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  1. Wow.... Thanks for the huge help guys. It still haven't read EVERYTHING yet but the lighting tricks seem particularly interesting and might indeed solve my issue. The tests I was doing in the opening post have very very basic lighting set so I didn't think it would affect pixalation. So I'll play with that and perform my bakes on a high rez texture and the resize in photoshop. I've never heard of this neatest neighbour option, so thanks for that rip as well! I'll probably do my new tests during this weekend, when I have a bit of time finally.
  2. I often save node setups myself, especially when I had materials with particular setups like a nice gold texture, or a polished shoe. Well... after reading all of your awesome comments, I'm still a bit unsure on how to proceed to fix this loss of detail when baking. I'm going to search for some antialiasing techniques to see what I can find but I wish there was a way to improve this either in Blender, with the nodes setup, or by doing something in Photoshop before bringing the image into the nodes. And you say Maya users don't really get this problem? I'm starting to consider switchi
  3. In Maya? So I have to fix the pattern image in an image software before bringing it inside blender? Or do I have to fix the baked image? I was hoping to get a nice quality bake directly from blender. (I use photoshop by the way)
  4. Hello everyone, I'd like to understand picture resolutions and pixelation when baking textures to meshes in blender. Here I have a very simple node setup where I'm using a repeating pattern texture onto an unwrapped cube. The pattern image is 2220X2220 and I'm baking onto a baking image that has the same dimensions (I'm using "combined" as baking option). On the left is the rendered mesh up close, where you can see the nice detail. On the right is the finished bake, where the pixelations shows. Here is the node setup: Could someone explain what is going on dur
  5. Oh thanks for the tip! Very handy.
  6. I see, this is some great advice guys. It does seem quite an advantage to buy something that's omega compatible. and thank you for the comprehensive list of brands. I now have some orientation around this. I'll having a look at the brands and picking up some demos I might like. and I'll check out the fair too!
  7. Sorry, that got me a little bit confused. Omega are appliers, right? I would still need to purchase a mesh head. Or does Omega also come with its own head? From what I can find, omega is an applier but works with different brands of mesh head?
  8. How can I find out what's this new generation? Would you mind giving me the names of some of the heads? I'll also check out Lelutka, never heard of it. I was under the impression that Catwa was very mature and sexy which is not what I'm looking for. What about skins and makeup? They have to be specific for the mesh head right? Are there many creators making skins for Catwa and Lelutka?
  9. Hello everyone, I'm here looking for some advice from the fanshion-savvy. I've been thinking of getting myself a mesh head, mostly because of the expressions you can get with such modeling. I also use my own avatar for as a model for my creations, so I'd like her to look a bit nicer than she is right now. Before I invest an awful lot of money on this, I want to find out which head would be the most appropriate for my look. I go for a very natural beauty, ephemeral look, cutee young and innocent. My real-life model is Kiyohari, you'll be able to find some pictures of here quite easily
  10. Hi, I'm looking for someone who would be able to sketch and design the texture patterns that would fit my latest dress creation. This project has been sitting in my folder gathering dust because I cannot visualize the right patterns to texture this. I'm looking for someone who likes Lolita fashion and would be able to design the individual patterns to colour this dress: I've highlighted each piece making up the dress in a different color so that it's clear, but if you need, I can provide you with a mesh model in the beta server. The theme for the dress was Royalty/Aristocracy
  11. Hi everyone, thank you so much for all of your advice!
  12. Hello everyone, I'm starting this post hoping to find some professional guidence in a topic I've never been good on: texturing. I'm a mesh creator and I enjoy the 3D modeling, but I'm honestly quite bad at texturing and Photoshop. Since texturing is always the part that delays my creations to put them on the market, I'm considering outsourcing the texturing of my meshes to someone else. However, I realize before I can do that, I might need to prep the mesh in a certain way to give the texturer an easy time creating his part. So I don't know how this process really works. When I'm doi
  13. I did. The store is huge but I couldn't really find these items. I'll try the notecard thing, maybe I'm a little lucky.
  14. Hi everyone, thank you for your replies. Chic, can you elaborate a bit more on your last suggestion? I didn't quite understand the step-by-step. Sorry for the trouble. And yes, the texture I'm using is seamless and tillable.
  15. Hello all, Does anyone know if you can still get these items anywhere? http://silveryk.blogspot.pt/#!/2017/05/lolita-collectionthe-secret-hideout.html They were created for The Secret Hideout and I missed the event. Good Lolita bonets are extreamly rare and hard to find, so I'm quite sad to have missed the opportunity to buy this. If they're still being sold somewhere, does anyone know where I could still grab some? Thank you all!
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