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  1. I am selling my Full sim The tier is due on the 29th, sim is empty Make me an offer Please contact me in world - Ziggy21 Slade or in skype ziggy21slade
  2. Tex Monday wrote: I wouldn't expect that LL would do that anymore considering all the different Authorized Resellers for Lindens. Have you checked these companies out yet? One of them should be able to help you. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Linden_Dollar_(L$)_Authorized_Reseller_Program Good luck I am not sure what use a reseller of L$s would be to someone who wants to withdraw US Dollars? I believe they do still do the cheque withdrawals but only for large amounts, I guess if the service does still exist those who earn enough know about it.
  3. Tiola Violet wrote: So please don’t be so quick to shoot down all our hard work. Looking throught this forum, it would seem that this has now become the norm, pounce on any post you can and try and find ways to tear it apart. It really didn't used to be like this, people were helpful and constructive, these days its seems everyone wants to be the clever dick that has exposed the scam, pointed out the obvious flaw etc. The OP has a perfectly legitimate, exisitng and proven business model that they have advertised in the correct forum, in response, the first reply is feigned ignorance from someone who clearly doesn't need to do any feigning, since the concept of an 'Agency' has eluded them all the way though until adulthood and the second appears to be a fly away accusation of theft. Maybe you guys should think a little harder about how you are spending your Second Life, running around the forums deliberately causing trouble really isn't much of a hobby is it. I suggest less weed and more exercise. Shame on you responders! Shame, shame, shame.
  4. I think Amethyst was a bit tough on the OP, we want to help and encourage people, not instantly trample all over their dreams in a patronsing manner, her general tone is condesending and negative. However despite her tone, Amethyst is entirely correct in the points she raises, you will have trouble getting someone to do it if you cant pay the money. I have no idea where the $50 an hour nonsense came from, most designers and a even programmers don't earn anything even remotely close to this in Real Life, let alone here in SL,. based on a 40 hour week this works out at a 100k a year, which is roughly 3 times what a RL designer earns and more than double what many programmers are paid. I have commissioned dozens of jobs here and the most I have ever paid is L$5k per hour and this sort of rate isnt usually whats expected. I would suggest at this stage you aim to make one thing, this big list of fairly random ideas is scary to a custom creator, it gives the impression you only have a very loose idea of where you are headed, people who do custom work like clear cut jobs where they can see then end, they are busy people and they have Second Lives to lead, there are unlikely to want to move in with you for a few months while they create your hearts desires. So choose one item from your list and work on that first. Start by commissioner a sculptor/mesh person, find some pictures they can work from, wanted forum is a good place to advertise, and request the specific object you need. The more specific you can be about your requirements the happier everyone will be, so think it through carefully and get the details down on paper. Don't discuss future work as it's often not seen as a good thing and if the guy does a bad job you have then got to get rid of him too, make it clear you need to animate the thing afterwards, and dont be surprised if the sculpting guy has no idea how to do this, scripters and sculptors are rarely the same person. You should also consider improving your skill set and doing some of this work yourself, there are loads of free inworld classes covering all the required skills, plenty of youtube tutorials to help you with Blender or Gimp (also free). Even if what you create isn't as good as it could have been you will enjoy it all the more cos it was made by you! GL Dude
  5. Medhue Simoni wrote: Today, things are much different. Both the marketplace and inworld search, are now based on socialist principles, where LL directly influences who gets seen by the public. Possibly, LL just doesn't have any1 at the Lab that has seriously studied Austrian economics, but my guess is that they are all just Cali commies and think what they are doing is best for all, much like our current US government. When you start seeing Commies around every corner like this it's probably time to turn off Fox News, can you name any of the socialist priniciples you are refferring to, as far as I am aware preventing search gaming is not a socialist priniciple. Have you turned over your inventory to LL to sell and now just receive a set wage every week?, how come the rest of us havent received a share of your income Medhue Simoni wrote: For example, when the marketplace was Xstreet, and privately owned, the owner had a big incentive to make as much money as he could. It's still privately owned and the owner still has a big incentive to make as much money as he can Medhue Simoni wrote: Today, I have no idea, or can make any sense at all of what they are trying to do. Neither can anyone else, so it's unlikely it being planned so a particular group gains and to what end ? Medhue Simoni wrote: In truely Free Markets, the consumers decide. The consumer is KING. In a centrally planned economy, no1 wins, especially not the consumers. What Central Planning do you believe is taking place? are you really suggesting LL is making some products popular? which ones ?
  6. Zanara Zenovka wrote: This thread makes my brain hurt. Quite!!, The OP Started off complaining about price gazumping and has now responded with this barage of other issues, illegal use of photoshop, LLs coding and support and now advertsing impressions. The general underlying theme seems to be - making money should be easy and without challenge, well good luck with that!.
  7. SL is a free market, in this sense at least it regulates itself. You claim aircraft developers are going out of business because they can't compete on price, this would suggest their costs are greater than their earnings, if this is the case how is another developer able to sell at half the price and make a decent profit, either he has found a way to develop and sell aircraft at very low cost, or if his costs are similar to the rest of you, he will go out of business. As an owner of several aircraft (one of the few things in SL I actually buy) I can tell you, price is the last thing to affect my buying decision, I doubt many people go out with the intention of buying the cheapest aircraft. For me top of the list is the quality and authenticity of the build, then I would consider its functionality, then its prim count and only then would I concern myself with price, if this guy is beating you on all these factors, he deserves to take your business, thats the free market, it rewards the best and it rewards the consumer with the best . So, you are wasting your time coming here for sympathy, this isn't kindergarten, no one is going to be asked to play nicely and share, get to work, develop more and better products than your competitor, market them more imaginatively, if you can't compete on price, be better in some other way(s), add value to the deal you offer the customer and you will succeed.
  8. Olaf Sorry Mate, this account wasnt used by a LL employee and it probably wasn't hacked, your 'wife' is lying to you dude.
  9. It certainly is possible to build a successful brand in SL, who hasn't heard of Meeroos, Ameretto, Stiletto Moody or Sine Wave?. Innovative well crafted products make a successful brand coupled with a good, constantly updated range and of course good branding and marketing. I have visited some of the branded places in SL, there was nothing there that blew me away or that would make me want to visit again. RL brands have generally failed to understand Second Life, for example Nissan were an early adopter here, they built replicas of their cars and attempted to sell them for marketing and market research purposes, this turned out to be a wholly unsuccessful enterprise, as another commentator once pointed out, who is going to buy a Nissan family Saloon in a world where you can ride to work on flying unicorn?! Some other companies see a Second Life connection as detremental to their brand, Tazer were pretty horrifed to discover replica products here and issued take down notices to LL, although to be fair this probably has as much to do with the genericization of the Tazer trademark as it does with Second Life. Real Life Brands understood Second Life to be simply the web but in 3d so they sent their web guys here and built 3D websites, when they should have been creating mindblowingly innovative, interactive, entertaining content. All of this of course was a long time ago now, in those heady days of 2006/7, SL was the next big thing and no one knew just how big it was going to be, now sadly we do know how big its going to be, not big enough!. Even though there are still lots of us, there just arent enough for a global brand to waste time and money marketing to. If there were more RL brands here I am sure my experice here would affect my RL opinion of that brand, but there just arent enough to go on.
  10. Thats very sad, he was a cool guy, a great character, some of my earliest TV memories are of the Apollo missions presented by Patrick Moore (amongst others). 'The Sky at Night' was the longest running TV show with the same presenter in TV history, after 55 years its gonna seem pretty weird without him.
  11. GothGirl Demonia wrote: 1. Do not use Real World bike names for any reason, Real World names can be DMCA claimed. What you really need to know is who file the claim for example I know someone made a FUS-RO-Dah hud there were 3 on the market place a DMCA was filed against one creator his was removed but the other two were not if this was not filed by the Skyrim Creators then it was a FALSE DMCA removal. I believe that LL should provide information on who files the DMCA TakeDown Request such as if it was a company or another player. (If it was not the real world company, for example then it was a false claim, although you should still ask consent before using real world trademarks, names, or sound alike etc, even if the name is different and an exact model for example turbo squid or such.) 2. If your builds were actually your own, you are 100% sure you did not use anyone elses build, sculpts, license rights, or any look alike, similar names, or real world trade marks, then you have a right to Counter File the DMCA, in which to solve the dispute LL will likely restore your items, and any other disputes will have to be settled in a court. I know some people troll file DMCA's however I have seen this happen ); Trademark Violations have nothing to do with DMCA which covers Digital intellectual Property, it's unlikely this take down would have been done under the DMCA process. Most likely Harley Davidson employ someone to google Harley Davidson all day long and see whos trying to rip em off, bearing in made a significant proportion of their revenue is derived from sales of licensed memorabilia If you were involved in a DMCA claim which ran its legal course obviously LL would provide the name of the claimant, how else would either of you be able continue the legal process otherwise. If a DMCA is filed incorrectly the injured party is entitled to compensation paid for by the claimant, the filing process is quite complex and invloves sending signed faxes to LL with evidence to back the claim. Consequently people do not 'troll file' DMCA notices, I would be interested to know how you were able to 'see' a DMCA claim happen ?.
  12. Normally I find these constant requests for survey participants a bit annoying. However as this one is very polite and from someone in my very own city I would be happy to take part : )
  13. Edit > Preferences > Input and camera you can change the angle and follow distance there
  14. I know its not quite what you asked for but you could make a simple pose like this very easily in Quavimator, an animation editor especially for Second Life, its very very easy to use and only has a few basic controls.
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