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  1. You are giving away 1.000.000 Linden?! That's what k stands for, it means thousand. 1000k = 1.000.000 Linden. Really?
  2. Don't let the cheapskates who undervalue your work hear that or you'll be dubbed GREEDY. :matte-motes-shocked:
  3. Hallo! Erst mal, mein herzliches Beileid. Zweitens, Linden Mitarbeiter sind extrem wenig im forum unterwegs und beantworten fast nie Fragen. Nun zu deinen eigentlichen fragen: 1) Das transferieren von accounts von einer Person zur naechsten ist per TOS nicht gestattet, es sei denn es ist eine Erlaubnis von LL gegeben wurde, was aber extrem selten der Fall ist. Probier mal ein Support Ticket zu oeffnen um LL direkt zu fragen unter Schilderung der Situation. 2) Du kannst nur Inventar Objekte von einem account auf den naechsten transferieren wenn diese Objekte 'Transfer'-faehig sind. Alle Objekte in deinem Inventar die nur Copy/Mod/No Transfer sind, koennen weder von dir noch von LL selbst auf einen anderen Account transferiert werden. Warum? Weil die Objekte von einem Drittanbieter gemacht wurden und wenn er sagt das ein Produkt nicht transferierbar ist dann ist das so und niemand kann dagegen etwas machen. Das ist das gute Recht des Erstellers. Mit dem Kauf von No Transfer Produkten erwirbst du lediglich eine Lizenz, das Produkt auf dem Account zu benutzen fuer den du es auch gekauft hast. 3) Das transferieren von No Copy/transfer Produkten ist kostenlos. Copy/No Transfer Produkte koennen unter keinen Umstaenden von einem Account auf einen anderen geschoben werden.
  4. None comes to my mind, however what you can do is to purchase a beach skybox and rez it in the sky above any sandbox. Then you have all the water you need to tinker with.
  5. This is a good read on the matter: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Land-and-Sea-General/Further-Clarification-on-Bots-and-Camping/ba-p/643765 And no, camping is not banned, gaming traffic is. If the parcel the activity occurs on has show place in search enabled in their about land, than that is a violation. However, if the land is not set to show up in search, I honestly can't see how they're trying to game traffic if they do not even show up in search, so it wouldn't be a violation. Someone correct me on this if I overlooked something crucial.
  6. Seconding CasperVend. It is easy to use, and their group chat is extremely helpful with staff and caspervend users helping each other. The two times I did have to contact support when group chat couldn't help was via a ticket system through their website and the experience was nothing but pleasing. Help was given fast and professionally. There's also frequent updates and costumers are heard when it comes to suggesting new things for existing products. I have to disagree that the vendors are 'pricy' they're worth every penny and imho, super cheap compared to what you get and he sheer support for it.
  7. VidaSTARR wrote: I mean i would never put my details onto a website i knew for sure wasnt legit, im just wondering though, even by just VISITING the page can they get your details? I don't know why you keep asking that question as it has been answered twice with a detailed explanation of how. So let me answer it for you a third time: YES!
  8. The maturity word filter is...ahem screwy at best. There's a few words that aren't 'bad' yet the filter thinks so. Most often the cause for a non adult listing becoming adult is the word "XXS". It's encoured to use words instead of the abbreviation in that case. I know it's stupid, we all think so, alas it hasn't been changed thus far.
  9. I'm selling my 4608m² plot of snowland on Oberstdorf. Maximum amount of Land you can have without deeding it to a group. You pay the tier fee of a 4096m² plot. 1054 Prims at your leisure. The parcel is in a quiet, no lag region. No ugly builds anywhere. The parcel is located right next to a protected Linden river that allows you to sail on to thousands of sims. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Oberstdorf/92/178/84 Price is 20,000 Linden. Open to mild negotiation.
  10. On the wiki this is supposed to be a resolved issue with the merchant outbox MAINT-2452 Merchant outbox with genuine failure "409 conflict" causes all further imports to failhttp://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Release_Notes/Second_Life_Project_Merchant_Outbox/ I'd suggest filing a support ticket on this.
  11. Dannina wrote: And finally, as for the club... the breasts and butt really shouldn't matter. The only thing that determines whether you are "too childlike" is your height. That is the most misguided line I've read in a long time. People like you are exactly the ones who discriminate against realistic shorter avatars. It's ignorant to say height is the only factor. It is not. Not anywhere close. And people need to lay off that utter BS thinking.
  12. For real now. A homestead costs the estate owner $120 per month in tier. That is USD, not Linden Dollars. Any rational thinking person will realise that stating the weekly tier being 0 Linden must have been a mistake. Why would someone rent out a 120 US Dollar homestead to a complete stranger for free? Also, was this by chance listed in a landbook? A hippo tech box? They crap out at times, seen it plenty times that lots show up at 0 Linden, and contacting the estate owner/managers gets that error fixed fast. It's a hiccup in the system, it's not a ploy to draw costumers in. Why on earth would it be!? Logical fault again. Using bait and switch when landlords rely on reputation is the dumbest move they could make, so any landlord with half a brain cell wouldn't do it. I am not affiliated with whatever landlord is in question here, it's either a glitch in their rental system they use (glitches happen) or it was a manually made error, and if that is the case I have to say "Congratulations on whoever made that error, you have proven to be human like the rest of us!" This self righteous attitude is quite frankly, disgusting. You took advantage of what you thought was a killer deal irregardless of the fact that 0L tier on a $120 sim even rang your alarm bells, yet act indignant when the landlord actually logged in and became aware of the mistake. Talking law, you have no foot to stand on citing law here. The tier was mistakenly put at 0 Linden due to a system error or simple mistake. In that case no contract was actually made. Best example. A man wanted to auction his car on ebay and accidently set the starting bid at $4. Someone bid on it, and he withdrew the car from auction. The bidder wanted to sue but guess what? The car owner could keep his car and the auction was voided because it was obviously an error.
  13. I'm selling my 4608m² plot of snowland on Oberstdorf. Maximum amount of Land you can have without deeding it to a group. You pay the tier fee of a 4096m² plot. The parcel is in a quiet, no lag region. No ugly builds anyway. The parcel is located right next to a protected Linden river that allows you to sail on to thousands of sims. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Oberstdorf/92/178/84 Looking for 50,000 Linden for it. Please contact me in world if you'd like to purchase it and I will clear out all my things :) Or I can just pick up the building and leave the landscaping there for you.
  14. 1. I've done so many purchases it's hard to remember that, but as far as I can recall it was a store build for 4,500 Linden. 2. A=4,500L B= 1,000L C= 300L D= See 1. E= Do you mean a complete premade avatar? Or the different parts seperatedly? I never buy prefab avatars but put the different parts together from different merchants. Bonus: I got tons of amazing free things in hunts and as a merchant myself I make sure that my own hunt items are top notch quality in return. When I unbox a hunt gift and it's horrible? Makes me believe the rest of that merchants products are just as horrible.
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