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  1. I'm looking for some really nice mesh hands and feet, also I'm looking for breast that are cheap for a starter.
  2. There is nothing wrong, this was just an old post that I had forgotten I posted. Everyone is telling me to go to Linden Lab but I've never dealed with Linden Lab, do i email or call? needing help please.
  3. This has not worked for me. Could I have some help please?
  4. I see that this did not work for me once I hit recent in my inventory nothing is in my recent.
  5. I done forgot about this post, thank you for bringing this to my attention. Let me try to see if this works for me.
  6. Fill out a ticket with linden lab? how do I do that and how long will it take to get my things back. Id like to have them back because I have no clothing, hair or anything where I can style my avatar
  7. i left second life for almost 6 or 7 months and i've came back in world but most of my folders in my inventory is empty... all the hairs i've bought and everything. will i need to get another copy of it?
  8. Hello, I'm looking for some good clubs to enjoy that have contest board that pay good amount of Lindens... anyone know some? Post LM here please
  9. I've left Second Life for 2 months and have came back to change my avatars apperance and most of my object are not in their folders... I don't know how to refresh my inventory but I'd like to have all my hairs and everything back in order. Any ideas? Please and thank you. -Cindy
  10. CindyWho183


    Syo, yes. I watched the video. It's about buying Lindens in-world to start shopping @ thanks.
  11. CindyWho183


    I'm looking to exchange Linden dollars into my Bank Account... thanks -
  12. CindyWho183


    I'm looking for how to exchance your Linden dollars for REAL American, dollars... how must I do this?
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