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  1. Brenda Connolly wrote: Just because someone says they are something , it doesn't mean it's true, especially in SL. If I had a dollar for everyone who told me they were a Super Model/Astronaut/Brain Surgeon, I'd have....a few dollars at least. I know they aren't, because I'm one. And I never see any of them at the meetings. *Wipes coffee off screen* LOL.
  2. That is weird the post was removed. I seen it earlier and was going to respond...anywho...I remember when DD launched reading here of this happening. I'm sure there's bound to be a jira about it. I'd file a ticket and check the jiras to add to it/vote.
  3. Thanks Darkie and Dilbert for your replies, much appreciated!
  4. I have a simple group join script that gives a link in local. Is there any way that i can add a menu to this script so the person touching gets a drop down menu to join instead of a link from local? TIA!
  5. I have the same/similar issue on Imprudence. Quite annoying.
  6. I see the title and all I can think of is "What isn't wrong with the MP" :matte-motes-mad:
  7. I don't think she is needing a place to quickly change clothing and rez boxes. Since you said you create clothing a sandbox is your best option like others have suggested. At a sandbox you will at least be able to take your time and edit clothing. They are free and most have a sandbox cleaning every 5-8 hours (where all items rezzed from people are deleted). If you need help finding a sandbox or need help on how to set up and go high in the sky (so you can have some provacy) just IM me in-world. :matte-motes-wink:
  8. That doesn't make much sense. That was no where near angry, lol. It was my opinion on how I, or perhaps most may feel when ARs go ignored. You don't have to defend LL for me or anyone else voicing thier opinion. If you're just going to make excuses for LL and people who you don't know personally then It'll just be ignored :matte-motes-smitten:
  9. Being stalked is never something any of us choose but when it happens and LL never listens to any of the AR's it just feels we're talking to a brick wall. Firstly, (IMO) you should change up your hangout spots. Just stop going to your usual ones for some time. Should you have to be the one to change your SL for this person? No. But if you want to have the chance for this all to fade then that will be a very important step. Plus it will allow you to check out new places that you may have not ever considered before. TP your friends there and have fun like you normally do but without the worry for this stalker. Secondly, get a 2nd avatar (or at least a new one the stalker doesn't know about) and re-friend your normal hangout friends. That way you can still hang out at the old places if you like and not have to worry. It will at least give it time for it to all die down while you are still enjoying your normal hangout spots with your friends. Thirdly, just stop talking to this person. The more you communicate with them the more you feed the fire. If you haven't already then you should mute them and any of their alts that they contact you with. No one should have to listen to threats when it is so easy just to mute someone there is no point to listen to threats or greifing. They will probably just get tired of you not responding and move on. Also, was this person a previous friend? Or how do you know it is not someone you are a friend with now. You said they always seem to know where you hang out.
  10. You did the best thing for the situation Chriz. The important thing is that hopefully she will be removed and can join again in a few years when she is of age. I would of felt equally as awkward. I personally don't want to hold a convo with anyone on SL below 18, doesn't mean I'm not capable of it, just no interest & my preference.
  11. I think what you did was great. Some wouldn't bother, others would do just as you and try to be as helpful as possible. Since she is only allowed in G areas then I don't think Mature or Adult check boxes will even be an option for her to search. So she can really just search for things in the "Search" and go from there. Just by searching with the word "teen" in "Hangouts" (PG) I found a few places. You could tell her to search things she'd like to do, like go-karts, riding horses, hanging out, beaches, etc. But really the G portion of SL for teens could be a little more helpful for newbie teens.
  12. Being that you cannot 'rez' things like clothing and such you would think they would be able to fix this issue since you have to apply permissions in inventory with those things and the permissions stick on them.
  13. Drake is right. This bugs me as well. Before we could simply change the perms in-world and just add it again to the magic box, but unfortunatley now with DD you have to do it over again and then sync the new item (edit associated object) with the listing. It would be great to have a way to mod the perms while the item is already in DD.
  14. Great job Zantyago! It's definitely getting better and it gets the point across that it can be for anyone (furry or human). I agree with taking the photo at a straight angle. It might be easier for you just use yourself in the photos just change the avatar instead of having others help you and try to find times to have them there. You can take a picture of the background you'd like or find a nice one and insert them on the background (make sure they're cut out well or you'll be able to tell). If you need help finding a human avatar I'd gladly be willing to help you find an affordable one. Many times when a skin or shape just comes out creators might have them on 'promo' that I've seen range from 10L, or 99L and up. Most times very affordable. Just IM me in-world if you need help and I'll assist you in search for a human avatar.
  15. I don't think the wrong model will hurt your sales but if you are marketing the item to ALL then it might not be a bad idea to include a photo of maybe 2 people...one furry and one human in the same picture wearing the dress. That way furries and humans will be able to relate to one or the other and know how the dress will look on themselves. Like already mentioned, whatever avatar you use you should show that (and the ad picture) in the best of your abilities. I am excited to see how your final picture will turn out!
  16. I don't believe so. You'll just have to re-do that particular listing over again. If you were on the edit page of the listing (or the Marketplace page of the listing) you might be able to go back and copy the description information from it so you might not have to type it all again (and not too sure that will even work), but overall I think you'll have to make another.
  17. I'm sure the creator made the jean template themselves (and looks like what they specialize in is templates) so I highly doubt that the creator wouldn't just give away their template. I don't think they would be selling the template as their own if they used a template to make it if that makes sense.
  18. Well for your first pair of jeans you're off to a good start! Based on the picture it definitely shows you know about shading and detail. I agree with Theresa, take a pair of jeans from your closet in RL and lay them flat. What is there that isn't on yours? Where does the light hit to create depth and shading? A few things that I can see, in my opinion, is the seam below the zipper is missing. That seam also goes to the back of the jeans and ends up in the middle of the rear end. To make the pockets and belt loops stand out more you would need to create a little more shading and highlights on and around them so that they look almost 3D. You can create the highlights and shading and set that layer as an overlay and then burn and dodge as needed to get the desired look. While you don't have to make your jeans look exactly like the templates you posted, it won't hurt to pay attention to the detail of them so you can have a better idea. Jeans templates like in the link you posted isn't something you do in one sitting. I'm sure the creator spent many days and hours on that to get it they way he/she wanted. Just take your time and I'm sure the end result will be good!
  19. Ok weird. For anyone who might have this issue in the future. I took another look again to see if I could find a way to list and to try and figure why it was showing me the "product state not changed" error when trying to list. I noticed that on my "Manage Lisings" page for the three particuar things I was trying to list with this issue that the check boxes on the left hand side was not available (greyed out). I went to the edit listing page and didn't change anything but hit the "update" and noticed back on Manage Listings page that the check boxes were now available. I then chose "list" in the for the items and they listed fine. So if you are having this issue go to edit the listing, you don't have to change anything but hit "update" at the end and go back to the item in your "manage listings" page and try to list from there. I still have yet to find a jira for this.
  20. That's what I was thinking too. I have never heard of something like that within sl. If you wanted to simulate a 8-hr work day wouldn't a rl job do the same?
  21. I agree with Tamara. Other's have summed up what "soul" the girl was referring to. Sounds to me she was just playing her game. You could ignore it or if it sparks your interest you could look into the Bloodlines game more. Either way nothing will happen if you do or don't do anything.
  22. You could try and ask the person who created the vendors/scripts for a custom vendor. I don't know much about scripting or even if what you want can be done but that is something that you can discuss with the creator (if you did purchase from someone else).
  23. I'm having this same issue now. Though there is no co-creator like stated in the other response. I as well have tried different ways to list it without success. I tried searching the jira for this issue, but trying to serch for an issue there is about as good as trying to serch for something in-world. If you created a jira about it let me know so I can vote!
  24. S@K's Mall & Lounge is hosting another photo contest and this time its a bigger prize than ever! See details below. ¸.•*♋ <S@K's [Mall & Lounge]> ♋*•.¸★ PHOTO CONTEST!! 10,000Ls PRIZE!!!!Free to enter500 Votes Per person per dayEnds June 1st 2012 @ Midnighthttp://slurl.com/secondlife/Mystic%20Paradise/43/166/21
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