh/non-mesh. Though I'd like to learn mesh I'm just terrified of Blender, lol. Hope you find what you're lookin for!
  8. Surreal Fashion District is looking for the best designers to offer great place to house your products. Surreal Fashion District is home of {:ThirteenTH:} and *Base13* mainstore's and we would love to have you join us! http://slurl.com/secondlife/aHead/114/68/22 -------------------------------------------- Rental Prices & Prims: -------------------------------------------- There are currently 3 different size shops that we offer: **FREE WEEK when you pay 4 weeks!!** Small (9 x 12): $75L/wk 25 prims Medium (12 x 12): $125L/wk 50 prims Large (28 x 12): $225L/wk 100 prims Come by and check it out! Questions? IM Princess Verwood.
  9. I've found that people who don't play games, be it online or off won't really understand, like you're friend. It doesn't sound like she is "into that". I personally don't really mention it to other people beacuase like some have already mentioned, you know they won't understand. Almost like you can pretty much predict their response. My husband is supportive since we met in SL and he knows about it but if I told my other family or friends I could guess spot on they would look at me like I'm insane. But at the end of the day Deja, it is you who is bringing in an extra amount of money per month due to your silly game and not her! :matte-motes-wink-tongue:
  10. It sounds like something that only shapes of torus, ring or tube has. If you have any other shape you will not see it as an option under the "object" tab for editing.
  11. Anyone can find where something came from even if you just have the name of the person who made it. It sort of sounds like your friend didn't want you to know lol :catfrustrated:. Most designers will label thier items with thier store name for example: "[::exotic::] Denim Jeans with Gems" or something similar, even if this particular pair of jeans didn't have that she could of easily looked in properties and told you the name of the creator...from there you could have at least looked up the name and seen if they had a definite store or not. Sorry I could not be of more help but I'm sure someone a little more fashion savvy will be able to!
  12. With the term "gothic" I consider darker, deep and richer colors to be gothic. Deep red, Black, dark orange, dark pink, deep blue, etc. I associate outfits that are more modern which can be short skirts with gothic flare, different style modern corsets, etc. With the term "victorian gothic" I consider those colors to be medium to meidum dark colors of browns, off white, blue, red.I associate outfits with this era that are more the longer type dresses/gowns with lace and ruffles and corsets.
  13. I usually do what Anaita61 said, just use area search. And like it has already been mentioned by mtwtfss and phaedra sometimes desigers are not aware of what is being blogged and when because many times the bloggers either forget to tell us or just never care mention it to the desiger. Area search would be your best bet to finding items that are blogged about instead of searching for a while. If it isn't a big store I usually don't mind looking around!
  14. iCade wrote: How can I keep the pockets at their original size or do I need to make them super tiny? Also, what is causing the loss of quality? And biggest noob question of them all, can I test these clothes in game without having to pay 10L for every single texture upload? The preview option when uploading a texture doesn't tell me much on how it will actually fit on an avatar >.< You will need to make the pockets smaller. With the avatar mesh it stretches to the curves (as already mentioned). Play around with the size of the pockets to make them look as normal as possible. Upload the avatar templates into sl (i.e... Robin wood's or whatever you might be using) apply them to a shirt and pants and wear it so you can get a good idea where the lines fall on the avatar. You can upload the textures without having to pay each time by checking the "temporary" box in the upload window. It is free and the texture looks exactly as it would had you paid to upload it. The only difference is that once you relog the temporary textures are usually gone. You can also try out SL Clothing Previewer. It is a free program that I've seen talked about on the forums from time to time and I've also tired it. Though I tend to stick to just uploading temporary textures in world. You can open your clothing files within this program and it will be painted on a test avi so you can see where the clothing lays. Also make sure when you go to upload and you see the little preview before you hit the "upload" button to make sure that "use lossless compression" is checked. This will also help the look of your textures that you upload in-world. And like already mentioned using 1024 x 1024 textures is better. If you don't like the idea of using that size of textures, at least make the templates in 1024 x 1024 and then right before you want to upload in-world save it as 512 x 512. And for your first pair of jeans might I say that is pretty darn good! Good luck!
  15. I agree with Amethyst. I've never seen anyone wearing something like clothing or jewerly with a logo on it. Amethyst has a really good idea. Make a promotional item of something you're business will be about so people can see the quality.
  16. That is some really good advice Ceka, and everyone else. I agree. Start with building classes if you want to learn to build Builders Brewery is good. And if it is clothing or other you'd like to make YouTube has a wealth of tutorials on editing softwear just for Second Life. If you need a editing softwear and do not have Photoshop, Gimp is free. Good luck with anything you do!
  17. I agree Zhoie. It is ridicoulous that our comments are nearly invisible. I think they should be displayed in full directly underneath the comment from the customer.
  18. You could always just apply underwear on the skin layer. That way if anyone is in doubt the avatar will be covered and child nudity would not be an issue. Or you could look for people who make child skins and avatars already and perhaps IM one or two and see how they go about that particular issue.
  19. We're looking for someone to fill a spot at our sim who needs a mainstore. The store (provided) has a 40 X 40 footprint and 2 floors and 500 prims to decorate. Negotiable per week rental. The sim has 3 other mainstores as well as a mall with top designers. Contact Roc Neiro for an application and for more information. If you do not need a huge mainstore there are also smaller stores available. Come by and check it out. Take the slurl below! http://slurl.com/secondlife/Mystic%20Paradise/54/137/21
  20. You can always start with your strongest area. You said you know how to do 3D modeling and texturing. You can definitley build on that and get better and start making a few things here and there. If you enjoy doing it then you'll enjoy learning more and more each day. Or think of things you might like to learn, building, making clothing, making shoes, etc and start learning and playing around with that. The answer to what you should make isn't going to come from any one of us. It should come from you beacuse at the end of the day only you can really answer that question for yourself. Good luck in whatever you find to do!
  21. I agree with Freya. While the ending question is very out there and blunt and may kill the mood for you I'm just not sure what exactly you expect by engaging in that activity with someone you barely know. I'd be more worried who it might be I'm talking to or doing things with than "did you climax". To each their own. I think Ariel and Freya have good comments about it. It might also just be a guy thing where they want to know they were able to please you.
  22. There isn't any way for any one else to tell you why it was unlisted. Usually in the message or email you received stating that it was unlisted it will sometimes state the reason. Try looking back and see if anything was mentioned. This can happen for a number of reasons. The most common is usually keywords, or some keyword infringement. Another common is it being in the wrong category. You can find the listing guidelines here. You can check to see if there was something perhaps you missed when listing.
  23. I agree very much to some extent to what Peggy is saying. I too wish that in-world shopping was what it once was. On the other hand some things mentioned just sound silly. Blaming the merchant for "helping" the problem when it is more like either you hop on the wagon or get left behind. SL changed, you had to if you wanted to stay in it and some people just don't not have a choice to go Marketplace only. You only limit yourself when you buy in-world only. Peggy Paperdoll wrote: To tell you the truth, I don't really care myself. I know how to make the clothing I like. I know how to build. I make all my own textures. I can't make hair but I have so much in my inventory now that I'm good for a few years in that department (besides, I'm pretty sure I could mess around and figure out how to twist torus' around myself). Shoes, pretty much the same (I got more than I need now). Skins.....got that covered too (my own). As far as I'm concerned all the stores could go away both in-world and Market Place and I'd not miss them much at all. But you're shooting yourself in your foot abandoning the place where you depend on remaining healthy for your "income". I can definitely appreciate someone who is self-sufficient. We all have to be some times. I never said I depend on in-world sales for a healthy income. I'd be silly to think that it could be. No offence, but for someone who is able to create it all, yet has an opinion (that you're very much entitled to) about merchants choices when you’re not in there trying to survive in-world alongside the rest. Let's just say you had an in-world store only. You'd be sadly mistaken if you think you're not missing out by not selling on the Marketplace. Like I mentioned above you either hop on the wagon or get left behind. I'm very much with you on I wanting shopping to go back in-world. However, until you have given it an honest try for yourself, be it successful or not, then maybe you'd be able to relate to the decisions/choices that need to be made to stay in business. People conduct their business in their own way. And a part of being in the business and having the gift to be creative is to be free in what you'd like to do and sell/market your products. Peggy Paperdoll wrote: If you choose to go a route to further your business that someone does not agree with then accept the fact that the person who does not agree with you won't be sympathic to your problems with your business. You can certainly point a finger at LL for the problem (and that finger pointing is accurate)........but you also need to stand in front of a mirror and do some pointing too. Your choice is also part of the problem. If you want my sympathy, then quit being part of the problem. I agree here with the bolded when it comes to RL businesses. On SL it is not that black and white. There' s no reason that merchants should have to take any blame for the Marketplace being the main center for shopping. The marketplace is what it is because people prefer it over TPing from place-to-place in-world. It is like the Mom & Pop store in RL. You could very much still be in business just from local sales and regular customers. But since the age of the internet if you want to expand your customer base and stay current to stay in business then you'll need to convince Pop he needs to get internet and a web page. ETA: to make it not all italics
  24. Great points Rufferta! I definitley agree. I have been in those same situations and thought the same! Annoyed! IMO, not purchasing from a marketplace only merchant is a personal choice, so is having a marketplace only store. Sometimes it just isn't logical to have a in-world store at the rate sales have been going on SL since the Marketplace has become the main focus for purchasing. As a merchant, if for some reason my situation changed (lost sim, finances changed, couldn't keep in-world any longer, etc) I would not hesistate to go marketplace only. I guarentee that the vast majority of people who have both, a marketplace store and an in-world store will tell you that most of the sales still very much come from the marketplace. For me, if that would indeed be the case then the few people who do decide to limit themselves to purchase from merchants who have an in-world store would probably not really make that much of a dent in sales to make me go back to in-world (espically if finances wouldn't allow). Putting the price on ads just like the choice to have an in-world store is completely personal preference. I personally don't put price on ads beacuse I'm usually involved in events or sales, etc or even if I wanted to change the price for whatever reason it is much easier than to constantly re-do pictures and re-upload all because I have the price listed. But again, from merchant to merchant it's just personal preference. :matte-motes-smile:
  25. Phil Deakins wrote: It happens in forums. One of the causes is impatience. It sometimes happens when someone starts a thread but isn't particularly clear in the post. A few people tend to come down on it, as though it had been written to them personally and their time had been wasted by reading it. There's no excuse for that, of course. Another reason is when a few people find fault with something that's written. Then others join in and go with the 'popular' view, regardless of facts and truth. The idea being that a few people have expressed it so it must be true. A 'feeding frenzy' can occur, even to the point of the 'vultures' insisting that black is really white, metaphorically speaking. I've been on the wrong end of that type myself. They weren't just 'vultures' - they were complete idiots. A few of them apologised afterwards. But your question is why does it happen. I've no idea. Perhaps it's a feeling of being emboldened, due to the anonimity, causing them to write stuff that they wouldn't say face-to-face. Also, some people are just ignorant, of course. I agree with Phil! A few other reasons could be: - Feeling a little more courageous on the interwebz - Lack of filter because it is on the internet - Too much time on their hands and/or boredom - Misreading or not understanding the OP question/issue (like Phil stated) - Wanting to be an a-hole - Trolling or Bullying - Not really caring what they say to others regardless if it makes sense or not - Overall not caring - Honestly not seeing anything wrong with what they have to say Of course there are others but these are just a few.
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