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  1. Good Afternoon! I'm Chaos, and I'm a professional scripter for hire and I charge a reasonable rate depending on the amount of hours needed to complete the project. I am able to script entire large scale projects such as Meters, weapons, huds, external database access, Cross sim object to object and more! My prices range from $100L up to several thousand depending on the scripts use. Full perm scripts will cost more but are unrestricted in their use (including for products that are sold - the scripts themselves are never available for resale by themselves) Please contact me directly in game with your request, and please post here if you have enjoyed the scripts I have provided so others can see! If I am unavailable, please notecard your request with as much details as you can, and I will provide a quote as soon as I'm online. Even I have to sleep. CONTACT: Chaos Cristole See you in game!
  2. By the way - so everyone knows most if not all Gor Sims are considered Adult. Thus, if you are not flagged to be able to enter or are not interested in Adult Sims where blood, death, murder, nudity, and sex is really the norm, then you've been warned.
  3. Tal friends and brothers! I'm Chaos, Commander of Ti and we're currently looking for active players interested in joining the Gorean community and being a part of a growing city! In specific we're looking for those interested in the following positions: Scarlet/Red Caste (Warriors)Blue Caste (Scribes)Green Caste (Healers/Docs)MerchantsAs Commander, I'm the head of the Red Caste and am looking for strong warriors ready to pick up the mantle of being a scarlet and taking on often dangerous tasks. However, the position is earned, and not just anyone can make it as a Scarlet. You will be tested, challenged, and you will earn your position. You will be trained and taught the Code, and if you're new to Gor, the ways of how Gor works. I am also seeking a blue scribe, male or female free, who can be my personal aid to help organizing training, documentation, and the many scrolls which must be completed. Slaves! For those girls wishing to become slaves or serve in the capacity, we have many strong men looking for good slaves to serve them and the city, myself included. If you have the fire and wish to pledge yourself to the city or wish to seek my favor, come on by the city. For those interested, we're located at "Ruins of Ti" which can be found by searching for it when logged in. If you're unsure how to do a search, well..get some lessons on SL first before getting involved with our Roleplay as it's very unforgiving and brutal. Seek out myself or another member of the city and remember, if you're a free woman do some research and dress the part before entering the city or you may find a collar slapped around your neck. If your not from Gor, dress the part anyways! If you're not sure, visit the "Gor Hub" and take a look around. You'll find much of what you may need, often free. Honor and Steel! Chaos Cristole Commander of Ti
  4. Hey there guys and gals, I know that Linden Lab has policies regarding inventory loss and once deleted from your trash, thats it. However, my wife in her attempt to organize her inventory created boxes and put items into those boxes (out of her inventory) into a rather complicated system. She's not been feeling well and tonight, while working on her inventory system she rezzed the box and while working deleted some of the top boxes which had large...and I mean large...quantities of items in them. In fact, she deleted all but one folder and probably lost near...gods...$2000-$5000 worth of items. Not Linden...actual US Dollar value. The loss is staggering and..frankly crippling. It is a cumulation of over 5+ years of items and my wife broke down completely into tears and still hasn't recovered. It's not my character and its blown my mind - she said it does give a popup but she's been having issues and is medicated and without thinking clicked ok. As she deleted items that were in boxes (a good portion were no copy) it didn't go to her trash so there was no way to catch the mistake. I was wondering if they can do an inventory roll back considering the staggering loss. This isn't an accidental deletion of a few items but a characters lifetime of items. I'm really really hoping that being as this is extreme, something can be done. I advised her to clear her cache and see if it showed up anyways, and has asked her to log off and not play her character until I can talk to Linden live in the morning (I have a premium account for the both of us and have for years). Gods, if they can't replace the items though I'm not sure what we'll do - there's no way we could replace most of the items as they aren't sold anymore let alone contact vendors from years and years ago. Like I said..the loss is staggering.
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